41 thoughts on “My Kingdom For A Drink

    1. One username please

      True, I can think of better ways to spend a weekend Covid night than standing outdoors in dreary South William Street on a drizzly November night. Grim, as you say. Twas different over the summer…

  1. Charlie

    Covid police out last night. I was wondering who would be the first to squeal with some photos of last night. Good man Sam :-/

  2. GiggidyGoo

    What if they buy the drink at one pub, and move to another pub 101 meters away? Or they could do a deal with clients of the other pub either, and just swap the pints or bottles, then go back to their favorite location.

    On the other hand, they are showing the way to the powers that be – similar to the towns that cancelled the Paddy’s day parades at the beginning of the pandemic when not so much was known, while holohan and the boyos twiddled their thumbs.

    1. SOQ

      I do miss upstairs in The Workman’s Club- last time I was there I ended up with a bag of chips in one hand, a fag in the other while dancing between a convincing tranny in a shinny cat suit and a large breasted blond woman in white platforms wearing only long nipple tassels on the top half- she really could swing ‘em.

      Classy eh?

      1. One username please

        “Convincing tranny”? Do you mean drag queen? Not sure drag queens are “trannies”. Or trans woman? Lol. Fuppin auld gays. On your bike.

        Surprised such an outdated and derogatory term as “convincing tranny” allowed by mods.

        1. SOQ

          Tranny or even Trans is a wide umbrella these days but in this case it was a man dressed as a woman for the night- transvestite if you prefer- and quite convincing too.

          Drag queens are professional entertainers who do not dress up when not working- they are very different.

          Anything else you would like to take offence at?

          1. One username please

            Jaysus. Transvestite implies a straight man who dresses up in women’s gear for sexual kinks. Perhaps this is actually correct?
            Spare me the auld gays though- you and Keef Mills! On yer bike mate.

          2. Toby

            Anyone who pretends not to find the language around Trans people a minefield is lying. And even those who do understand it are not guaranteed not to offend either. Babel.

          3. SOQ

            When the George or Panti opens up again I suggest you take yourself in and you will find that tranny is what transvestites usually call themselves and yes- some of them are straight.

            If the gay scene doesn’t have a problem with them- then why should you?

          4. One username please

            Agree with V aka Frilly Keane. Rather than SOQ trotting out derogatory names or any of us rushing to labels, he could have just said I had a blast with the two awesome peeps – one in a shiny cat suit and a blonde belter in white platforms. The “tranny” reference is unnecessary and just so dated. I’m not offended, it’s just no one talks this way on the scene or elsewhere unless you are over 50. Panti would likely agree.

          5. One username please

            By the way SOQ, I don’t think you meant any harm by the word tranny and I’m sure you had a blast. I just find its use really old fashioned and of a certain time and era. V aka Frilly has the right idea. Leave the labels at the door and make the most of who wants to grind with you on the dance floor.

          6. SOQ

            LOL – a man in a shiny one piece cat suit and a bob wig complaining about how he can’t pee standing up is a tranny to me- sorry.

            There is only one sit down toilet on the smoking / chip van floor of The Workman’s Club- which is why it came up.

            I have a couple of real transgender friends btw- not the black ‘n decker angry hairstyle brigade- the real deal- so relax.

            Anyways, nipple tussle swinging is quite an art by the looks of it.

          7. One username please

            Crikey. A lot to unpack in that response. Got a bit of a “back in the day” vibe about it. What’s with the black n decker slur? You don’t like some lesbians now? Some of you guys on here are plain weird! Less of the grandpa gay nonsense please. Let folks be folks without the revealing need to over-describe and other.

  3. Nigel

    Things I would be more interested in hearing about than people drinking on streets:
    1. Care homes
    2. Direct Provision Centres
    3. Meat packing factories
    4. The Dail Rat. When did we last hear from them? Are they ok?

    1. SOQ

      Inner city Dublin homosexualists doing their thang apparently- God help the neighbours but very healthy behaviour none the less.

  4. Steph Pinker

    I don’t see anything wrong in that brief clip; were the orgies, rampant love making and drug/ alcohol parties elsewhere? If so, why didn’t Superintendent Sam record those moments in time?

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