House For Homeless


This afternoon.

Bar giant NolaClan (House Dublin, House Limerick and others) launches its first redeemable gift card  – with 10% of sales donated to homeless chairty Focus Ireland.

Sinead writes

2020 has been a challenging one for all NolaClan venues but the team are busy planning an exciting 2021 with new plans, designs, concepts and menus for when we can all once again enjoy being social.

The gift card can be purchased at link below or on any of the venue websites with 10% of every sale being donated to Focus Ireland.

Special Launch Offer: From Wednesday, November 25 – Tuesday December 1… €100 for a €120 voucher

Gift Card (NolaClan)


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    1. Johnny

      (Genuine question,say they don’t install the G5 on time and lockdown gets extended,rendering this business unviable,what happens your gift?)
      tks Bodger apols on language phrasing !

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