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  1. SOQ

    Every single member of the National Public Health Emergency Team to be hauled before a court.

    Those who are a member of- or associated with- a foreign intelligence organisation to be revealed.

    May they be hanged from the nearest tree and / or lamp post.

    1. BS

      Pretty sure Alex Jones got banned from YouTube for saying people should be hanged from lamp posts.

      @bodger will you be doing the same to SOQ? He’s been peddling the same style misinformation and has now just promoted violence against individuals online.

      1. SOQ

        As you well know- it is a figure of speech. The biggest mismanagement in our lifetimes and all you can do is call for critics to be banned is it? Says a lot about your mindset then.

        NPHET play a game of monkey do monkey see with the British to the point where one has to wonder who or what is running the country now. And when I say running, I mean right into the ground.

        1. BS

          It’s not simply a figure of speech. It’s promoting/threatening violence. And it’s telling that the comment is still up. Certain individuals on this site seem to have carte blanche to say what they want. Yet my comments for instance go into auto moderation for some reason. Presumably because I hold opposing views to the wokesters

          1. jungleman

            Used to comment quite a bit on BS back in the day when it was fairly centrist and, if anything, a little left-leaning. It is now sadly very much an alt-right website and the comments are dominated by conspiracy theorists and right-wingers (and one or two shameless self-promoters who can’t seem to stop talking about themselves!). Maybe this editorial line is more profitable or maybe this Bodger person has just undergone a major change in political perspective over the last couple of years (no crime in that, each to their own). Either way, BS has really lost its way.

          2. Micko


            I would disagree. I would say the vast majority of users on this site would think of themselves as liberal lefty types. Live and let live good people

            I think what’s happened is that the “left wing/right wing goalposts” has been very much moved by society.

          3. jungleman

            @Micko, live and let live, absolutely. I’m just making the point that I was attracted to BS because it was quite progressive. I don’t go on the infowars website as I have no desire to take in alt-right nonsense. BS has changed and the cost is that a lot of people who loved the old BS will slowly move away from it for the same reasons that they don’t visit alt-right websites. This is not cancel culture, just a fact that changing your editorial approach will have an impact on the demographics of your readership and your reputation.

          4. Bodger

            jungleman, what you are saying is provably untrue. The vast majority of commenters on Broadsheet strongly oppose conspiracy related items or anything that strays from the official narrative.

          5. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

            I think life across the board is more highly polarised, people are stressed to fupp, under strain and worry for their futures, us big monkeys don’t really like a break from routine and the familar in general, everything is more fractious and less simple with many unknowns, I think Broadsheet just reflects that.

          6. johnny

            after one or two messy breakups from their point view,it always struck me as a bizarre waste time and very odd,that now dumped other person’s obsession with pointing out my flaws,telling me,she was the best thing ever happened to me,how it was all downhill for me now..
            …..did you leave yet,i barely noticed honey.

          7. Jimmy TwoShoes

            Bodger, It is may be provably true that the vast majority of *commenters* on Broadsheet strongly oppose conspiracy related items but two things you can’t say have not changed over the past year are that 1) A lot more conspiracy related stuff is posted by the site and 2) Statements that (real life) people be “hung from trees” are thrown about now with abandon resulting in a shrug of the shoulders from admins with statements like “get a grip”. In the last 10 years of Broadsheet (and even Bloggorah before that) that has never been the case.

          8. SOQ

            I can only speak for myself but I steer away from ‘great resets’ and whatever and only deal in the facts as I see them.

            I support the likes of Ivor Cummins because he is bringing a different angle to the debate and I champion Sunetra Gupta and Carl Heneghan- both esteemed academics- because I happen to think they are right.

            Sunetra Gupta describes herself as left of Labour btw and this insistence that lockdown scepticism MUST be right wing is simply not true.

          9. Micko

            @Jimmy @BS

            You know that SOQ was not literally calling for those people to be hung from trees. Yet you’re pretending it’s some kind of hate speech.

            We need to attack bigotry and hatred where it actually is, otherwise you’re just peeing in the wind and unable to focus on the actual people peddling this hatefilled rubbish.

            You’re better than this lads.

          10. Jimmy TwoShoes

            @Micko How do i know that they aren’t literally calling for that? SOQ’s posts are constantly overflowing with vitriol and anger so how do I know? If it were you or Clampers or someone else then yes, it’s easy to pass it by, but when some posters are constantly operating all the way up to 11 then how do we know?

          11. Micko


            I know he’s not literally calling for that, because I believe that SOQ cares about what’s happening.

            SOQ might care about different things than other people – myself included sometimes.

            But he’s here most days, commenting and trying to make sense of the whole world right now and trying to convince people of his viewpoint because he gives a crap about what’s happening.

            If he didn’t – he wouldn’t be here.

            So that’s how I know he’s the type of person who wouldn’t genuinly call for anyone to be lynched.

            No more than any of us would – we’re all well educated people on this site and nobody gets very far here, unless your opinions are well thought out and articulated properly.

            So the same way that I know that NO ONE here would literally call for that – I know that SOQ wouldn’t either


          12. Jimmy TwoShoes

            @Micko Fair enough, you seem to know them better than I do so we’ll just have to disagree. I personally don’t think anyone is well educated, as you say, and constantly refers to masks as muzzles and uses lynching terms (I haven’t really seen anyone else using terms like that) to deal with people they disagree with is worried about convincing anyone about anything.

            Maybe I suppose I care more about the suggestion that people be hauled before a court of law for doing their day job than others do. Suppose thats the world we live in now though where all nuance and civility are out the window.

      2. Micko

        I’ve never had much interest in the Alex Jones crackpot @BS and I didn’t even know he was banned from anywhere.

        But, the first thing I did when I read your comment was to search for why he was banned.

        And now, I have a years subscription to InfoWars…. ;-)

        Deplatforming has the opposite effect people want.

    2. SOQ

      I seriously question the motives of some individuals on this site- they don’t just toe the governmental line they actively tie themselves in knots trying to defend it. Our country is being wrecked by these idiots and the only justification is that others are doing likewise.

      They deserve to be prosecuted- every single one of them- they are not democrats.

  2. diddy

    we will pay for this in January, but six more weeks of take aways and walks in the park with the same one or two people would send people round the bend.

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    28 days of no virus in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia. Lockdown, masks and border controls do work. I guess our state Premier decided not to be part of the The Great Reset/5G/Bill Gates/Soros/what have ya conspiracy to control us.

    1. Gerry

      Nah man, like the election fix where the New World Order decided to lose a few house seats and have the senate come down to runoffs in Georgia, Melbourne’s apparent success is part of the plan: to convince the sheeple, and it obviously worked on you. I’ve done research on the internet and Covid-19 is definitely a Clinton/Gates plandemic (had to type that twice, autocomplete is in the hands of the 5G satanist lizard people too). You can never silence the truth.

      “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it.” Malcolm X

      What’s the frequency Kenneth? Two nutcases hitting Dan Rather with a hammer

        1. v AKA Frilly Keane

          that a tribute act Andy
          like Bjorn Again

          btw, sourced Tangergine flavouring
          its in a gel type compound from an Industrial ingredients supplier

          plus white food colouring

          so, we’ll see
          being ploughed the last few weeks, at it all day again tomorrow
          so hopefully over the the next week or so I can get down to it

          Cork Battenburg bhoy

    2. SOQ

      Yes well if you think Australia is so great then friggen stay there. That an airline is floating the idea that people must be vaccinated with unknown substances shows what a dangerous path it has gone down. Pretty sure you will find a lot less people wanting to holiday there let alone emigrate once this thing is over.

      As I said before- this thing has brought the authoritarian control freaks out of the woodwork- and no more so than within the police forces.

      1. Bitnboxy

        Well SOQ, this thing has indeed brought a lot of freaks out of the woodwork, that is for sure! My definition of freaks is likely far more expansive than yours. When it is all over, I do so wonder what in the fupp you will all do? (No doubt the vaccine issue will keep you all going for some time yet)

        1. SOQ

          Something I have realised very recently is that most people I know are small business owners and entrepreneurs, some of whom don’t even know if they will have a home left after this, let alone a business. So for a lot of people, planning for the future is near impossible right now.

          And this carnage is being done by a bunch of career civil servants who have never taken a real financial risk in their lives, making decisions based on highly questionable “science”, with the full knowledge that no matter what, their employment and pensions are secure.

        1. SOQ

          Describing a new experimental mRNA technology as ‘unknown’ is crackpot now is it? If it is so safe then why do they need indemnity?

          1. Brother Barnabas

            and, as soq well knows, indemnites are completely standard with every new vaccine – and for obvious and justifiable reasons

            personally I’d be more curious about the “unknown motivations” of soq and f_lawless than any “unknown substances”

            curious it’s the same ones bleating about mass electoral fraud too

          2. SOQ

            What are those obvious and justifiable reasons? Why should they be indemnified for any vaccine? If they are safe then they are safe- end of.

            As for motives- maybe it is just the case that I see more of the harm this lockdown madness is doing than you?

          3. Brother Barnabas

            so given your concern about the ill-effects of the lockdown, you must be really, really keen to see the vaccine rolled out…

            wait, what?

      2. Junkface

        Vaccines need to be vigorously tested through many phases before they can get the green light for general public use. You can check which vaccines are being discussed and examined on The New England journal of medicine https://www.nejm.org/ Everything needs to be peer reviewed.

        I suggest not taking what you read on facebook seriously, I’ve heard this anti-vax nonsense “unknown substances” from a family member recently, seems its really coming from facebook. People are just repeating this line daily to each other on facebook, without any knowledge of vaccines, or their history. As someone pointed out on twitter, you don’t know exactly whats in a sausage, yet you eat them all of the time. Ha ha!

        1. SOQ

          These vaccines have been fast tracked which means that either the testing processes they usually go though is not necessary or the risk of harm is higher so- which is it?

          Attempting to paint every one who may have concerns with something never tried before as anti vaxx is at best disingenuous. The rest of your comment is just juvenile- so not worth bothering with.

          1. Junkface

            Its more a case of massive investment in manpower, technology and labs in many countries worldwide to find an effective vaccine fast. They’re not just simply skipping safety precautions, that’s crazy and unethical.

          2. Jimmy TwoShoes

            Someone who throws around statements like “they should hanged from the nearest post” saying that someone elses post is juvenile so not worth bothering with is peak 2020.

          3. Cian

            These vaccines have been fast tracked which means that either the testing processes they usually go though is not necessary or the risk of harm is higher so- which is it?


            They have have done a critical path analysis and removed any non-essential time. A normal vaccine takes years because there is lots of wasted time – waiting for funding. waiting for personnel, waiting for lab time/equipment. waiting for tests to be scheduled. waiting for sign-off. waiting for red-tape.

            With a covid vaccine it gets priority.
            – Normal medicine needs board approval for next step? you gotta wait for the next board meeting.
            – Covid vaccine needs board approval? We’ll schedule a special board meeting tomorrow to discuss.
            – Normal medicine needs official approval. ha. join the queue and we’ll get back to you within 28 days.
            – Covid vaccine? tell us when the application is to be submitted and we’ll look at it straight away.

          4. SOQ

            A critical path analysis is wholly dependent on what has being weighted as high risk. Dress it up all you want but to squeeze between 5 and 10 years of testing in less than 12 months is taking short cuts- it has to be.

            The last time there was even near an urgency like this was Swine Flu Vaccine and there is now over 80 court cases lodged in Ireland- and it was nowhere near as rushed as this.

            I have no problem with people taking it if it is voluntary but some others will want to sit back and see how it pans out- and their decision should be equally respected and certainly not dismissed as ‘anti vaxx’.

          5. Cian

            critical path analysis, is project management terms, has nothing to do with risk analysis.

            It is looking at all different tasks that need to be done – some in sequence and others in parallel. Then looking at which tasks are critical – e.g what tasks that if they are delayed affects the total timeline.

          6. SOQ

            I am fully trained in Primavera P6 Cian and I can tell you that output from risk applications like @Risk and Pertmaster can be loaded into it if the activities are synchronised.

            A schedule is a serious of activities on a time line and the critical path is the most important route from A to B but- that is entirely malleable and wholly depends on what is loaded into it.

            While there is no doubt that in this case certain activities can be shortened or even removed, high risk events like testing and impact assessments are weighted from a risk register- and critical.

          7. E'Matty

            Interesting article on the Astrazeneca vaccine trials.


            “The problems start with the fact that Monday’s announcement did not present results from a single, large-scale, Phase 3 clinical trial, as was the case for earlier bulletins about the BNT-Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Instead, Oxford-AstraZeneca’s data came out of two separate studies: one in the UK that began in May, and another in Brazil, which got started at the end of June. These two studies were substantially different from one another: They didn’t have standardized dosing schemes across the trials, for one thing, nor did they provide the same “control” injections to volunteers who were not getting the experimental Covid vaccine. The fact that they may have had to combine data from two trials in order to get a strong enough result raises the first red flag.

            Consider that leading vaccine makers—including AstraZeneca—issued a scientific-rigor-and-integrity pledge back in September, in which they promised to submit their products for approval or emergency use authorization only “after demonstrating safety and efficacy through a Phase 3 clinical study that is designed and conducted to meet requirements of expert regulatory authorities such as FDA.” Note the wording here: These companies did not suggest that they might claim to have demonstrated efficacy through multiple, distinct clinical studies, combined together to get enough data. They said they would use a Phase 3 study—as in, one big one. Yet AstraZeneca has already applied on the basis of this data for approval in Canada, and has plans to do the same in Britain, Europe and Brazil. The company also says it will use the data to apply for emergency use authorization in the US.”

          8. E'Matty

            And another with an interesting mention of the absence of any subjects over 55 in the trials providing the 90% efficacy rate.


            The assessment issued Monday was based on data from two groups: One had nearly 9,000 people who received two full doses of the vaccine, which produced a 62 percent efficacy rate, while a smaller group of 2,741 received a half-dose followed by a full dose, which produced 90 percent efficacy.

            Experts say this is a problem. For starters, the group that initially received a half-dose of the vaccine in the U.K. did so by accident, the company first told Reuters.

            The issue prompted the U.S. government to investigate. Researchers like Moncef Slaoui, the outgoing head of the U.S.’s Operation Warp Speed, have wondered whether the 90 percent efficacy rate could be linked to the absence of anybody over 55 in the second trial group.

      3. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

        Aussie is doing fine. Irishman, Alan Joyce is top person at Qantas. Good luck with your wanting to believe the virus is not real. Zero cases…..we have our freedom here. Funny, the authoritarians have liberated us, now that the virus is gone. Maybe, they were beating a virus.

    3. ian-oh

      I’m still annoyed I haven’t received any Soros cash. Apparently its everywhere yet can I get some? Nope.

      What am I doing wrong here?

        1. Junkface

          I can’t believe that someone did not see that this was a joke on conspiracy loons. Jesus Christ. There’s a wink on the end of it. Maybe watch some comedy satire from the last 20 years?

          1. Mexico'86

            Jim Davidson is making a come back these days too,
            but that doesn’t mean he’s not a bit ya know, of a racist A-hole.
            Comedy is often used to mask racist or prejudiced intent.
            I’m not saying you are racist, just that using a trope can be interpreted
            differently to how you originally meant it.
            My apologies if I seemed to be accusing you of something that was not intended.
            In my defence, I was a little triggered this morning.
            It would have been Grandad Puskás’ 98th birthday today.
            We cremated him only 5 weeks ago in Eastern Hungary.
            He was a partisan who fought against Hungarian Nazi’s in WW2.
            He later fought against the Communists and was sent to a mining camp
            in the Urals and released in 1953.
            He was helping us construct the new house, just helping out with site management progress and giving us the benefit of his many years of construction wisdom. He went into hospital for an MRI, walked in, hardly a bother on him. He was suffering more of the onset of Alzheimer’s, but otherwise in good spirits.
            We never got to see him alive again.
            The authorities did a post mortem which was prolonged for reasons we’re still not quite sure about. The police were a bit cagey and wouldn’t give a copy of their file to Grandma, would only let her read it in the station. We’ve more questions than answers still at this stage. Their bureaucracy is wojus.
            He spent his final days and the previous 4 decades as a Calvinist Pastor and dedicated all of his spare time to running his small ministry and helping his neighbours whatever way he could. The most honourable and humane person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting or supping beer with.
            Anyways, I might have forgotten to engage my funny interpretation filter today.
            Happy Covidmas to one and all.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Ever heard of the European Economic and Social Committee ?
    Nope ?
    Me neither.
    But this EU committee was established by the European treaties in 1957, with the idea that it would represent the different interest groups of society in EU policy-making.
    National governments appoint its 329 members.
    Each member claims €290 a day in expenses without needing to provide receipts.
    And they’ve been doing it even while the committee only meets via video conference these days.
    In case you’re wondering that’s €95,410 a day with an annual budget of €142.5 million.
    Ireland has 9 people with their snouts in its trough.
    All unelected.
    You can read who these lucky people are here.


    1. ReproBertie

      It’s nice to see that, no matter how much you complain about them, you still return to the Irish Times when you want some information.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I read everything.
        Even your comments.
        I live in hope that one day I might learn something from them.

  5. Micko

    So, we’re opening up for gastropubs, restaurants and businesses for Christmas – yay!

    With the caveat that we’ll have to lock down again in January.

    With cases and deaths still happening and expected to happen throughout December, the government is effectively letting people die over Christmas then – right?

    I really wish they’d make the minds up – is it the worst public health crisis EVER or not?
    Is it not a super deadly disease still?

    What about all the people who will get “Long Covid?”

    1. ReproBertie

      Government allows pubs to open = “you’re killing people!”
      Government doesn’t allow pubs to open = “you’re killing businesses!”

      Can’t do anything but wrong.

      1. Micko

        But what about all the people who will die in December?

        I thought every life was worth saving?

        I thought lives were more important than businesses?

        1. Junkface

          Businesses are also linked to peoples lives. Their income, their mental health. There has to be a balance between keeping virus cases low, and allowing people to make a living. Not one country is happy with the way it has been managed, so its obviously a very difficult balance to get right. I hate these lockdowns, totally sick of it, but the sooner we get some control over it all, the sooner normal life can return, especially after vaccine distribution.

        2. ReproBertie

          “But what about all the people who will die in December?”
          The pubs being open does not mean we ignore the washing of hands, the maintaining of social distance, the cough and sneeze etiquette and the mask wearing. The lockdown is being eased. If we still do the right thing then we can prevent the deaths and prevent another lockdown.

          1. Micko

            Ehh… they were rhetorical questions lads.

            This is exactly what people like me have been arguing for on this site for months. A sensible proportional response.

            And people have called us everything from attempted murderers to tin foil hat wearing nutters.

            An now because Micheal and Leo say it’s ok to let people die at Chrimbo – you’re all good with it?

            What the absolute Fup?

          2. ReproBertie

            Nobody is saying it’s OK to let people die Micko and well you know it.

            Though you seem to have missed it, I was against this second lockdown. Level 3 was working and I saw no need to go any higher for counties with lower levels than Dublin and Donegal had. The whole point of the levels was supposed to be to prevent disproportionate blanket responses but they messed that up completely. Instead of generic national case numbers we should at least be hearing about how counties are doing so that Levels can be decided on a fairer basis.

          3. Micko

            By opening up and acknowledging a lockdown in Jan they are very much allowing people to die.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m all on board for it.

            Just now that we’ve all agreed that some people will die this Dec from Covid and we’re all on board with that fact, well now we can argue about numbers that are acceptable.

            Ye know – like we do with flu :-)

          4. ReproBertie

            “By opening up and acknowledging a lockdown in Jan they are very much allowing people to die.”
            That’s your interpretation of it. It won’t surprise you to know that I disagree.

          5. Micko

            Ah I know you don’t and that’s all good. I’m not having a go directly at yourself Bertie

            I guess I’m just looking for consistency from people.

            We went to level 5 to save lives. Just as many are still dying now as we’re in Oct/Nov. So why open up?

            But now it’s fine to open up? To sacrifice the people for Christmas fun.

            I mean if it was just “we’re opening up for good – well done everyone” I’d see the rational, but to acknowledge another lockdown in Jan?

            Is it because the government and all the public sector want Christmas and then are perfectly happy to plunge the country back in hell in Jan once they’ve had their fun?

            Sure they’re not affected really – full pay, exempt from most restrictions.

          6. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

            I think it’s a case of reading public mood, they are trying to buy back some good will with the Christmas opening, or too worried to face civil disobedience if they try keep a lockdown going for the season because that may cause a snowball effect…

          7. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

            I did, what a legend, ah those were the days, something for everything, a great dance, enough slow sets to work your way around the room ;) always patient with request,
            may he rest in peace

          8. ReproBertie

            “I’m not having a go directly at yourself Bertie”

            Of course not. I never thought you were. I haven’t seen anything official on another lockdown in January and I’d hope that we can keep the numbers down and avoid one. January’s usually miserable enough without adding to it.

            And yes, consistency would be nice. Stop the collective punishment when one or two counties have outbreaks.

          9. SOQ

            I should be on a commission for promoting Sunetra at this stage- but anyways.

            Here she is talking about the lockdown projections for January after somewhat opening up for Christmas.

            “Its a load of nonsense”

            Lockdowns are a luxury of the affluent- Professor Sunetra Gupta


  6. Johnny

    A godfather offer.

    “MHL Hotel Collection, owned my US billionare John Malone and Irish partners John Lally and Paul Higgins, have confirmed that they are selling the 88-room Beacon Hotel in South Dublin to the neighbouring Beacon Hospital. The sale was prompted by an unsolicited approach by the Beacon Hospital’s owner, Michael Cullen, and was accepted by MHL given the hotel’s non-strategic status in the MHL portfolio. The hotel is set to be integrated into the Beacon Hospital, further solidifying its status as Dublin’s largest private hospital and growing its operations significantly. The Beacon Hospital’s total investment, including the acquisition of the hotel, is reported to be approximately €75 million.”

    One you can’t refuse.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      It’s a funny thing, but the grub in the hospital is actually better than the grub in the hotel…..

  7. johnny

    my current territory is New England and Tri-State (NY/NJ/CT),after a few years out west,Ireland has it all be to the European headquarters,of the EU medical and recreational cannabis industry,except the political will.

    i just dont cover/read/research cannabis in Irl or EU,we are years and yaers ahead over here,but this is really well written and if you’ve slightest interest in weed,recommend it.NY when it passes rec laws shortly,will be the largest weed market in the world.

    the biggest failure of FG was excluding private prescriptions,dramatically reducing the market size,hobbling domestic growth.


    1. E'Matty

      @ BS. Jaysus, you’re a big one for the gaslighting aren’t you? Trying to portray SOQ as some kind of murderous psychopath. It was clearly a throwaway remark but your persistence in seeking to shut it down exposes you as a virtue signaller of the highest order. Get over yourself. Another supposed “progressive” combing online comment sections for wrongthink to silence.

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