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This afternoon.

The repaired and restored Daly’s Bridge in Cork, known affectionately to generations as the shakey bridge, will reopen to the public on Saturday with its shake intact.

Engineers who oversaw the work on the last remaining suspension pedestrian bridge of its age and type in Ireland said they are delighted to have been able to retain the heritage structure’s famous quirk.

Cork’s ‘Shakey Bridge’ to reopen on Saturday with its shake intact (Eoin English, irish Examiner)

Pic: Wikipedia

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2 thoughts on “You Are Shake News

  1. ce

    Glorious news!

    The Shakey Bridge was the scene on one of the funniest things I’ve every seen… at least for me, possible not for those involved.

    One morning while at UCC I was walking from Sunday’s Well towards the UCC campus. I wasn’t fully awake or paying attention, and then at about the half way point across the bridge I look up and there’s a fully naked guy sprinting towards me with a look of terror on his face, he goes past me and then I look over to the left and there another guy sprinting out of Fitzgerald’s Park who starts screaming at the naked guy “Come back here you b****k”, the naked guy stops just at the steps going up from the bridge and shout’s “f*** you” and then sprints on up the step, other guy doesn’t even notice me – we reach the far side of the bridge at the same time – and continues on his chase. Fun times

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