16 thoughts on “Her Majesty

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      I did too

      But have to say, it got ‘Castled’ by
      The Flight Attendant

      Extraordinary stuff
      Incredible performances
      The Plot, the Storyline, the Production, the Casting, the Acting
      Christ – not a hair – in any inch of it
      Is out of place
      Not one second was short-changed
      Kaley Cuoco, as if she needed any more introduction to the World – has just gone and made sure she will never be just a sitcom player. Absolutely savage actor
      And there’s more – Zosia Mamet (remember Girls? With Lena Dunham?). Expect to see her in her own spin off and in features
      Just all wow

      Even the Teenager wouldn’t miss a beat of it
      And even did the GoT thing – watched each episode (so far) again

      But one thing for sure
      Screenwriters are now pulling out the very best they’ve got for female leads

    2. Harry

      I’ve never seen someone look so captivating as she does when she cradles her head on the back of her hands over the chess board.

      I might marry her

  1. Lilly

    I’m ploughing through Season 1 of The Crown. Finding it good but not great, as Eamon Dunphy might say. The general stuffiness and strict adherence to rules, often in the face of common sense, just doesn’t make for a kick-your-shoes-off enjoyable watch for me.

    1. Harry

      i enjoyed your comment :)

      Season 2 is a bit more craic, its more about Prince Philip (absolute boy) and Princess Margaret (absolute rip)

  2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    A really fine series!
    Particularly loved the cinematography and character development.
    The creators are hinting of a second series OR a spin-off series centred around the fabulous Jolene character.
    Hope they get the funding they require.

  3. broadbag

    “Any chance we could make the boobs a bit bigger?” (said no-one ever to male animators/graphic designers/illustrators – why are they ALL utterly obsessed with inflated mega-boobs?)

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      do you know I thought that too, the actress has a lovely figure, part of her beauty is it’s slightness paired with the giant eyes

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