Declan Savage

This morning.

BRLY, Ireland’s fashion and lifestyle brand for burly males, have announced the winner of their competition to become the face of the Irish brand for Spring/Summer 2021.


Monaghan man Declan Savage, a 30-year-old jive loving and strongman enthusiast, overcame tough competition from the nine other finalists. Declan who also runs his own business is delighted to be the face of the new Irish fashion brand for burly guys.

Declan commented,

“Firstly I’m just in shock that I have won the competition outright. I entered mainly for a bit of craic and to come out as the winner is surreal, as there were nine other brilliant finalists. I can’t wait to get started with BRLY and launch their product in the Irish market for summer 2021.”


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6 thoughts on “Mr Burly

  1. Clampers Outside

    Will he slap his thighs like the burly fella on the tele… Always makes me chuckle that guy :)

    Good luck to him, should be fun!

  2. Gabby

    Clever business name. A clothing company catering for burly guys’ burly girlfriends would be named BRLY-GRLY – with no apologies to pc correctionists.

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