Get Yer Rocks Off


The Wolfe Tones – Rock On Rockall

‘Oh rock on Rockall you’ll never fall
For Britain’s greedy hands
Oh you’ll meet the same resistance
Like you did in many lands

May the Seagulls rise and pluck your eyes
And the water crush your shell
And the natural gas will burn your ass
And blow you all to hell’

Karl Carpenter writes:

…back in the charts next week…

Donegal vessel blocked from fishing around Rockall by Scottish patrol boat (RTÉ)

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6 thoughts on “Get Yer Rocks Off

  1. Masked

    1) It’s so far away that no one country should have an exclusive claim on it in my opinion;it should be shared
    2) Scotland apparently want to leave the UK and join the EU and this is how they behave on day 1 of Brexit. Would we want them if that’s how they are going to treat their potential European partners .

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