From top: Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation members at the commission’s launch in 2015, from left: Professor Mary Daly, Judge Yvonne Murphy, Dr William Duncan.; Attorney General Paul Gallagher


This afternoon.

Attorney General Paul Gallagher has confirmed that no referendum will be required on the legal right to access birth certificates as was suggested in the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation’s final report.

A bill will be published shortly on the information and tracing legislation.

Via RTÉ:

During the course of its investigation the Mother and Baby Homes Commission took evidence from people engaged in both sides of the argument.

On the one hand it noted how the main issue raised by lobby groups and individuals born in mother-and-baby homes was information and tracing.

It makes reference too to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which states the important principle that children are entitled to the information necessary to preserve their personal identity.

On the other hand, it reveals how social workers who had contact with birth mothers gave evidence to the commission about the ramifications of their privacy rights “being eroded” if birth information was revealed without their consent.

…Many of the women told them of their terror at the prospect of the proposed legislation on tracing being implemented.

Attorney General advises no referendum needed on birth cert access (RTÉ)

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  1. jockey

    Does anyone know where my logic is failing here – Lets say a kid is adopted today, grows up with another family, turns 18 and wishes to learn more about their birth mother. Is that freely available to them? My understanding is that both sides need to give consent before contact details are shared? Why can’t this be the same?

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