This afternoon.

Did you get yours?

Figures released by Revenue last night show that around 420,000 people will be issued with bills as a result of payments they received under the Temporary Wage Subsidy and the Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

71% of those in receipt of the TWSS in 2020 have underpaid tax and will receive a tax bill.

Boo. Hiss.


…Just 33% of those who received the PUP will have to pay up, while 48% will actually be entitled to a refund.


Explainer: Why am I getting a tax bill for PUP and TWSS payments? (RTÉ)


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3 thoughts on “Cheeky PUP

    1. Cian

      Did you log into

      Revenue said the statements will be issued this morning, and can then be accessed through the MyAccount facility on the Revenue online service.

      1. Bob

        Yes I checked throughout the day. Crashed me out 50% of the time.

        I got back working full time in Nov after 6 months on the PUP so TBH I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones.

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