Hendron’s Collider


The Hendron’s Building,

A protected structure in Dominick Street Upper, Dublin 7.

Paddy Cahill writes:

A little bit late but the deadline for observations to An Bord Pleanála is tomorrow [Tuesday] at 5.30pm for observations about the proposed development at Hendron’s Building.

The proposal is to build a large co-living scheme there around the building (one of the few Modernist buildings on the city’s Record of Protected Structures).

I made a quick video (above) the other day about the building…More details here.

Hendron’s Building application here.


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25 thoughts on “Hendron’s Collider

  1. Bertie blenkinsop

    That looks like the type of house I manage to build from Lego to the utter disdain of my nine year old.

  2. Paul Davis

    Shows the low level that Irish architecture sits at and also the detachment from reality of those tasked with preserving it.

  3. goldenbrown

    and what observation pray tell me should I be spending my valuable time this evening writing in to ABP to convey? why should I care?

    is it that co-living is bad? (agreed)

    or is it that this brutal mass concrete minecraft building should be left as is to rot in perpetuity? (in that case I disagree…a Fallingwater this ain’t by any stretch)

    sure maybe it could be turned into 4x high class lofty open plan warehouse style Dermot Bannon wnk living spaces that only really very rich people could use as a tax dodge but we could all aspire to San Francisco gentrolifestylee about in some day should we happen to be passing by on de Luas?

  4. Owen G

    The new building looks boring and doesnt add anything to the culture of the area.
    The dublin city planners need to take a basic interest in maintaining and enriching the areas around dublin.
    The new building is also ugly. Dublin city council are incompetent.

    1. Rob_G

      “… and doesnt add anything to the culture of the area.”

      – you mean, other than places for people to live?

  5. Brian

    That building is muck. The fact it is unusual doesn’t make it worthy of retention. The video says it’s structurally sound; how does he know? He says it’s protected; it’s not. Paper never refused ink and YouTube never refused a video.
    The link goes to the pre-application; not the application. The applicant has a website where you can view all the drawings if you want. It looks fairly good and keeps the sign and the main facade. It provides a few gaffs. I wouldn’t be losing any sleep over an industrial building designed by an engneer from a machinery company. Save your €20 for something else.

    1. ce

      Gonna replace muck with muck. Broadsheet in 100 years will have a story with somebody saying please don’t knock down the last of the co-living building…

      1. Ben Madigan

        A building does not have to be “beautiful” to be worthy of protection. Beauty is subjective as you have demonstrated. One of the criteria for listing is if a building is a good or rare example of a particular style or from a particular period. Architectural preservation is about keeping examples from all periods of history, not just Georgian and Victorian…

    2. Dr.Fart

      thankfully, choosing which buildings to protect isn’t up to the whimsical tastes of Brian from the Broadsheet comments section. Unfortunately, I think 90% of DCC are Brians from the Broadsheet comments section.

  6. nilbert

    is there any chance Maser could be sposonored by Google or Vodafone to paint it, and then we could fill it with an artists collective who could take turns making screen prints of Poolbeg Towers and/or the Ha’penny bridge?

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