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  1. scottser

    Prominent brexiteer roger daltrey of the who moaning because he can’t have his cake and eat it. What an idiot.
    Still, there’s always nandos piri piri sauce, eh?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      I see the US and UK failed to reach a mini-deal on trade, as promised, before the man baby Trump left office, how terribly unfortunate. The way things are going the Brexiteer Daltry will have to settle for British HP sauce..

    2. dav

      “The Who‘s Roger Daltrey says Brexit won’t affect British musicians.
      The frontman, who has previously defended his pro-Brexit views, was asked whether Brexit would be ‘bad for British rock music’.
      “No. What’s it got to do with the rock business?” he told Sky News. “How are you going to tour in Europe?” the interviewer replied.
      Oh dear. As if we didn’t tour Europe before the f****** EU,” he said. “Oh give it up!”

    3. ReproBertie

      The EU offered 90 days for musicians but the UK was afraid that it sounded too much like freedom of movement.

      “an EU proposal to allow visa-free tours by musicians was rejected, apparently because of a belief it clashed with ending free movement. After days of arguing Brussels threw out a deal, the government has acknowledged it did turn down a plan, as The Independent revealed – but has refused to explain the reasons for doing so. A Downing Street spokesman said the offer “fell short” of what was required, but a source has said the reason was a fear it involved travel rights that undermined the aims of [Sasamach].”

  2. Birdie

    My heart breaks for parents with kids with special needs, it’s unbelievably tough for them. If joe Duffy is an anecdotal poll, teachers and sna super stars appeared eager to go back as they keenly understood how bad this situation is for special need kids. They felt confident that they had excellent protocols in place.

    Yet preschool has been allowed/told to open since the late on the 8th. And again those super star teachers also have great protocols and the ability to have small numbers of students unlike mainstream primary and secondary schools.

    Anyhow I’m thinking of you special need parents out there and I’m wishing you strength and hope.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      very well said, no time to recharge your batteries, the kids out of the so important routine and many regressing on progress made, so very tough.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Is anyone actually surprised Norma Foley is proving to be crap at her job ?
      Last week she turned up an hour late for a meeting with unions and left after five minutes.
      She has the hauteur and arrogance that befits someone who is destined to fail.

    1. ReproBertie

      Tuesday – rejects criticism of the voting records of political parties on housing motions as meaningless unless the motions can be seen

      Wednesday – invents memo to fuel criticism of government minister and civil servant

      1. Bitnboxy

        Lol. Classic abusive @Giggidybot living in an alternate reality of alternative facts where hard evidence can be simply cast aside or ignored to sustain their time draining trolling and a fantasy world where Giggidy’s angry invective is actually searing political opinion.

        Despite Giggidybot’s claims to me that they have “built up a respected presence on internet comment forum” (fora) over the last (wait for it) 10 years, all I can smell is the stench of delusion and poor aul GiggidyGoo having WAY too much time on their hands. Always the same with this lot.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Repro/Rob_G. Actually I debated those subjects, only to find your goodselves pressing the escape hatch and headed for the hills.

        So – reality. A number of hospitals have used the same methods of ‘distributing’ the vaccines. Explain that one away.

        So – the Housing thread. That was the one that Rob posted lots of figures relating to voting, but didn’t actually post the items that were being voted on – then headed for the hills because he couldn’t, ahem, debate.

        You two guys are so lame. You accept everything without question, and then your attempt at debate is to attack me. Well, that’s a big ROFL. You have to up your game.

        1. GiggidyGoo


          Run lads, run !


          1. ReproBertie

            So you haven’t seen any memo?

            Because my entire point was that you refused any criticism of parties that voted against almost every motion on housing in Dublin City Council until you could see what the motions were about but you feel happy to invent a memo to suit your own agenda.

            Any chance of you addressing that point at all?

          2. Bitnboxy

            @Giggidybot After nearing a decade trolling on online comment fora (by your own admission), I’ve got to admit you have acquired some “skills” as evidenced above. Although I fear such dedication has rendered poor aul Giggidybot googley-eyed!

            @Repro Giggidybot is as likely to address your points honestly and in good faith as Trump is as likely to turn up to Biden’s inauguration.

            @Crazypants Troll on back under your rock now, like a good Giggidybot.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          So, Repro, your point was to attack me, and not the issue of a number of hospitals using the same method of ‘distributing’ their vaccine allocation. That’s clear. When someone writes ‘there must have been…’ he is surmising that ‘according to the circumstances….’ something must happened.
          Now that your English lesson is complete for today, do you have anything to say about how a number of hospitals took the same course with the vaccines? Or do you want to run away rom that?

          1. ReproBertie

            A number of hospitals took the position that using vaccines on anyone available was better than wasting them. We have been told that this is not the official position. You now admit you invented the memo and then cast judgement upon people for this invented memo. That’s a logical fallacy known as a straw man. I felt the hypocrisy of this compared to your position on seeing the evidence yesterday deserved to be highlighted.

            Yesterday I surmised about the difference between SF and PBP’s voting on some of the motions but you were having none of it.

          2. Bitnboxy

            ROFL @Giggidybot bemoaning others for attacking them yet Giggidybot is one of the worst attack-accounts on here.

            In the same vein as GOD and that walking corpse Waters at the Four Courts with their circus, give me strength!

          3. GiggidyGoo

            You didn’t take anything from the English lesson then?
            The ‘official’ position bears no resemblance to the ‘unofficial’ position taken – like ducks in a row – by a number of hospitals.
            Using vaccines on ‘anyone available’ – would you ever think it through before you write?
            The 16 in the Coombe needn’t have been wasted. They could have remained in their original vials and diluted the next day and used for other health workers. Not rolled out to family members.
            What comment did I make yesterday in reply to you regarding SF / PBP to make you say I was having ‘none of it’?

          4. Cian

            The 16 in the Coombe needn’t have been wasted. They could have remained in their original vials and diluted the next day and used for other health workers.

            Any evidence for this? There the 16 doses weren’t already diluted and would have been usable the following day? or are you making stuff up again? (like the alleged memo above)

          5. ReproBertie

            I said : Are SF likely to have supported motions that “could have lined the pockets of god knows who”? Presumably not so why are PBP so against housing motions?

            To which you replied “You’re surmising what the motions were about then?” This was after you had said there was not much use in looking at the voting records unless the motions could be specified.

            So it’s OK for you to surmise when you want to invent memos to attack the government, while ignoring the clearly stated official position on how vaccines should be distributed, but not OK for me to surmise when discussing the voting records of PBP and SF.

            Since you’re such a fan of English lessons, that’s what we call “hypocrisy”.

  3. Charger Salmons

    There’s a joker on here who tries to justify the EU’s snail-pace progress on vaccines by saying it got a better price for them than other countries such as the world-leading Israel.
    In today’s Irish Times Dr Asher Salmon of Israel’s department of health,says Israel paid “a bit more” than the EU for its vaccine supplies.
    ‘ We paid the best price we could get. I don’t know what others did but yes, I think our terms were less favourable than yours.’
    But ‘ the price of Covid-19 vaccines is “ridiculously low” compared to the “terrible economic damage” caused by virus-related economic closures.’
    Moreover ‘ Israel ordered significantly larger quantities of the new vaccines than other countries, many of which waited for cheaper alternatives to come on stream. ‘


    In Ireland, meanwhile, the official vaccination total hasn’t been updated on the Government’s own website for a week.
    Is anyone actually at the wheel of this clown car ?

    1. Joe F

      Hello clown man, why do you conveniently ignore the figures for deaths per million population from the virus for the UK? You keep bleating on about how superior the UK is to Ireland (this screams of inferiority complex obviously). So you just pretend anything negative about the UK doesn’t happen!!
      You bleated on regularly about how popular Bozo was, until recently! His approval ratings have plummeted, now at -20%. Why have you stopped posting about his popularity? A recent poll had him losing his seat at next GE!
      UK 8th highest in deaths per million population from the virus, out of 221 countries listed; “Inferior” Ireland is listed 48th out of 221 countries listed. UK rate is approximately 2 1/2 times the Irish rate. And taking just last figures rate, the UK is the HIGHEST in the whole world.
      Bozo doing a mighty job you clown. Marvelous.

      1. paul

        Charger doesn’t respond to criticism. He’s all too happy to wave his willy around but packs up and leaves when someone says it’s a weird shape.

        1. Joe F

          Hi Paul, I know he’s not going to reply! But every time he posts one of his silly comments I’m going to reply to him. He doesn’t bother me one bit!! But he is a pretty mixed up, sad individual with a lot of issues. We all have issues but he takes the biscuit. The proverbial troll and keyboard warrior!

  4. Nigel

    ‘The consultation period for Ireland’s Air Pollution Control Programme closes Friday 22 Jan @ 5.30pm’


    ‘#AirPollution is mainly created by 3 factors:
    -Nitrogen Oxides from cars
    – Ammonia from intensive agriculture
    – Particulate matter from burning solid fuels in houses.
    The draft NAPCP does not seriously address any of these issues, and we urge you to demand better.’


  5. Mary Brennan

    We’re told not go out keep numbers down .so no one in schools got covid there safe no there not ,ask the pupils who got covid and their family’s .I can’t imagine parents with special needs children are near breaking point but don’t blame teachers for it .

    1. Rob_G

      We need to keep the kids in schools because they need to learn important things, such as the difference between “they’re” and “there”.

  6. Charger Salmons

    It hasn’t gone away you know …

    Charger’s Vax Facts™ # 29

    Latest UK vaccination figures on the government’s official website updated daily at 4pm.

    First dose total
    Second dose total

    Vaccination figures on the Irish government’s official website remain unchanged from this day last week.

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