This afternoon.


Ryan Tubridy (left) and Miriam O Callaghan


This afternoon.

RTÉ has releases the fees earned by its highest-paid presenters in 2017, 2018 and 2019 (above).


In addition, RTÉ confirms that, as part of a range of cost-cutting measures announced last year, the total fees paid to its highest-paid presenters has been reduced by 15% in 2020.



RTÉ Director-General, Dee Forbes, said:

“Our presenters have been crucial to RTÉ’s output throughout this pandemic, as audiences turned to their national public media in record numbers for vital news, information, entertainment and companionship. They continue to make a significant contribution to public media in Ireland and enable RTÉ to optimise important commercial revenue, which is essential to support our public services. RTÉ has reduced overall annual operating costs by over €100m since 2008, and last year targeted additional savings of €60m over three years, which we are on course to deliver. In that context, we continue to keep the fees of our highest-paid presenters under constant review.”

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20 thoughts on “HOW Much?

  1. goldenbrown

    hm. I wonder how they get away with being fulltime contractors?

    I thought there was something in tax law that if you were caught working at one specific place of work all the time (just like a real employee would) as opposed to say someone who is in for a 9 month project you can get done for tax avoidance??

    like these people are not services companies really offering their services to the community at large, are they? they are specialist individual contributors (I use the term with a pinch of salt) doing a specific line work task but under the guise of a Ltd company for one constant customer…..


    1. GiggidyGoo

      There is something in tax I believe. A friend of mine was unemployed and was trying to set up his own company a few years ago. He got confirmation from 3 companies that they would give him business. One company would give him the bulk on a ‘retainer’ basis. Nopey McNope. If that happened, then he and that company were to be considered employee and employer and he couldn’t set up as a company then.

  2. jockey

    Not really that much for the contractors. There are day rate contractors in IT earning similar amounts, particularly the few at the top. And they don’t put in anywhere near the same number of hours as those contractors. I’d love to know what the top ten IT contractors in Ireland are making just to compare. More than this I believe.

  3. Andy Pipkin

    Well worth every penny!!!


    Just think of the thousand that supported drug dealers, during Mr Ryan times, and don’t tell me it’s still not happening!!!

    Best of luck D with getting a penny out of me!

  4. ce

    Can’t wait until RTE start renting out some space at City West – like every other part of the state – to have some extra space store the egos

  5. Optimus Grime

    Ah the annual “They’re paid how much?” and yet “the funding model is broken” – RTE = Repeating Tired Excuses

  6. Bort

    Television is over. RTE claiming almost 4 million individuals or 90% of the Irish TV population tuned in to RTÉ’s television services over the 11 week period (2nd March – 17th May 2020). I’m not buying that. I don’t know anyone that watches tv let alone RTE (Bar sport and they’re losing that). Brands would want to take their money elsewhere. ie here a 17 year old Irish girl who has 13.4 million followers on Tiktok. The cost of Tv commercials and tv ad space is so over valued and ineffective. I’d like to see the popular Irish social media creators who built their followers on talent and personality. Put them on RTE for a 100th of the price and not the usual suspects. There are youtube channels with zero budget that have better production values, research, information and general entertainment value that some RTE crap. 450k for Ray Darcy! Christ on a bike.

    1. diddy

      ” I don’t know anyone who watches television”? what kinda tripe are you spouting? under 25s may be dropping out but loads of people still watch broadcast tv

  7. george

    Heard Ryan on the radio this morning. Incredibly Alan Partridge-like. A half an hour of waffling about things his researchers have seen in the paper or on the internet.

    1. Optimus Grime

      I fully believe that Steve Coogan has based some of the more recent Alan Partridge takes on Tubs

      1. MacGafraidh

        Ray D’Arcy… That alone is enough to make you wonder what in the name of God is going on over there in montrose.

        Where’s party Marty Whelan in that list?

    2. chuckenstein

      He has also lifted / stolen from Reddit and claimed that the post is a text from a listener.

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