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  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Fact™ #39

    The UK vaxxed a further 281,725 people yesterday taking its overall total to 7,325,773.

    Ireland’s official overall total has been raised to 143,300 meaning it has delivered on average 3500 doses per day since it was last updated.

    As an indication of the huge economic impact of Covid it’s been revealed that it has so far cost the UK more than every annual payment they’ve ever made to the EU’s budget.

    Meanwhile, on the growing dispute between the EU and AstraZeneca he’s a useful summation of the timeline and the reason why AZ will not be sending the UK’s vaccines to the EU.


    1. Joe F

      So the UK remain 5th highest for deaths per million population after todays figures. Wonderful job Bozo. Ireland currently 46th highest. You look rather silly old boy/Charage/Admiral Nelson etc etc when you fail to recognize these “facts”.
      PS Please don’t start copying me putting marvelous at the end of your posts.
      PPS Be a good old sport/Charage/Admiral Nelson and buy Office 365 and use MS Word to spell check and grammar check your posts before you click Post.

    2. Joe F

      Just as an example of your literacy skills (or lack of clearly) can you just read the paragraph you posted earlier tonight –

      “Meanwhile, on the growing dispute between the EU and AstraZeneca he’s a useful summation of the timeline and the reason why AZ will not be sending the UK’s vaccines to the EU.”

      It looks rather like you are writing too fast Admiral Nelson, just to get anything posted. Or you are simply illiterate. I’m 50/50 on which it is.

    3. Charlie

      100,000! That’s one hundred thousand just in case you thought I was mistakenly adding a zero. 100,000 humans. European and World champions.

    4. Micko

      I don’t really get the whole ‘Boris is responsible for all those deaths’ thing.

      How is he responsible?

      1. Charger Salmons

        I lost a good friend to Covid last year.
        I’ve never mentioned it on here before until yesterday when a poster was speculating whether it might be worth deliberatly catching the virus.
        I speak to his widow by ‘phone every week.She has never once blamed anyone.She has no idea where or how he caught it but accepts it was just the bad luck of the draw that he did.
        I tend to view criticism of Boris through the prism of Brexit – his most voiciferous public critics and in the media are invariably leading lights in the Remain campaign.
        On balance the public, if the opinion polls are anything to go by, tend to have a different opinion – namely that whilst mistakes were made the responsibility is shared between politicians, their scientific and medical advisers and many people who simply ignored government guidelines and rules.
        Would Sir Kneel-a-lot or Jeremy Corbyn have done any different ?
        On here it’s simply latent Anglophobia that drives the abuse of Boris.
        ‘Twas ever thus.

        1. Micko

          Sorry to hear about your friend. That’s not easy.

          On Boris, I think you’re right. People just don’t like him, therefore he’s solely responsible for those 100K deaths.


        2. Charlie

          Ye right Tommy..you don’t have ‘good friends’ particularly if you behave/act anything like you do here. There’s not a soul alive wants to be in the company of an arrogant mouthpiece such as yourself. Try again.

        3. Joe F

          You just don’t have a clue do you Admiral?
          Speaking personally, this has nothing to do with Anglophobia, and if you say differently, you are wrong. You don’t know me, I have many good English friends. However, I do have a problem with you clown man. You are quite a nasty person and trying to throw a piece of humour in from time to time doesn’t cut it with me. For example, you’re remark a while back that most of the crime in the UK was because of blacks and immigrants was a shocking statement. So I call you a racist.
          Cherry picking what Bozo doesn’t cut it either. Of course he has done some good work. But your blindness to all his faults just shows what type of person you are. Why won’t you engage on any (of his many) failings, yet bleat on about, for example, being 1% ahead in polls. This is more important than catastrophic failings re the virus?
          You are a clown, actually a racist clown.
          Why, also, do you have several names – Charger Salmons, Admiral Nelson, etc? Clearly you have been booted off other sites for your odious rantings. Quelle surprise.

          1. Micko

            Hey Joe,

            I can’t comment on what Charger did or didn’t say here or on other sites as I haven’t seen the posts. But obviously if he’s saying stuff like that – not cool,and he deserves to be called out – on those posts, not repeatedly.

            But, can you stop with the “UK is the 5th worst country with Death per millions” schtick.

            If you want to use the same logic, Belgium are 3rd in the ‘Deaths per million’ category and Sweden are 22nd – and they had no lockdown.

            I don’t hear any calls to go mental at the Belgian prime minister.

            So clearly there’s more at play here then just “Boris is to blame”. It’s very complex.

        4. bisted

          …in England, Churchill is acknowledged as the person who single-handedly won WW2…if Boris’ gamble with vaccines pays off, the Englanders democratic wish for brexit will be vindicated and Boris will be deified…a pretty shrewd strategy…

        5. Charger Salmons


          I think you can be rest assured that I don’t post racist comments on here – the idea that Bodger would allow it is simply nonsense.
          He won’t even let me call Paddies Paddy.
          Even though I’m fine with Brits and Tans etc.
          Tbh, I’m even surprised my spud gun joke got through yesterday. I think the silly old sausage must be warming to me.

          1. Joe F

            “I think you can be rest assured that I don’t post racist comments”
            Really old boy, what about the remark you made a while back, stating that most of crime in the UK was from blacks and immigrants? You can’t take that one back.
            Sounds pretty racist to me Admiral.

          1. benblack

            Friday 22nd Jan 2021 @ 12:54 am

            “A wombat has an ass protection so hard, that predators can’t bite through it, so it just jumps in its burrow and hides until the bad thing goes away.”

            I just don’t want to get bitten, Papi, can I hide until the bad thing goes away?

            And, can we leave the elephants out of this?

  2. Charger Salmons

    AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot has done a couple of interviews with European newspapers which have revealed some interesting points.
    Soriot’s prediction for Britain: “By March, the UK will have vaccinated maybe 28 or 30 million people. The Prime Minister has a goal to vaccinate 15 million people by mid-February, and they’re already at 6.5 million. So they will get there.”
    EU supply troubles are just bad luck – European plants have proven less productive.
    UK doses won’t be diverted to EU
    Delaying 2nd dose is “the best way”
    Expects to make 1.2bn doses in total this year


    1. Joe F

      You must be very proud of how your hero Bozo has handled the whole virus situation Mr Nelson. You keep making snide remarks about Ireland yet the UK death rate is 2.5 that of Irelands. As regards cases, the UK rate is substantially higher than the Irish one also. UK 5th highest out of 221 countries listed for deaths per million population. What a damning fact that Bozo has on his record. But of course he’s 1% ahead of Labour, as you pointed out a few days ago, and that is what really counts, isn’t it Admiral?

      1. Tommy Bohan

        Good luck Joe!! Not sure if he is going to stop for you
        He is a right pain in the you know what!!!!

    1. Otis Blue

      “Most politicians are ambitious and ruthless, but Boris is a gold medal egomaniac. I would not trust him with my wife nor – from painful experience – my wallet. It is unnecessary to take any moral view about his almost crazed infidelities, but it is hard to believe that any man so conspicuously incapable of controlling his own libido is fit to be trusted with controlling the country. His chaotic public persona is not an act – he is, indeed, manically disorganised about everything except his own image management. He is also a far more ruthless, and frankly nastier, figure than the public appreciates.”

      Max Hastings, former Editor of the Telegraph and BBC journalist nails the greased albino piglet back in 2012.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Seven year later the public voted in Boris by a huge majority and continue to prefer him to the Labour Party with the most recent opinion poll giving him a healthy 5-point lead.
        Hastings was happy to employ Johnson on huge salary as his Brussels correspondent but is part of an Establishment that has consistently underestimated Boris’ public popularity.
        He’ll storm the next election too.
        In politics people forget the lost battles if the war itself is won.
        That’s me channelling my inner Churchill by the way.
        Huzzah !

        1. Charger Salmons

          Seven year later the public voted in Boris by a huge majority and continue to prefer him to the Labour Party with the most recent opinion poll giving him a healthy 5-point lead.
          Hastings was happy to employ Johnson on huge salary as his Brussels correspondent but is part of an Establishment that has consistently underestimated Boris’ public popularity.
          He’ll storm the next election too.
          In politics people forget the lost battles if the war itself is won.
          That’s me channelling my inner Churchill by the way.
          Huzzah !

        2. Joe F

          Bozo is doing a mighty job Mr Nelson? Yeah he is PM of a country that is 5th highest for deaths per million population out of 221 countries. Now over 100,000 deaths in the UK from the virus.That statistic doesn’t seem to bother you. You’ve posted recently that the Tories are 1% ahead of Labour, so that is more important than over 100,000 deaths Admiral?
          And of course you rather conveniently didn’t mention his latest approval ratings i.e. -20%.

    2. Verbatim

      Hoping it’s a real honest human response, but it does feel like a reality show, time will tell!

  3. Charger Salmons

    The eventual public inquiry will , I think, come to three conclusions about the UK’s response to the pandemic.
    1. Boris mostly the followed the scientific and medical advice.
    2. Boris has a legitimate defence for his failure to lockdown sooner back in March. The SAGE ( UK ‘s NPHET) published minutes from their meetings showed their advice was very clear that to do so risked an immediate second wave.
    3. But there’s no such defence for the delay in locking down in the run up to Christmas. In that sense Boris reacted in exactly the same way as the Irish governmentand both are now paying the price with the arrival of the mutant variant and many more deaths.
    25,000 people in the UK have died in January alone.
    But we all partied at Christmas and were grateful for it.
    Both Ireland and the UK are in full lockdown and struggling to close borders that should have been closed months ago.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    1. Joe F

      UK 5th highest for deaths per million population Mr Nelson. So Bozo is faultless? You are some clown. If something is going right, it’s down to Bozo. If something is going wrong, nothing to do with your hero. Just like crime in London. Bozo has no responsibility whatsoever for that, 100% down to Labour Mayor of London. Wonderful logic you use Admiral Nelson.

    2. Tighe’s Cylon

      Yeh hindsight will be 2020 (literally). As I posted before vaccine distribution is not a competitive sport. These vaccines will save lives globally and you’re getting off on distribution figures like an old Colonial.

      You’re clearly the kind of guy who bores everyone senseless down the pub with some factoid about football or cricket. Maybe you could find another hobby? Watching 2 flies race each other up a wall maybe?

      1. Charger Salmons

        If you don’t think vaccines are THE most important subject in Ireland at the moment then you’re as dumb as the rest of the poor saps on here who refuse to address the subject.
        This country, like the rest of the EU , is suffering from the gross incompetence and mistakes made by the EU over vaccine procurement which will cost many Irish lives.
        Yet your government is powerless to do anything about it, your media refuses to investigate it and you stick your head in the sand with your backside in the air waiting to be ridden again by European bureaucrats you can’t get rid of.
        At least the UK can vote out Boris if they choose.
        All you’ve done is swap the Vatican for Brussels.
        And you’re still doing someone else’s bidding.
        Get off your knees, show some pride and demand some answers as to why this country lags so far behind the one you obsess about.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Sure Have Inferiority Troubles meter at the max already. Obsession is today’s (and everyday’s) menu item in the Walter Mitty rank bedsit.

          1. Joe F

            You must be very proud of your pal Bozo Admiral Nelson. UK death rate is 2 and a half times that of Ireland. Case rates substantially higher in UK compared to here also. But with your Daily Express mentality, you just pretend these “facts” don’t exist.

          2. Charlie

            100,000 and still counting. You nonce. No amount of your pathological vaccine chest beating will bring humans back.

          3. Charger Salmons

            And it’s not just the FT pouring scorn on the EU’s pathetic attempt to re-write the vaccines script.

            In a front page editorial today Die Zeit, one of Germany’s best-respected broadsheets, declares the EU is acting ‘slowly, bureaucratically and protectionist… and if something goes wrong, it’s everyone else’s fault’
            ‘In the UK, the government’s independent and swift vaccination policy is seen as evidence that the EU is too bureaucratic and slow – and is now left behind.’

            Of course Germany is well aware of the EU President Ursula Von Der Leyen’s ineptitude – she was one of the worst German defence ministers in living memory.

            So Bild rubbished her explanation of the vaccine delays and threat to stop supplies heading to the UK, accusing her of placing ‘junk’ orders for vaccines three months late.

            ‘She says: ‘We know that there is no time to lose in a pandemic,’ but what she means is: ‘We may have wasted time. But we will NEVER admit that”, the paper said. Meanwhile ‘Brexit Brits continue to receive full supplies.’

            Both reports quoted an employee for vaccine-maker AstraZeneca, who said: ‘I understand Brexit a bit better now.’

            You’ve got to admire the Germans. Could you ever imagine the day you’d see a single line written like that in an Irish newspaper ?
            No, me neither.
            They’ve got you exactly where they want.

    3. Joe F

      You really are an illiterate clown. Just read the first two lines from your post above –
      “The eventual public inquiry will , I think, come to three conclusions about the UK’s response to the pandemic.
      1. Boris mostly the followed the scientific and medical advice.”

      Firstly, there is no space before a comma in a sentence. That’s basic grammar.
      Secondly, what does “1. Boris mostly the followed the scientific and medical advice.” mean Admiral Nelson?

  4. Lilly

    I’m enjoying Tomorrow Tonight, John and Bernard make a good duo. John has an unusual way of saying Bernard’s name, pronouncing it Ber-nard instead of Bern-ard. Anyone with a Bernard in the family know which it is?

      1. John Ryan

        Hello Lilly, I have it in my head that Bernard pronounces it Bernard rather than Bernard. I will double check.

        1. Lilly

          Likely you’re pronouncing it as he does, John. He’d probably have corrected you otherwise. Although, he’s very polite so maybe not!

        2. Bernard

          Actually, it’s just the ordinary Dublin way of saying Bernard, really never been any other way. No emphasis on the second syllable (although whenever I’ve been on US or French shows they often do go that way). Just didn’t want to be impolite, John is usually spinning enough plates when he’s doing it without being thrown off his stride and it seemed quite minor. Apologies.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      We pronounced my brother’s name closer to Bernerd. I think it is more of a regional thing. A little like Saoirse. Northern accents are closer to Sorcha, Southern more like Seershe. And of course the famous Saoirse like inertia :-)
      I usually ask a person how they pronounce their own name. It is their identity, after all.

  5. Daisy Chainsaw

    Worzel Gummige has his sad hair on today to indicate just how sorry he is. Is Dominic still pulling the strings?

        1. Joe F

          Any chance, Admiral, on commenting on Bozo’s record re deaths from virus? Afraid to write anything old boy?

    1. Slightly Bemused

      He might just be mourning the lady Cara, sadly taken from us.

      I once did sound for her at a venue I knew well. She wandered around the stage and put out beautiful clear notes, and pointed out where I needed to tweak, and not in any way pretentiously. I do have a good ear, but it was to be her stage.

      I think Kildare’s own Celine Byrne did understudy with her that night.

      A beautiful voice, but a more beautiful lady. She will be missed.

  6. Shayna 56

    The Irish? Sun -“Cops will give out fines”. Last time I looked, I live in Ireland, pretty much never heard anyone refer to Na Gardaí as cops. It would be pretty much, Jeezuz, the Guards…. A pretension from a type in Canary Wharf.. Red tops aren’t Irish. Whilst on the subject – as much as I respect the Dubs, Jesus – this wasn’t a worthy one. It should’ve been cancelled – there was a precedent in 2002 – Foot and Mouth- The National League, Football and Hurling were cancelled. I was in my neighbour’s house in 2003 – “Sam” was touring the county – I held aloft the trophy, pretty much all of the parish were there that night, including the Parish Priest (good one). Pat Spillane told my dad (RIP, Tyrone player 55-/7. ) in Pat’s Sports Bar on the road into Kenmare. Tyrone will never win an Ireland.? We got 3! Dad only saw 2 2005, Big Seamie died..

    1. Bertie blenkinsop

      Welcome back Shayna
      Remember that time you said something nice about the Dubs?
      Me neither;)

  7. benblack

    I wonder will politicians be exempt from mandatory quarantine rules when they return from EU meetings?

    1. benblack

      Simon Coveney was in New York as these new restrictions were being announced yesterday.

      I wonder will he have to be mandatorily quarantined on his return?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        He’ll have been away on essential business. You can’t catch the virus while on such a trip.

  8. Charger Salmons

    Important news from across the pond.
    An attempt by Rand Paul to get Donald Trump’s impeachment thrown out of the Senate has failed.
    45 Republican senators voted the impeachment process was illegal. Five GOP senators joined Democrats, to give them 55 votes to proceed.
    But it would take two-thirds of the Senate to convict Trump, which would mean 17 Republican senators would have to cross ranks and vote for the conviction which looks unlikely.
    The impeachment trial looks dead on arrival but it’s a clear sign the Democrats have learned nothing from their first doomed impeachment attempt and five wasted years of trying to overturn the election result.
    They’re making the same dumb mistakes as before while Biden is asleep at the wheel.

    1. Nigel

      The same dumb mistake that won them the House, the presidency and the Senate. They should probably keep it up.

      1. Charger Salmons

        The dumb mistake that won them the White House was Donald Trump.
        They won’t be so lucky next time.

          1. Charger Salmons

            And allowing her to spend several years afterwards leading Democrat claims that she was robbed by the Russians.
            While her friends in the media averted their gaze from the dubious finances involved in the Clinton Foundation.
            The real fun and games will begin when Sleepy Joe is declared unfit to lead through dementia or is discreetly withdrawn from public like Reagan.
            But first up, we’ll see the Democrats humilated over another failed impeachment attempt.
            They never learn.

          2. Nigel

            ‘And allowing her to spend several years afterwards leading Democrat claims that she was robbed by the Russians.’

            Even if you weren’t wildly overstating the case, it didn’t stop them winning the House, the Presidency and the Senate, so it seems like they are learning. Meanwhile the Republicans are showing themselves to be utterly beholden to Trump even after he loses the election and his supporters storm the Capitol. All it’ll take is a few modest electoral reforms and civil rights enforcement and the Republicans are relegated to fascist minority status.

          3. Charger Salmons

            Which they never managed to do under two terms with Obama ?
            Or close Guantanamo ?
            Or deport millions of illegal immigrants ?
            The fun has only just begun old sport.

          4. Nigel

            In fairness they were helping the US recover from a ruinous faked-up war and a global economic crash both left over after the Republicans. The mistake, as always, was, and will be. treating the Republicans as if they’re grown-ups.

          1. Nigel

            No, it’s Charger calling the strategy that won the Democrats the House, the Presidency and the Senate dumb.

  9. VAnon ™

    RIP Cara

    Little note, I’ve known Cara all my life, we went to the same school, we even worked in same Department Store Job one Christmas time together
    Most of all – her ‘Mam’s ‘Van was three rows and to the right behind ours
    And she was a very close friend of my older Sister.
    Yet Since she took ill and came off the road, one of her daily visitors, ‘Trina, is my oldest friend; who’s own Mam’s ‘Van is directly in front of the Sullivans btw, She even managed to bring her down to see me in the afters of my mothers Funeral. If Cara was still Cara, she would have preformed at the Mass.

    One of our best memories together, was the UP for the Match ’99
    Cara performed with KKs Tynan
    But twas the Green room afterwards was the real show,
    One of those nights I’d never give back, no matter what.
    The sun was shining was we left Montrose in those early hours, Cara was in my Cork geansai’
    I was in one of her frilly fancy frocks. We looked like a bunch of drag queens. Her with all her wheelie bags and trappings becoming an Opera Diva
    And me with my face after falling off

    She barred me from a fundraiser gig in an posh Aunty’s garden the summer afterwards btw,
    Said we might end up messing, giggling etc, and she had to be on her very best
    Only saw her perform once after that – a fecking Rubgy match

    Anyway Cara girl, another reminder how short lived and fragile our lives really are
    Pity it had to be you, shur we’ll Johnny Jump Up again soon enough


    1. Papi

      RIP. I grew up four doors down from Majella Cullagh, her practicing scales on a Sunday morning would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. And my dad very annoyed on his lie in day.

    2. Lilly

      Sorry for your loss, V. She performed at the funeral of a friend’s mother. I’ll always remember her singing Queen of the May. RIP.

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