Interesting Times


Xi Jinping, then Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China, now its leader, sampling an Irish Coffee during his three day visit to Ireland in 2012

This morning.

Via Breakingnews:

1,088 Chinese citizens have paid up to €1 million to live in Ireland in a Government cash-for-residency scheme.

The money has gone into housing, nursing home and other projects.

The Irish Times reports that Department of Justice figures reveal that non-EU citizens have given €826.5 million to businesses and charities here in return for the right to live in the Republic since 2012.

Chinese citizens accounted for 1,088 of 1,166 investors since the start of the Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP).

It must be our climate.

They have a yen for it.

Over 1,000 Chinese citizens pay up to €1m for Irish residency (Breakingnews)


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22 thoughts on “Interesting Times

  1. VAnon ™

    This was going on for a while

    where do you think all those Special Purpose Private Equity Funds got their start up money

    Anyone asking questions about Pat Cox’s lasted gig and who his investors are
    Any Golfgaters or Golfgate watchers about?

    ah here
    I just need to shut up
    and put it together and out there meself

      1. johnny

        … Kung Fu which starred David Carradine and ran on television during the early 70s,has been ascribed as a big influence,in so much as that Carradine was,attempting to copy the James Dean or James Bond of martial arts,Richard tries just so,so hard,to rip off off the by now,cliched zen affectations of Larry Ellison…go tiger:)

        Will Dennis get a happy ending or just a touch the orient.

        -this is not a very nice thing say,about Irelands richest native-why not just call him a deadbeat.

        “A weighty concern regarding the sustainability of Digicel’s operations in the Pacific is the substantial burden of debt held by the parent company, Digicel Group. O’Brien owns 99.9% of Digicel Group, which reportedly had a debt of US$7 billion in June 2020. In May, Reuters reported that Digicel Group had offered its Pacific business as security to its creditors in a restructure that reduced its debt by US$1.6 billion. Credit ratings agency Moody’s has suggested that the company is effectively defaulting on its loans. It seems likely that the Covid-19 pandemic has further dented the company’s balance sheet.”

          1. johnny

            hi bisted,one way look at dennis worth is his lack of self,he’s a man w/o a coutry.

            In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.

            fc-fortune cookie.

            a recent example is the insane valuations on his outdated,crap in the pacific.

            more fanboy drivel from the IT.

            -The unit could be worth about $2 billion (€1.64 billion), according to industry sources, based off the division’s earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda) of $230 million for year to the end of March. Telecoms companies are currently valued at an average of 8-10 times ebitda.-

            so the IT using anonymous ‘industry” sources-DOB-validates this asking price,which then forms the basis for ‘richest’ man..

            reality on Digi in Pacific.

            -The current Digicel infrastructure is for the most part obsolete and dependent on large KA band O3B landing stations
            -These landing stations are expensive as they track low earth orbit satellites, which do not sit in a geosynchronous orbit.
            -The data from these stations is then moved across Papua New Guinea using microwave tower backhaul
            -These towers are incredibly labor intensive, require constant independent sources of fuel, and traverse some of the toughest terrain in the region.

            in summary-obselote,outdated,over priced,maybe gets half the ask.


  2. baz

    and Leo V the foo thanked the CCP for selling us PPE after the CCP in their sloppy gain of function lab work unleashed the virus upon the globe.
    We should be suing them and seizing CCP assets, at least we know where to start with the asset seizure

  3. Robert Hobbs

    Well anyone renting can kiss goodbye to every owning a home if Vancouver is anything to go by..and now we can immigrate ourselves

    1. Gabby

      renminbi is the colloquial name for Chinese money. Literally it means ‘people’s money’. It depends on which specific people they are talking about, which areas of Beijing or Shanghai they live in.

  4. Otis Blue

    I can understand the investment in tourism and nursing homes, which is probably private commercial investment. How does the claimed investment of €249m in social housing work? Some detail on that and it’s location would be good.

    1. johnny

      Hong Kong Phooey.

      -Bartra operates under the Enterprise Investment Option, where we provide secure investments to our qualifying Social Housing and Nursing Homes projects. Both of these assets provide very safe investments, as they both derive income from the Irish State. It is also worth noting that, to date, Bartra maintains a 100% approval rate and a 100% renewal rate within IIP-

      what a load b*llocks,returns are state ‘derived’,secondary same as RE tax avoidance schemes-its just a visa/passports deal.

      1. johnny

        ….a man is great not because he hasn’t failed; a man is great because failure hasn’t stopped him-fortune cookie,NY.

        just as well no SEC in Irl to stop him,in my opinion the outrageous claim’s including that income in this dodgy,passports for sale scheme by the state, has some type derived/implied state seal of approval/guarantee is predatory,mendacious,misleading and in NY most probably fraud.

        in states its know as EB5-the wild,wild west of raising capital.
        “These developers obtained almost $50 million from investors in connection with an EB-5 offering that was based on misleading statements and involved a misuse of the funds raised,” said Shamoil T. Shipchandler, Director of the SEC’s Fort Worth Regional Office. “Today’s resolution provides full relief to all of the affected investors.”

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      The special vehicles are funds to lend to Voluntary Housing Associations to buy Mortgage to Rent properties off the Banks via the new Rules enforced by The Housing Agency (thanks to Eoghan Murphy)

      Before a family could sell their property to a VHA of their own choosing once a sale agreement had been made. I was very involved in these type of cases, one time. Stopped all that now. We used to refer to them as Voluntary Assisted Sales – where we would reach an agreement with the Bank/ Special Cases or Circumstances Unit, the Family, the Local Authority Housing, maybe other agencies, and the Buyer, usually the local Voluntary Housing Association
      and usually substantially below MV, as it was a distress / special circumstances case anyway
      So the private property family home converted to Social Housing with the family now with a Tenancy Agreement to stay in situ, via the Local Authority Housing and under differential rent conditions

      Great thing here was that the family had a Solicitor representing them during the conveyance of their family home property to the Local Voluntary Housing Group / Local Authority

      Now, thanks to Eoghan Murphy, the family must surrender the property to the Bank first

      they then put it out to tender to all the registered VHAs in the Country via The Housing Agency
      Interested buyers must pay full Market Value, and if the sale is delayed protracted etc, sale price can go up if the value goes up. AND THIS IS HAPPENING BTW

      loads of issues and stuff around this
      a Commission of Investigation at the very least, if not a full blown Tribunal – One Day

      anyway, I’ll leave it at that

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