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    1. scottser

      Well he’s a racist and a spurs fan – obviously his mammy has taken away his phone after his court case earlier. He might well be taping up the mickey and posting as Kate later on though..

    2. Cú Chulainn

      So, if I have this right. 10m people in the UK have had one jab. 60% effective. Those jabs have been ‘stolen’ from other countries allocations. Perfidious Albion at it again. The vast majority of the jabees are over 70. Nobody knows if it effective for the over 70s. It appears that it is not. Ireland, France, Germany and now Switzerland are not going to jab the over 70s. In the UK 10m people have had the first jab of a two dose vaccine that almost certainly doesn’t work. Nice headline all the same.

    3. Bitnboxy

      If one is looking for evidence how deranged the pandemic has made people then look no further than GiggidyGoo and Charage. Mad as a bag of spanners- both of ’em. You know it’s true.


  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Facts™ #48 ( Stymied Starmer Edition )

    The UK has passed another important milestone with more than 10 million people having now received their first vaccine dose with an overall total of 10,520,433.

    Ireland’s official total of 199,800 has remained unchanged for a third day. Here is why.

    Meanwhile, rising concern in the Labour Party that the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition is just not up to the job.
    After angrily confronting Boris in a Commons corridor claiming he didn’t support the UK remaining in the European Medicines Agency Sir Kneel-A-Lot was later forced to issue a grovelling apology after footage emerged of him doing exactly that.


    And you think Acorn-head Donnelly is bad.

    1. Joe F

      Good evening Kate, a little slow off the marks this evening. So the UK remains in 5th place out of 221 countries for deaths per million population. This “fact” seems to be invisible to you Admiral. Another 1,322 deaths in UK in last 24 hours, doesn’t seem to bother you, bringing the total to 109,335. Ireland 44th and the UK rate is approximately 2.3 times the Irish rate. The new case rate for the UK today (plus previous days) is also higher than Ireland. Bozo doing a great job.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Inoculate to accumulate.

    Boris has chalked up a six point lead over Labour in the latest polling.
    When he hits his target of 15 million jabs by the middle of Feb and talk begins of easing lockdown he’ll seal his grip on the Tory party till the next election.
    There was even some clown on here before Christmas predicting he’d be gone by the New Year.
    He Who Dares Wins.

    Westminster Voting Intention:
    CON: 43% (+4)
    LAB: 37% (-)
    LIB: 5% (-2)
    SNP: 5% (-)
    GRN: 5% (-)
    RUK/BXP: 3% (-1) Via

    1st Feb

    1. Joe F

      Any chance of you posting the latest approval ratings for Bozo? I just can’t seem to find them, maybe you can help me Admiral Nelson?

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Clapping for Captain Tom… Do you know what would be a real tribute to him, the £350 million a week Boris promised to the NHS… But applause is cheap.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      It’s borderline insulting to ‘clap’ for Tom. The Brits can be such brainwashed twits. Speaking of which, what in the name of…, were his family doing taking a centurion to Barbados in the middle of a pandemic.? Beggars belief…

      1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        Apparently British Airways gifted the eminent Captain, and his family, the free trip, with the defence amongst many that it was part of his ‘bucket list’. Unfortunate choice of words, given they are actions one takes before colloquially ‘kicking the bucket’. Would have thought that prolonging his life during a pandemic would have been paramount. The clapping gesture and tabloid rage are bizarre responses. Sad story.

        1. Charger Salmons

          He wanted to visit Barbados before he died.
          That was his choice.
          The fact that he was able to do it aged 100 is also why he was able to raise £32million for the NHS.
          You have achieved what in your life exactly ?

          1. Joe F

            Well I can write sentences without grammar errors about 95% of the time. You seem to have a problem with basic English grammar Kate.

          2. Nigel

            Ran down the NHS so thoroughly that a 100 year old pensionser had to raise 32 million to help get it through a public health crisis oh no wait that was someone else

          3. millie bobby brownie

            That’s not sufficient justification for travelling to Barbados during a pandemic with an elderly man, where the virus is known to be particularly dangerous to the elderly.

            He had not been given a vaccine and the virus has been more virulent than ever with numbers rising around the world and new, more infectious strains appearing, it seems incredibly irresponsible in light of his advanced age to take him out of the country for those reasons you have listed.

          4. Charger Salmons

            Ah Nigel, you mean the NHS that is so run down that it’s currently delivering two million Covid-19 vaccinations a week with ease.
            Of course, it has vaccinations to deliver …

            Heh x 20% of the population.

          5. Nigel

            Which is it? It needed an heroic 100 year old pensioner to raise money for it or it”s fully funded and supported? Meanhile, UK in danger of going into shock as Tory government fails to completely screw up vaccine rollout while funneling billions to chums.

          6. johnny

            ….he musta felt like a right stupid count,its a bit off a kip.
            but then again,wtf the whole thing is pathetic.

          7. Charger Salmons

            The NHS England budget for 2020/21 is up by £6.2bn on last year to £129.9bn.
            It enables healthcare to continue to be free to all including GP visits, drugs and ALL hospital procedures.
            Ireland ?
            Keep ’em coming …

          8. Nigel

            Also: clapping. They support overworked and exhausted staff not with pay raises or guarantees of citizenship but with rigorously enforced patriotic clapping.

          9. Charger Salmons

            Checkmate ?
            People are sleeping in corridors in every Irish hospital on every night of the year.
            And some are paying for the privilege.

          10. Nigel

            Could be worse. Could be relying on 100 year old pensioners going on sponsored walks for funding, then treating it as an inspiring act of patriotism rather than one of desperation and disgust at the government.

          11. Charger Salmons

            Disgust at the government ?
            They’re currently polling six points ahead of Labour.
            Poor Citizen Nigel keeps on serving up pies this morning ..

          12. Nigel

            Pretty sure it wasn’t out of a sense that the NHS was being well-managed that sent a 100 year old out fundraising for it. As for polling, so what? Next election isn’t due any time soon is it?

          13. Charger Salmons

            Nigel – Captain Tom is on record as saying he did the walk out of gratitude to the NHS for its treatment of him over the years.
            His achievement received broad cross-party support.
            Only a keyboard Che Guevara like you chooses to politicise it.
            In his prime he would have kicked your sorry botty-bumkins around his garden instead.

          14. Nigel

            If the NHS was well-managed and properly funded he wouldn’t have had to come to the aid of such a brilliant service. I’m sure the Tories would love it if the bits of the health service they don’t sell off was entirely funded by penioners and people recovering from various conditions working themselves to the bone to raise funding through sponsored activities. Not sure why you’re resorting to inane threats of violence by proxy just because I’m stating the obvious.

        2. Charger Salmons

          Millie – it was his choice.
          Barbados was open for travel at the time but with testing required for arrivals – Lady Charger and I were thinking of a jolly there ourselves before Christmas.
          He was perfectly well on his arrival back to the UK and didn’t develop pneumonia for a week or so.
          He may well have caught it anyway – 100-year-old people frequently do.
          I doubt someone who has led his life regretted it for a moment.

          1. millie bobby brownie

            That’s a fair point, I suppose, considering they call pneumonia ‘the old person’s friend’ (not a fan of the phrase myself).

            But even if it was his choice to go, it was irresponsible. Covid certainly wouldn’t have avoided him because he had raised money for the NHS or because he was considered a national treasure. So one has to assume he knew the risks and was happy to take them.

            For me, it doesn’t justify his going to Barbados. Who he was, his age, what he had done for the NHS, how he got the tickets – none of that makes much of a difference to the fact that international travel is not a sensible decision when you’re 100 and covid is running rampant around the globe.

        1. benblack

          It’s the facelifts, V – they strip away years of maturity, experience and wisdom.

          That or early onset.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        it was of condescending smuggy elitism that has taken the Party of the Labour Movement, the Civil Rights Movement and Pro Choice Movement and what ever yere having yerself
        the party of Bobby Kennedy ffs
        to this ⇊
        deplorables …. they go low we go high bulls motions

        Between Pelosi taking the weewee with the GOPs Paddy, McCarthy, with her childish tacking on the Q-CA
        And a Dems Paddy, Maloney, coming out with this ⇊
        “The can do QAnon or they can do college – educated voters. The cannot do both”

        The Democrats are at cheap politics now
        not Governing

        Proving Biden has changed SFA

        1. Nigel

          Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. The GOP lied about voter fraud in an effort to throw out the votes of Democrats, delayed the transition and are set to block everything the Democrats do, and is pretty much becoming the part of Qanon, but Pelosi ‘takes the wee-wee?’ and that makes the Democrats the smuggy elitists who aren’t governing? People who spout this nonsense do more to help Trumpism than the Democrats.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Wasn’t going to be …sed answering
            but since I’m here Nidgie

            Both Parties, Republican and Democrat
            need to cop on and conduct themselves like Parliamentarians
            And recognise Codes of Conduct as well as Standing Orders of what ever house they sit it

            And if you’re into pointing the finger, about transition
            Ask the Bush Jnrs what t’was like after the Clintons

          2. Nigel

            Seriously? ‘Both sides?’ One side tried to overthrow an election and stage a coup and have a policy of blocking and opposing every single thing the other side try to do, the other side are sometimes snarky. Totally equivalent. Didn’t most if not all of the Republican complaints about the Clintons and their transition turn out ot be lies? Pretty sure I remember them acusing them of stealing the silver and stuff like that.

          3. V aka Frilly Keane

            Ah wind it in

            its time for both parties to show leadership and common sense
            and some decorum
            all of them were elected
            by voters

            so get on with job and stop calling each other names

          4. Nigel

            If you think the current divisions in US politics are down to ‘calling each other names’ or can be solved by Nancy Pelosi refraining from snark about the party that currently has, and is refusing to sanction in any way, an elected representative that threatened to kill her, then I honestly don’t know what to say.

          5. V aka Frilly Keane


            There are rules and standing orders to address that behaviour

            The leadership of both parties need to reign it in

            And try and demonstrate some Leadership credentials

            Water only flows none way
            High time for all of them to stop treating the Voters like they’re only a means to an end , and a nuisance

            Democrats are now the party in the White House
            So I don’t see anything wrong with me wanting their representatives to look like it FFS

            So far Biden has changed nothing in American politics

          6. Nigel

            Yes, the Democrats need to reign in the occasional tiny bit of snark about the other party becoming the party of Qanon, the Republicans need to reign in the death threats and attempted coups. It is weird that a month after taking office Biden still hasn’t managed to win the hearts and minds of all those voters who think he’s a literal baby-eating pedophile who stole the election and is now turning the country into a communist state. Feck’s sake, Biden.

          7. V aka Frilly Keane

            Biden is the leader of The Democratic Party

            Let’s see what he makes of Pelosi’s childish prank
            Or Moloney’s College educated voters

            Like I said
            Water only flows one way

            If the Dems, all of them, are going to insist they are the party of change and the very opposite of GOP Trumpism, QAnon Evangelicals, Hard White Militias and feck knows what other Freedom Patriot sects that lie within that 74 million votes
            Then they need to look like they are
            Especially at the top of the Democratic Party hierarchy

          8. Nigel

            I doubt Biden will have to bother saying or doing anything about either because they’re trivial, and trying to turn these molehills into mountains would be playing the usual old Republican game. Trying to make deals with the Republicans and expecting their co-operation or bipartisanship would be playing the old game. Trying to appeal to voters who think he’s a godless communist baby-eating pedophile would be playing the old game. So I actually don’t know what you’re asking him to do to prove he’s intereted in governing other than get distracted by Pelosi’s snark and that other unfortunate remark? Which wuod be the opposite of governing?

          9. V aka Frilly Keane

            Its that very snark and other unfortunate remarks
            and sneering and elitist notions
            that created the Trump wing of the GOP

            Mountains and Molehills are all the same on the internet and on social media
            especially when you have constituencies of people with wifi and devices who think there’s Space Lasers aimed at their noo noos

          10. Nigel

            ‘Its that very snark and other unfortunate remarks
            and sneering and elitist notions
            that created the Trump wing of the GOP’

            No, it isn’t. It really, really isn’t. Its funny how your respect for voters doesn’t extend to them making their own decisions out of ideology and a desire for political policies the mainstream GOP weren’t providing, causing them to turn to someone like Trump instead. You’re infantilising them far more than any snarky Democrat ever did.

            Speaking of Democrat molehills being equivalent to Republican mountains – it’s the same Republican who threatened Pelosi that believes in Jewish space lasers starting brush fires. The absolute nerve of anyone, let alone the person threatened, sneering at such salt-of-the-earth notions.

  4. f_lawless

    This article is well worth a read. Focusing mainly on the UK, it makes the case that the “more lethal, more transmissible, new variants” narrative that has gone mainstream in recent times doesn’t hold up to scrutiny and furthermore, that there’s a strong correlation between the rollout of the vaccines and a recent rise in Covid death rates. There’s a fair amount of statistical analysis but worth persevering with.

    “..By 19 January, the Care Quality Commission were reporting a 46% jump in COVID–19 care home deaths in England. They said the increase in cases was in line with the community spread of infection. They didn’t mention that it was also inline with the community spread of vaccines.

    It is possible that some unknown new variant may account for this, but statistics from the NHS for mortality in the over-80s age group also reveals a clear correlation between a sharp increase in mortality and vaccine distribution. As discussed above, this increase followed a period of declining mortality in the same age group. Known variants do not explain this.

    ..Correlation does not prove causation — but ignoring correlation signifies denial. We should not be afraid to ask a perfectly legitimate question:

    Why is there a correlation between the vaccine rollout and increased COVID–19 mortality?”


    You have to wonder whether the “new variants” narrative was designed as a convenient fig leaf to obscure potential failings of the vaccines. Unfortunately we now seem to be in a situation where authorities (Irish included) are heavily disposed to manage public perception and minimise vaccine hesitancy, even if it’s at the expense of truth and transparency.

      1. bisted

        …wait…is that the same Care Quality Commission who have ignored the correlation between the availability of ginger nut biscuits in nursing homes since brexit and the substitution of ginger snaps…same answer given…correlation does not mean causation…but denial…

    1. Cian

      It is worth investigating, but it may very well be coincidence: rolling out a vaccine during the winter peak of deaths.

      Some things I noticed, the author seems to assume that
      (a) as soon as a person is vaccinated that they are immediately immune (full immunity takes weeks)
      (b) people that were currently sick with Covid would be vaccinated
      (b) there is no lag between a person getting infected and dying

      As an example:
      Gibraltar started its vaccine rollout on 10 January 2021. By 30 January 2021, COVID–19 mortality on the Rock had risen [from 12] to 75.
      The *first* people vaccinated wouldn’t have full protection until 24th Jan.
      People that died on 30 Jan would most likely have been infected at least 3 weeks earlier – before the 9th.

      1. f_lawless

        Cain: ” it may very well be coincidence: rolling out a vaccine during the winter peak of deaths”

        Did you miss this part of the article countering that interpretation? –

        Quote:”During the vaccine rollout, despite continued falling mortality rates in early December, the new COVID–19 variants (discovered in the autumn of 2020) suddenly changed behaviour. Hospitalisation rates increased by more than 8% and the mortality risk shot up by over 31%.

        Harsher winter conditions are expected to account for more numbers of hospitalisations and deaths, but not to fundamentally change the characteristics of the resultant disease

        Cian: “the author seems to assume that (a) as soon as a person is vaccinated that they are immediately immune”

        Bit of a ridiculous contention that the person who wrote that article would have such a fundamental misconception about the nature of vaccines. I’d imagine even a teenage biology student would have learnt that the primary immune response typically takes at least a few weeks to develop after a vaccination.

        It seems you are making assumptions of your own – eg.because the nursing residents who died had a positive PCR test result, it must therefore mean they died as a result of a Covid infection evolving under typical circumstances ie. over a 3-week time period, as you say.

        Documented cases of extreme adverse immunological reactions to the Pfizer vaccine have happened within days if not hours (eg. Preston city councillor Pav Akhtar who almost died in intensive care).

        So If the rise in nursing home deaths is indeed attributable to adverse reactions to the vaccines, it’s plausible that :

        1. the immune systems of already frail and immunologically compromised individuals were impaired after vaccination to the point at which they were entirely vulnerable to a whole range of circulating pathogens including SARS-Cov-2
        2. rapid deterioration occurred resulting in death within a short period. During that time the individuals tested positive for Covid.

    2. Joe

      That article is well worth a read? It is if you need a perfect example of insanely bad nonsense and nonsensical conclusions drawn from a biased selective abuse of partial information.
      Vaccines work and save lives and sorry that you will be disappointed, will be accepted by the vast majority of the world wide population .
      If anyone wants to see how well the coronavirus vaccines work follow Israel who are world leaders in their roll out

      1. TMan

        Not saying I fully accept what the article is saying but it does make for an interesting read and you would at the very least think it warrants some investigation. On your point above who are the mediabiasfactcheck and how are they any more credible than the other crowd? Not an attack genuine question.

  5. Charger Salmons

    The Irish Times is calling for state-sponsored journalism because of declining readership figures.
    It wants some reporters funded by the government and publishers like itself receiving state investment for new technology.
    Why ?
    Other publishers like the Daily Mail have hugely successful online news operations that are free whereas the IT puts its content that clearly no-one wants to read behind a paywall.
    Why should we pay for their failed business model and poor journalism so they can suck up to the government even more ?

  6. Joe F

    Well said Kate. Oh I was just wondering also, how you came up with your alias Kate old sport. Sounds a bit of a change of style, you know from Charger Salmons and Admiral Nelson. Trying to work it out here, best I can come up with is Kate Middleton?

      1. millie bobby brownie

        He’s professed admiration for Kate Middleton before. Can’t say I blame him. Great legs.

        1. Charger Salmons

          My word I think I’ve seen it all now.
          The phrase “tooty pumpkins” is considered too racy for Broadsheet.
          Yet torrents of abuse flow through here like a Delhi open sewer.

          * shakes head in bemusement *

          1. Charger Salmons

            Indeed Millie.
            Root vegetables are verboten but regularly calling someone a slug whose natural feeding ground is the flowering plant family Apiaceae seems to be ok.
            It’s a strange old world of… (THE FOLLOWING WORDING HAS BEEN INSERTED BY BROADSHEET IN PLACE OF A DISPARAGING REMARK DIRECTED AT SITE MODERATORS AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THIS COMMENTER) fair moderation based on long established site policy, ignored daily, policed intermittently…

          2. bisted

            …think it might be which side of the car crash debate you’re on…some people seem to be able to get away with murder…literally…

  7. Commenter #1

    Lol am I the only thicko who watches tomorrow tonight? Great fun seeing Bodg…John get pushback on his “dying with/from covid” canard, and brushing the excess deaths data aside with a dismissive “Yeah I know I know I know I know.”

    Also, very fascinating to hear that “anti-Trumpers” are more animated about the previous president than “pro-Trumpers.” Remind us which crowd occupied the capitol buildings there a month ago?




    1. John Ryan

      ‘am I the only thicko who watches tomorrow tonight?’

      My mum watches. At least she says she does. You know mums.

    2. Lilly

      I watched it. Where did you get the idea, John, that a person who dies in a car crash with Covid, becomes a Covid death? That is not so AFAIK.

      1. Commenter #1

        It’s pretty easily refuted by considering excess death data, but whenever that comes up all of a sudden Bodger decides that it’s time to move on.


        1. johnny

          …did you tune in looking for ahem ‘health’ or covid advise,cause i’ve a bridge for sale in NY…

          1. Commenter #1

            i’m sure i have my reasons, but they’re probably dumb!

            it’s just nice to hear what Bodger actually thinks from time to time I guess.

        2. Lilly

          It should be easy to verify, but I’m pretty sure death in a car crash is still recorded as such, irrespective of whether or not the deceased tests positive for Covid.

    3. Charger Salmons

      I tried it once.
      Let’s just say it’s perfectly suited for the time of night it’s recorded …

      1. Commenter #1

        Perhaps. Also I wonder does John have several identical white shirts, or is he doing a power of laundry. Much food for thought!

  8. johnny

    …this is not one or two rogue employees,place is full of Patrick Bateman’s.

    “One former partner called the settlement hugely significant because it shatters the distance that McKinsey — which argues that it only makes recommendations — puts between its advice and its clients’ actions. For decades, the firm has avoided legal liability for high-profile failures of some clients, including the energy company Enron and Swissair, Switzerland’s defunct national airline. The former partner asked for anonymity because former McKinsey employees are bound by confidentiality agreements.”

    Why does the irish media in the midst of this insane govt waste on pharma/nursing homes-who’s paying for all this-not demand the ministers client list.


    1. johnny

      oh my,which institution offered more chance for graft?

      ..After graduation, I went back to McKinsey, focusing on health care, institution building, and not-for-profit. In 2010 I was exploring a move to the Johannesburg office to work with African governments..
      … I got into politics for simple reasons—to help people…

      Yeah,yeah but which people,disclose your clients,come out Steve,Pete did.


      what is state capture?
      …I say that part of State Capture, essentially, is just appointing consultants unnecessarily and siphoning off very large fees while the internal team has the capacity and expertise to perform them,” said Mothepu.”


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