European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

This morning.

Further to the European Commission’s decision to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol without consulting Dublin….

Via RTÉ News:

[EC President Ursula von der Leyen said] “The bottom line is that mistakes were made in the process leading up to the decision and I deeply regret that. But in the end we got it right.

“I can reassure you that my commission will do its utmost to protect the peace of Northern Ireland, just as it has done throughout the entire Brexit process.”

…she strongly defended the EU’s decision to negotiate vaccine doses as one bloc, instead of individual member states going it alone.

“I cannot even imagine what would have happened if just a handful of big players, big member states had rushed to it and everyone else had been left empty-handed,” she told MEPs….


EC chief ‘deeply regrets’ mistakes over Article 16 (RTÉ)

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25 thoughts on “Ursula Regrets

  1. Nigel

    ‘I regret that having to deal with Brexit is like throwing Barbie dolls at a tree full of horny howler monkeys.’

    1. Joe F

      You were posting some polls Kate. How about the approval ratings for Bozo? The latest one has him at -16%. You didn’t mention that for some reason.

      1. paul

        Charger at this stage is that flower/bulb wholesaler BBC interviewed a few times when the real cost of Brexit was known. He said his business was ruined, he was going to lose his house and his life was over but he made the right choice in voting for Brexit and glad that he could stick it to the EU.

        That person is still thigh high in their own mess but we can happily change the channel.

    1. Charger Salmons

      ” But in the end we got it right ”
      Try telling that to those German politicians calling for her head.
      The UK has administered a first vaccine to more people than the entire EU combined.

      1. Johnny

        Oh stop it with your vaccine nonsense,the brits are a laughing stock,you can’t give them away in NY,thanks for playing and being part of the largest live drug trial.let me know the results next years,cheers….

      2. Joe F

        And what is the death rate in the UK Kate? You completely ignore that. Is it not important how many people die from it? Over 1,000 died yesterday alone in the UK from the virus, bringing the total to almost 114,000. UK is the 5th highest out of 221 countries listed for deaths per million. Ireland currently 43rd highest. UK death rate is currently over double the Irish rate. But you just ignore these “facts” Admiral.

        1. Johnny

          No,no I’m lining up like a loser with loa smelly oul wons and oul fellas,to get eh something …no one really knows but blowjo and trump championed and fast tracked it…so what could possibly go wrong

          1. Johnny

            I’m a quant a math guy,I really don’t care about old sick people dying,do you,freebritney that’s the hot girl s*it that interests me,no vaccines please,great NYT doc trailer.
            I can work out your yield from growing indoors with six harvests, in 100,000 sq.ft and how much it will cost…but on a spread sheet:)


            (Moblle driving across few states,spoils for typos but no edit function)

  2. bisted

    …even the Unionists know the game is up in the 6 counties and their day is over…EU should not be participating in this pandering and collusion…the process towards an end to British rule should have formally begun…and the Brits have a lot of experience in severing their colonial links…

  3. DOC

    Everyone is slamming the Irish Government for this Vaccine mess but for once and this is rare
    It was not their fault
    The EC made a balls of this and heads will roll

    1. Junkface

      Too many bureaucrats in the EU. They slow everything down to a snails pace. Germans have a hard on for bureaucracy, even on the German news they are criticized. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. I’m pro EU, but there are sill massive problems to solve in the organization.

  4. Brughahaha

    Jesus but shes utterly useless. Inept , Incompetent and Useless. Never thought Id miss Junker

    Despised in Germany ( because she cocked up Defence contract negotiations over there with a whiff of cronyism about it all )

    Yet , none of this was ever reported when she got the job in the Irish media

    Joins a long list of high powered politicians who need a well paid , unelected well paid sinecure when rejected by their home electorate

  5. Shane O'Quinn

    Broadsheet was once as the forefront of vaccine skepticism. Now we have complaints that untreated, DNA altering vaccines aren’t being rolled out quickly.


    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Which bits of DNA does it alter?

      If vaccines could alter DNA, don’t you think they’d be using them to eradicate mitochondrial disease?

      1. millie bobby brownie

        Shane O’QueenQuinn has eerily similar views to another notable commenter here on the ‘sheet.

        I wonder if he’s a fan of Sunetra Gupta too.

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