Do You Have Protection?


Victorian mid-terrace 6-8 Parkgate Street, Dublin 8 was deemed as being of ‘regional’ significance


Proposed Additions to the Record of Protected Structures (Dublin City Council)

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7 thoughts on “Do You Have Protection?

  1. Nigel

    Why would it do that, though? It isn’t as if respect for historical or protected structures is at an all-time high amongst councils and developers, is it? God forbid the regulations be used to protect buildings rather than be riddled with loopholes and exceptions and paltry penalties to enable their destruction.

    1. Jonner

      listing it as protected raises cost of maintenance and/or restoration to a point where it is no longer commercially viable to use the building and it will be left to fall into disrepair.

      we need a pragmatic approach to building conservation. Rather than the current thinking that all listed buildings need a museum grade restoration, there should be grading of historic importance leading to a level of conservation that is reasonable

      1. goldenbrown

        agree Jonner
        that gaff on Parkgate St is completely unremarkable
        this is a good example of the type of polarization that we’re now left to deal with because of an absence of any common sense for the last 40 years now…a descendent of the destruction free for all and questionable new building works of the 70’s and 80’s? I think on both sides you have some progressive and broad thinkers but its spoiled by either extremist bandits wanting to pour as much concrete as they can or the loopers who’d sell their own mother to pay for the court time should An Taisce fail to ride to their rescue and front the court case to aid and abet some unrealistic outcome
        so protected structure status is weaponised
        and it only ends up suiting one person I reckon in all of it – the one sitting on the deeds to the land

  2. Nullzero

    Park Gate Street is a kip and buildings of that nature are the reason why, not to mention the brass monkeys hanging around the place.

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