Take It To The Supreme Court


From top: Donie Cassidy and Noel Grealish are being prosecute under the Health (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Act 2020

This afternoon.

Further to Golfgate…

Via Independent.ie

Former Fianna Fáil TD Donie Cassidy and Independent TD Noel Grealish will be summonsed before a Co Galway district court in relation to allegations that they organised the event.

Mr Cassidy was the chairman of the society and Mr Grealish was the president. The two other people to be prosecuted are not public figures and were involved in the organisation of the dinner at the management at the hotel in Clifden, Co Galway.

Two politicians to be prosecuted for Golfgate dinner Independent.ie)


Mr Justice Woulfe was sitting yesterday for the first time as a judge in the three-judge Court of Appeal alongside Mr Justice Birmingham and Ms Justice Isobel Kennedy. It was his first public hearing since Chief Justice Frank Clarke told him last November that, as a result of his attending a golf event that the chief justice felt had breached public guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19, he would not be listed to sit until February 2021.

Good times.

Justice Seamus Woulfe sits with judge who subjected him to ‘traumatic’ ordeal (BreakingNews)


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8 thoughts on “Take It To The Supreme Court

    1. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

      They’ll fight it all the way to the top and then Woulfe will set them free from their shackles.

      1. bisted

        …didn’t Trump try that with the Supreme Court…I’d say Woulfe is living proof that ‘there’s none so pure as a reformed h…

        Bonsoir Mme Tronconneuse!

      2. pooter

        Ah Yes, but when they go to renew their car insurance they will have to reply yes to the question – have you ever been charged or convicted of an offence?. Thank God for consequences.

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