14 thoughts on “It Is The Year 2058

    1. Micko

      RIP to his wife Emer. She was very young.

      But this is a spoof of the man and his policies.

      Besides, it’s all over social media. I’ve been sent it twice on Whatsapp recently

      Broadsheet taking it down won’t make a difference.

      1. Daniel

        You’re probably right Mick, I’m sure on the very same day his wife tragically died he would think it’s ok as its only and spoof and you got it WhatsApp’ed to you. Sure how could he not?

        1. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

          To be fair, there’s nothing malicious in it. It’s a reasonably funny spoof about the situation, not Holohan himself.

          RIP to his wife and condolences to him and his family.

          1. Daniel

            To be fair, his wife just died, malicious or not. Maybe, just maybe, they could take it down and hold off for a few days. Maybe even until she was buried. I dunno, that’s just me though.

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