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Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health

Last night.

Holohan ‘taking time out’ from role over wife’s illness (RTÉ)


Dr Tony Holohan, chief medical officer at the Department of Health

This morning.

More than 500 patients were transferred from hospitals to nursing homes at the height of the coronavirus pandemic which left Ireland with  the second highest death rate in care settings in the world with 1,030 victims.

Dr Tony Holohan, chief medical officer at the Department of Health, on RTE Radio One’s Morning Ireland said the high number of deaths could not have been prevented.

Via RTÉ:

Dr Holohan said that it is not realistic to say that the high number of deaths in nursing homes and other care settings could have been prevented as he said that “it is a highly transmissable infection” especially for those aged over 80 and this makes prevention of it challenging.

Dr Holohan said that influenza is transmitted in significant numbers in these settings each year and as Covid-19 is virulent and spreads even more easily than influenza, it makes the absolute prevention of the spread of Covid-19 unrealistic.

He said “we know the measures that are important in slowing down that transmission and we need to continue to offer protection to nursing homes”, although the numbers of infections have fallen.

He said that deaths in nursing homes in Ireland are at the lower end of the mortality experience in European countries and a lot of reporting had focussed over-simply on the proportion of deaths in nursing homes.


Holohan calls for more compliance over facemask use (RTÉ)

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“We have had reports of employers receiving results in respect of individual patients, that’s a breach of confidentiality. Full stop,” Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health told the special Covid-19 response committee today

This afternoon.

RTÉ News has learned that in cases of ‘mass screening’, where an entire workforce in a facility is tested, the practice has been that the HSE issues the results to the managers of such facilities, in some cases before the staff are informed.

The Data Protection Commission has said: “From this remove, the DPC cannot see how it can be legitimised that medical test results of this nature would not be communicated in the first instance directly to each individual staff member whether by sms text or phone call.”

In a statement, Deputy Commissioner Graham Doyle said: “It appears to be the case that, at a minimum, communication has been unclear to the affected staff members in terms of how the process is being managed.

“Given that public health authorities clearly want to maintain the trust of the public in the testing and tracing system and keep people engaging with that system, it is important these issues are clarified and rectified.”

Data protection complaints over Covid-19 disclosures (RTÉ)

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From top:  Eddie Halpin, Station Master, Connolly Station, assisted by members of An Garda Síochána yesterday in enforcing social distancing guidelines; Dr Tony Holohan, Chief medical officer at the Department of Health at a press briefing last night

This morning.


Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has said he is still not in a position to recommend easing restrictions due to Covid-19.

Dr Holohan said that the country is making great progress in slowing the growth rate of the disease but that with more than a 100 people in intensive care units and hundreds of others in hospital with Covid-19, he was not in a position to recommend easing restrictions.

Holohan not expecting to advise easing of restrictions (RTÉ)

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Rollingnews/Garda Press Office


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been urged by ministers to lay out “an exit strategy” on Friday, when Covid-19 restrictions are to be extended by at least two weeks.

Divisions within Cabinet emerged yesterday as a “slight majority” of ministers called for some relaxation of curtailments to personal freedoms for over-70s, construction workers, and those who play golf and tennis.

The ministers, described as the ‘civil liberty wing of Cabinet’, raised concerns about the impact restrictions are having on the population and increased signs of public defiance.

Taoiseach urged to deliver ‘exit strategy’ as restrictions to be extended by two weeks (irish Examiner)


Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health at a press briefing last night

Last night.



Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health Dr. Tony Holohan at a press briefing last night; charts at last night’s briefing.


Last night.

We’re moving without movement.

Data suggests people starting to increase movement, says chief medical officer (Belfast Telegraph)



Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan; Lorraine Walsh

This lunchtime.

RTÉ’s health correspondent Fergal Bowers, on foot of a Freedom of Information request, is reporting on correspondence he has seen between the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan and CervicalCheck patient advocate Lorraine Walsh from March of this year.

Ms Walsh, from Galway, who was one of the women caught up in the CervicalCheck scandal last year, cannot conceive due to having had cervical cancer.

She is also one of the Government’s appointees to the CervicalCheck steering group.

Mr Bowers has reported that Dr Holohan – who is co-chairperson of the CervicalCheck Group – wrote to Ms Walsh on March 13  of this year taking issue with comments she had made on social media, and to print media, about him.

He reported the letter said her claims about him were “baseless” and it warned her that if she repeated the claims in public, there would be a “very strong response”.

He also asked her to withdraw the claims.

Mr Bowers reported that the letter was also released to Labour TD and the party’s health spokesperson Alan Kelly, following a parliamentary question and separate FOI request by him.

On RTÉ’s News At One, Labour TD Alan Kelly told Mr Bowers:

 “I sought this information under parliamentary question in early July. The department refused to give it to me. I had to chase this for two months.

“I had to repeatedly go to the Ceann Comhairle and it was only after the Ceann Comhairle wrote to the minister that basically, telling him, that this was against the constitutional responsibilities of a minister, that we’d got to a point where this information was released to me.

“I had no faith that this information was going to be given to me so I had to put in a Freedom of Information request on top of my parliamentary question.

“TDs shouldn’t have to put in Freedom of Information requests because they believe that their parliamentary questions are not going to be answered.”

Mr Bowers told News At One that a spokesperson for the Minister for Health Simon Harris said Mr Harris was not aware of the letter in advance of it being sent from Mr Holohan to Ms Walsh.

Walsh warned over repeating CervicalCheck management criticisms (RTE)


Dr Tony Holohan

This morning.

In the Irish Examiner.

The newspaper’s health correspondent Catherine Shanahan reported:

The most senior Government health adviser attempted to block a review of CervicalCheck the day after Vicky Phelan called for an investigation into the screening programme.

Instead, Tony Holohan, Department of Health chief medical officer (CMO), urged the health minister to opt for a report which Dr Holohan himself would prepare.

He advised Simon Harris that the “appropriate way forward” was to “state that you have asked me to provide a report on the matter, including whether further actions or steps are required”.

His warning was issued the day after Ms Phelan stood on the steps of the High Court and said publicly that CervicalCheck had essentially failed her and she now had terminal cancer.

Her solicitor, Cian O’Carroll, also made public the discovery that other women had smears incorrectly read, and, like Ms Phelan, had not been told of an audit that discovered the errors.

…Dr Holohan warned the minister that to announce a review “could unnecessarily undermine public confidence in CervicalCheck” when there was “no evidence at this stage that there are quality or patient safety concerns with the CervicalCheck programme”.



Top medic tried to prevent Cervical Check review (Catherine Shanahan, The Irish Examiner)