‘Awake And Responsive’


This morning.

Golf legend Tiger Woods is “awake and responsive” following surgery on serious leg injuries suffered in a car crash in Los Angeles, California, USA yesterday.

Via BBC:

The 15-time golf major champion, 45, had to be “extricated from the wreck” by firefighters and paramedics.

The American suffered “open fractures affecting the tibia and fibula bones” in his lower right leg “stabilised by inserting a rod into the tibia”.

Injuries to his foot and ankle have been stabilised with screws and pins.

Tiger Woods car crash: Golfing great ‘awake and responsive’ following surgery (BBC)

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7 thoughts on “‘Awake And Responsive’

    1. Bertie blenkinsop

      Should have used a driver etc.

      I’d say that’s him done, sad way to end a brilliant career really

  1. Junkface

    Poor Tiger Woods. I’m glad he wasn’t killed. Didn’t he just have another back operation? I wonder was he drowsy on medication.

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