Sure Where Would You Get It?



Declan McAnallen tweets:

Beautiful Spring morning on Bull Island, Poolbeg chimneys in all their glory.



Rémi writes:

Foggy over Dublin port…

Save Poolbeg.

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7 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. Cú Chulainn

    Lovely photo.. can’t help seeing the dioxin machine.. burning 24/7 365… and the people of Dublin are the dilution..

  2. AC

    To each their own but I personally have never found those two chimney stacks a thing of beauty. Anywhere around the world they would be a symbol of pollution. Tourists would not be flocking to see them and do not understand the connection it represents to people. I guess its iconic for Dublin people and those who have lived in the area so long that it has meaning to them. Anyone else, its an eyesore.

      1. Bertie blenkinsop

        I can see them from my Ma’s house.
        I can see them from my in-law’s house.
        I can’t see them from my house and it saddens me greatly.

  3. H

    I could see them from my house when I was growing up so seeing them reminds me of home, I love despite their usage and appearance

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