32 thoughts on “Leading With His Chin

  1. Kim Cardassian

    Meanwhile the shop assistant ponders how he’s going to tell him that they don’t accept handwritten IOUs

          1. millie bobby brownie

            You’re being kind, dearest.

            It’s a massive pain in the bum actually. It’s frankly a miracle that I passed my driving test.

        1. Slightly Bemused

          Millie, I have the same problem (not a good thing for an engineer, either). My chiropractor kindly taps me on the side he wants me to roll onto as he says it. Apparently his wife, a doctor, has the same issue.
          There are more of us than you know :-)

    1. Junkface

      My first reaction to this photo was to laugh. I don’t know why it’s so funny. Just is. He’s a gas man.

      Yep, its also quite Partridge. :)

  2. The Dude

    I sincerely hope that there is a prosecution for deliberate law breaking by this self-entitled toss pot.

    If there is no prosecution, the law merits no respect.

    1. Micko

      I say, that’s not a very “The Dude” like attitude

      I think you need 100cc of White Russian ASAP

      Are you sure you’re not Walter just pretending to be The Dude. Hmmmm?

      Be more like “Well, that’s just like your opinion man” etc etc


  3. D-troll

    such an irrelevent whiskey to have in a Gala shop. id say he pestered them yesterday to accept a box of them. And then came in today to buy one.
    Id say the K Club was a classy place at one time.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Hah! I am sorry D but your mentioning the K-Club reminds me of a story (to be honest, pretty much everything does). I hope you do not mind.

      When I was preparing to get married to Little Slightly’s mother we were looking for a venue. On the old dial-up internet of the day she saw the Club, and it is just up the road. So we popped up, in my old, battered Ford Fiesta van which used a light switch to start it. Very classy, us. The place was (and probably still is) gorgeous, and very obviously expensive. But we had to ask.

      While there, there was a commotion at the lift – some staff and guests were locked inside, and the porter staff were trying to release them. Now, none of this prying the doors open as in the filums. There is actually a tool to release the doors in such events, very helpfully provided by the lift company. The problem is it is a bit finicky to find the release point.

      Now, I used be a service engineer for installation of equipment (not lifts). You can tell this by the bang-up job I did of installing a light switch to start my car :-) But I had gotten used to fiddly situations, and finding finicky bits by feel under many a desk, behind many a wall and once or twice through a wall.

      So I offered my services, and I am happy to report that it was a matter of a moment, and the doors were released. Unpowered, the strong porters now did that movie strongman impression, and doors were easily pushed back, patrons rescued, and all before lunch. Unfortunately for my sense of the inappropriate, the lift was not halfway up, but only about 6 inches up – an easy step. But that was why the doors had not automatically opened.

      While it was obvious the location was well beyond our means, they were good sticks and spotted us lunch. I will say the quality was excellent, and more fun were the looks we got from the other patrons in various expensive outfits!

  4. scottser

    ‘sorry sir, we don’t have any jeyes fluid in stock, but a lot of people swear this stuff; it’s called ‘proper twelve’..

  5. eoin

    Oh my God. He’s not wearing a mask….destroy him!!!! Look at all the haters. He may well not be the smartest guy or terribly classy….but he’s achieved more in his short time on this planet than most armchair trolls will ever dream of achieving. What a bunch of envious begrudgers.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      there was just the one – out of pic, kindly tending to the elderly gent who conor decked for being ahead of him in the queue

      why do you ask ?

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