This Wafer Tyranny


Fr Binoy Mathew, co-Parish Priest of Mountview and Blakestown Parish in Dublin, said that since November parishioners were visiting the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Huntstown, Clonsilla to get communion after watching mass online on Sundays

This morning/afternoon.

The Archdiocese of Dublin has advised parishes and priests not to organise events to give communion to parishioners after mass, either inside or outside of churches.

The advice came as a parish in west Dublin stopped handing out communion to 130 parishioners on Sundays, after gardaí advised it should not be doing so.

“Under current restrictions all religious services continue to take place online. In the interest of health and safety priests and parishes ought not to distribute Holy Communion before or after mass, in or outside churches,” the Archdiocese said in a statement.

Gardai shut down Dublin church as priest ordered to stop giving out sneaky Holy Communion bread in Huntstown (Dublin Live)

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10 thoughts on “This Wafer Tyranny

  1. Just Sayin

    Couldn’t the Church just post un-consecrated hosts to remote mass goers or allow them to be sold or given out in shops.

    Then when the priest gets to the consecration bit of the mass as well as transubstantiating the hosts in the chalice in front of him, he could remotely transubstantiate any hosts within wifi range of any PC that is livestreaming the mass.

    Or the remote parishioners could hold up any type of wafer or bread for it to be converted.

    Also they could hold up any old bottle of red wine, so they could have both body and blood.

    N.B. do not drive after drinking that wine as any glitch in the internet signal may result in not all of the alcohol being fully transubstantiated any may still register in a breathalyser.

    Actually don’t worry the Guards are too busy asking where are you going, what is the purpose of your journey, to have any time for road safety anymore.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      I don’t think anyone actually believes it’s the body of Christ.. in which case a slice of Brennan’s would do the trick just as well..

  2. Jdawgs

    I have to say I know this priest when he was helping a very ill family member in Arklow. He is a very kind and considerate man. He is very highly regarded. I sound like I’m on the comment section of The Irish Catholic. Just trying to give ab bit of weekend positivity :)

  3. AssPants

    I wonder was any priest, or other members of the clergy, arrested for giving out communion during lockdown; you know just like the lady who opened her salon in Ballbriggan during restrictions to pay rent and similar bills….

  4. Geraldo

    The guards havent been to rte yet, vradkar hasn’t been interviewed about his law breaking and golfgate is still under investigation.

    But a woman was arrested for trying to earn money to pay her debts.

    Good times

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