5 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I used live just up the road from there, on Leinster Road. When I first moved in, in winter months you could not see the bridge from the cross, with all the smog.
    In later years, they had student’s rag week and a boat challenge with something not supposed to be a boat.
    And in even later years the sun on that harbour was a wonderful place to share a drink with a lovely lady

    I know that is not what you meant with this post, but I cannot help but have places of importance bring up memories

    1. Clampers Outside

      Lovely Slightly, just lovely.
      I’ve a fond and vivid memory from that shot too…

      Long story short, I wasn’t long in Dublin when I moved in there. On my first morning, I pulled back the curtains of the ground floor flat – 2nd or 3rd one up in the building pictured – to let the morning light in which flickered and bounced off the canal as a swan glided slowly into view…
      A view that stopped me in my tracks as I paused to soak it in.
      It was such a gentle and beautiful sight to see first thing in the morning, in a new place.
      And a giddy feeling came over me, as I said to myself… “I can’t afford this”!

      Had some craic in that place, sharing a box room with two single beds :)

      1. Slightly Bemused

        My lady friend loved the play of light in the mornings too. Too many Sunday mornings spent with a bottle of wine, and squares of cheese :-)

        Or maybe not enough

  2. Harry

    Hi Slightly, Thanks for the lovely memories. Were you there when some loons did a bungee jump from a crane just in front of the canal lock gates?

    I almost slipped the harness :)

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