In a response to the Final Report of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation…

…Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman launched a consultation process seeking submissions on what should be included in a Restorative Recognition Scheme, as ‘reparation for the wrongs that occurred’ in the homes.

To help with this, Minister O’Gorman has employed the services of Oak Consulting, a Wexford based group specialising in conflict resolution.

Bebe writes:

‘To me, it’s another delaying tactic, outsourcing what the Government themselves should do, with the opportunity for them to look perplexed when it goes pear-shaped. They haven’t a notion of adopting the recommendations – i.e. they will continue to deny as many women and children redress as they possibly can.’


Yesterday: Mother and Baby Home Report Update


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2 thoughts on “Outsourced

  1. DDDDD

    What I’d be interested to know firstly is where he tendered for the consulting firm, what the published scope & deliverables were and who handled the tenders?

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