Behold: the Canoo – an all-electric pickup truck/‘lifestyle vehicle’ competing in the boxy-but-good sector with the Tesla Cybertruck with preorders from mid-2021 and a 2023 launch.

Built on the Los Angeles-based company’s modular EV platform, the pickup will have dual or rear motor configurations up to 600bhp and a 320km range. The bed has a pull-out section for hauling large cargo, a front cargo area that folds into a work table and workspaces folding out from the sides.

Price as yet tba.


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2 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. TypeONegative

    With the windscreen extending that far forward, builders would never be able to reach their copy of The Sun. I’m no vehicle designer but I can tell having the A-pillars that far ahead of the driver will make for annoying blind spots.
    I don’t think its too bad looking, but the the bed cover in the last picture makes the whole thing look much less like a slipper.

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