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  1. Kate

    Me thinks the ladies should postpone their vigil. Sarah Eversham id was only confirmed by police today and the pain & anguish is tragically with her parents & family members. Let them be.
    The gut reaction is to have a vigil on woman’s safety but not the time or place because pretty Sarah is no longer here.

    1. millie bobby brownie

      I disagree with you completely, but there it is.

      Incidentally, do you have children Kate? Sorry if you find the question rude.

    2. Fearganainm

      It would be respectful to give the correct spelling of the murdered young woman’s surname – Sarah Everard.

    1. Bitnboxy

      @Charlie Strange how the gargantuan drop in UK exports to the EU didn’t make the Telegraph front page?! Such an important story one would have thought? I wonder if this story is too hot for any Telegraph hack.

      Bozo’s Brexit. A Titanic success.

    1. Kate

      That’s not quite true. The complainant stated she “dissociates” and wanted to ensure her statement was grounded and coherent. when she went to the police. She withdrew the complaint for personal & medical reasons. Regrettably she took her life .
      I suppose we could form our own opinion if she “dissociated” on other events in her life –we will never know . Traumatic if you’re innocent and one is fully entitled to presumption of innocence -no matter who you are.

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    A staffer was raped in the office of the Minister of Defense, 2 years ago. The rape was covered up until the victim went to the media. The governing tories did nothing for her but gave the alleged rapist detailed references and helped him get a new job.


    This corrupt government makes FF and the Tories look like amateurs.

  3. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Seven British papers.
    The target audience is the UK – so why is Broadsheet publishing on an Irish news site?

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I would like to see more diversity. 1 – 2 British rags would be enough to know how biased they are. The New York Times and other quality papers would be better. I am amazed at how British news seems to dominate in Ireland when Irish news might be more relevant to people.

      1. scottser

        True enough. The stink out of the tans should be for their own noses to smell, there’s no need for it to be foisted on us.
        It would be much better to include some world titles instead, get away from this myopic obsession with tan cack.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Get some help Boxy. Take MacCabes advice.
        Hopefully your temper, stalking and ranting doesn’t spill over to your private life or family.

        1. Bitnboxy

          ROFL! Was it something I said?!

          All the greatest hits here including quoting your alias.

          Take off the high-viz and get some sleep dear. It would be terrible if Boxy’s wind-ups spilled into your, cough, “personal life”.

          Ya reap what you sow GiggidyPox.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I own you Boxy. You can’t resist. Try as you may to term your attacks as wind ups, i have plenty of examples of the opposite. Like some links?
            Now, go do as MacCabe has advised and make the appointment.

            Glad that I taught you something this morning… that there is a 5:00am. ROFL!

          2. Bitnboxy

            Sorry sweets, you were the first one diagnosed with possible ECHOPRAXIA! Get it right GiggidyPox.

            Naw, the only thing you own is a high-viz vest and two eye bags! Chortle.

            And they fact you are have spent your precious time, bookmarking and trawling back over BS posts, all for Boxy, well I am touched! Do I matter that much to you?! My, you take this all a bit seriously GiggidyPox, don’t ya?

            Who owns who again?!

            Get a nap, crazy pants. Boxy commands It!

            ECHOPRAXIA my derrière.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Yep, like a fly to shte, you’re back. I can call you anytime and you’ll come running. Beetlejuice x 3 Heh heh heh.
            MacCabe introduced the echopraxia word to describe you. Like to have the linky again? And then you double down on it. Haaa haaaa. ROFL. Oh this is too good.

            Heed the advice. Do what says. Get it seen to. It’s not good for you, or those around you if the truth be known. You owe it to them.


          4. Bitnboxy

            I am getting the distinct impression that you do not like Boxy?! Such a shame. Yet, you cannot resist, after swearing never again to engage with Boxy. And here you are.

            Ah now, is that steam coming from your ears, and you with likely another night shift GiggidyPox?

            We are all aware of your ALIAS McCabe GiggidyPox but I am getting worried about you. You do realise ALIASES are not real or other people?!

            Well, I am putting it down to your fatigue-induced ECHOPRAXIA GiggidyPox- a heady combination, if ever I saw one.

            I do hope Boxy is putting a smile on your face this Saturday. You always bring one to mine GiggidyPox!


          5. GiggidyGoo

            Sooooo easy ROFL.
            Echopraxia. Double down. Ha haaaaaa.
            I only have to post a comment and along comes the Bpox. Ha haaaaa.
            Sure it’s all fun and games. Don’t be taking it so seriously. Ha haaaaa.

          6. Bitnboxy

            Naughty Boxy! Heehee.

            Still, fatigue-induced ECHOPRAXIA is a thing you know. I”d get it seen to if I were you.

            There’s a bit of you that loves the Boxy wind-up though Giggz?

            Go on, off to d’aul night shift with you.

          7. GiggidyGoo

            Ahaaaaaaaa. The Boxy has lost it.
            Fly to shte
            Go get help. Ha haaaaaa. ROFL.
            Double down, double down echopraxia.
            Links are great though.
            Beetlejuice. ROFL.
            Ha haaaaa.

          8. Bitnboxy

            Heehee. Too easy.

            Due to the erratic nature of your posts GiggidyPox above, let’s chalk this one up to Boxy.

            Boxy always wants you to enjoy your weekends!


  4. GiggidyGoo

    I wonder if there are more unsolved crimes in London and its surroundings that could be down to policemen themselves being the perpetrators.

    1. ce

      Sounds like a good idea for a new sherlock homles series

      In any event given the stabbing epidemic in london (which we’re trying to imitate here) plenty of lack of safety and unsolved crimes to go around, something for everybody to be afraid of

  5. f_lawless

    That Irish Times headline article is a call to action if ever there was one. A great motivator!. It’s patently obvious that we’ve no chance of getting back to a sense of normality until a critical mass of people start saying enough is enough and express their frustrations with the government through acts of civil disobedience. How many times have they come out with the same spiel, stringing the nation a bit further along the line with “alarming rise in the new cases” “at a crossroads” “deeply concerning trends” “next few weeks are crucial” “all depends on the numbers” etc, etc? It’s past time to pull the curtain back on these charlatans and adopt a new approach.

    1. E'Matty

      The rise in cases is due to increased testing but they try conceal this fact. The percentage testing positive has remained stable with an increase in asymptomatic positive cases. It’s a blatant attempt to try terrorise people into accepting continued lockdown with headlines of rising cases.

        1. Johnny

          Ireland is the only civilized country with a * warning sign next to its GDP number,you know the most basic simplistic measurement/yardstick of the size of a economy,it’s like turnover for a small shop.
          This irish govts numbers on GDP are NOT trusted by bond investors,international agencies or Nobel prize winning internationally recognized economists,in fact they are a laughing stock.
          But these Irish govts numbers are different….none of these ‘numbers’ will stand up to scrutiny over time,its long past time to stop overly relying and reporting them.

          1. Bitnboxy

            The amount of nincompoopery generated by Flawless, EMatty and Johnny would make one seriously lose faith in the future of humanity and reason. These cretins, intoxicated by whatever flimflam they are consuming, genuinely believe there is some conspiracy to keep the economy shut down and measures in place indefinitely, Covid-19 being merely an excuse for some sort of new world order.

            Give me flipping strength!

          2. Johnny

            I wish it was some giant conspiracy sadly it’s just the usual irish incompetence and ineptitude,they fumbling around in total darkness,bunch chancers you’ve been had,none their numbers make any sense,they all over the place,constantly revised.

            Given this govts inability to measure the ‘turnover’ in the irish economy,despite repeated warnings/criticism to fix it,the govt instructed the central statistics office to simply stop trying measure this most fundamental,basic economic metric,every other western country accurately measure its GDP,why can’t this irish govt….

          1. Johnny

            -just type Kevin Cardiff into search on here,it’s here I just didn’t trust this govts numbers.
            -this irish govt facts/figures/numbers have been rubbish and ridiculed for years,overseas,just pretend they learnt how do maths for COVID….yeah sure.

            ‘TWO OFFICIAL reports on the €3.6 billion discrepancy in the Government’s debt figures have concluded there was duplication of effort between agencies, failures in communications and reporting, as well as lack of resources for key statistical work.‘

    2. millie bobby brownie

      f-lawless, you posted links from Health Freedom Ireland yesterday on another thread. I’m have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind answering them?

      Are Health Freedom Ireland linked with the Health Freedom movement in the US? The other thing I noted was that HFI appear to be led by Maeve Murran, a kinesiologist. This suggests, along with the information provided on the HFI website, that she has a vested interest in the promotion of ‘alternative’ medicines. Doesn’t this bias concern you in some way? There is a clear anti-vaccine stance to be read on that site too, which makes me very suspicious of the data posted on their site.

      1. Johnny

        -I don’t mean burst your bubble here Millie,but ahem cough the ‘sheet may leave into that stance a little:)

      2. Brother Barnabas

        and the other cofounder is a homeopath who is on the record as saying that vaccines cause autism

        you cant argue with this level of stupid, just cant

        1. ce

          Don’t worry all, if Brazil can teach us anything it’s that herd immunity and the nice summer weather will fix everything… and maybe a bit of heavily diluted bull-poo to be on the safe side

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Big Homeo makes more €$& out of scamming the gullible than Big Pharma does helping people get better.

      3. f_lawless

        @millie I’m not interested into getting drawn into ad-hominem arguments which distract from the issue at hand. I’m able to draw on a range of information from sources that I deem credible and can use my own critical thinking skills to form my opinions. What approach do you take to form yours?

        I’ve seen from sites like ourworldindata that there was indeed a dramatic new trend in the Covid death rate in Ireland, rising rapidly at the beginning of January. This coincided with the initial vaccine rollout in nursing homes. I watched Sharon ni Bheolain state on RTE news, 17/02/21, that a quarter of all Covid deaths to date (1000) had occurred in the previous three weeks. I watched George Lee say that most of these were nursing home deaths and relay his briefing from NPHET to suggest this massive rise was down to a “new variant” and increased movement of people in the period prior.. I’ve also read a series of tepid articles in Irish media outlets giving similar explanations about recent nursing home deaths. It’s clear that no mainstream journalists are willing or able to raise any hard questions about the safety of the vaccines. It’s become a taboo subject.

        But I don’t think it’s good enough to just accept at face value the superficial explanation given and move on. “New cases” data based on PCR testing is very noisy And from what I’ve read there’s currently no robust science behind claims that certain new variants are more lethal, – only modelling which a number of experts in the field have deemed suspect .

        There’s also various medical experts who have been warning that these new vaccines, experimental in nature, may pose a significant risk of triggering aunto-immune reactions. Here’s Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, cellular immunologist, warning about the potentially lethal dangers of vaccinating elderly and frail people who may have already been exposed to the virus in circulation: https://noorchashm.medium.com/vaccinating-the-already-infected-elderly-and-frail-the-tragically-telling-case-of-the-commons-ffdf5ae07381

        Therefore I absolutely agree with the calls for a suspension of the vaccine rollout program as a precautionary measure until those deaths are fully investigated and an explanation given.

        1. ce

          “Therefore I absolutely agree with the calls for a suspension of the vaccine rollout program as a precautionary measure until those deaths are fully investigated and an explanation given.” – All vaccines or just AZ…?

        2. Brother Barnabas

          with respect, f_lawless, you’ve entirely misrepresented what the immunoligist is stating in that article you just linked

          you’re better than that

          1. Nigel

            Yeah, this is an extremely odious misrepresentation. She’s deploring clinical carelessness, not the vaccination itself.

          2. f_lawless

            He’s not one of the experts warning of the longer-term dangers of the experimental vaccines. I can direct you to those who are if you like. But my description of the article I linked to is clearly not a misrepresentation. Are you just looking for ways to try to nitpick and obfuscate or will you properly engage?

            Here’s a quote from Dr Noorchashm’s email of warning sent to Pfizer, Moderna and US authorities (linked to in the article). He states that if viral antigens are present in the body at time of vaccination, the potential auto-immune response incited by the vaccine could likely cause a blood clot that many frail and elderly patients would be unable to tolerate.

            “Most pertinently, when viral antigens are present in the vascular endothelium or other layers of the blood vessel, and especially in elderly and frail with cardiovascular disease, the antigen specific immune response incited by the vaccine is almost certain to do damage to the vascular endothelium. Such vaccine directed endothelial damage is certain to cause blood clot formation with the potential for major thromboembolic complications, at least in a subset of such patients. If a majority of younger more robust patients might tolerate such vascular injury from a vaccine immune response, many elderly and frail patients with cardiovascular disease almost certainly will not”

            Now take the recent tragedy at the nursing home in Lusk as an example. On the day of vaccination there were already known to be a number Covid positive test cases in the home. About a week later 11 deaths were reported to have occurred. One would have expected the Irish media to have explicitly reported that none of the dead were those who had received the vaccine – if that indeed were the case – in order to quell any concerns about the safety of the vaccines. But none of them do. Here’s an article in the Journal: https://www.thejournal.ie/lusk-nursing-homes-covid-deaths-5333228-Jan2021/
            I saw the same ambiguous reporting in the Irish Times, the Examiner, etc. The same quote from the HSE is given: ‘the vaccines were “delivered in line with public health guidance”. ..“All residents and staff who consented and were deemed medically fit were vaccinated on the day,” the HSE said’

            But did any of the vaccinated die? That is never ruled out, however the reader is being implicitly guided to infer that none did,

            I think it’s entirely possible that the scenario as described in the quote above by Dr Noorchashm is what happened to at least some of those who died. – ie. the vaccine triggered a lethal auto-immune response due to the presence of undetected viral antigens

        3. Brother Barnabas

          further to that, f_lawless, I’ll add that I’m a little confused as to why you chose to bring this immunologist into it

          I’m not doubting his credentials or very evident expertise. in fact, I’ve read more of his articles. and he’s hugely impressive. I suggest you do, too.

          the very next one to the one you cited is especially interesting:

          its entitled “The Terrifying End Result Of Vaccine Hesitancy And Natural Infection”

          but I think you’ll find it an uncomfortable read. still, I’d love to hear your response to it.

          and I’d especially love to think that e’matty, benblack, micko, soq and, in particular, john ryan might read it too.

          1. ce

            Manaus – approximately 70% of people in the area with antibodies from the first wave of Covid. Current wave there is killing lots of people… maybe the herd immunity will kick in sometime soon.. of course it could all just be fake new and we should stop whining…

          2. f_lawless

            My reaction would be that he’s showing a political naivety with that piece. First he uses a silly strawman:

            “I hear folks disputing that the powerful vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna are “gene therapy” tricks made to mind control or harm us”

            to dismiss valid concerns that the vaccines are being used as springboard to set up a new supranational surveillance apparatus which once in place is not simply going away. .It’s set to transform liberal democracy as we know it.

            He recommends getting vaccinated “but only safely and if you have not been previously infected with the COVID-19 virus”. It should be clear to him by now that global policy makers have no intention of making that distinction. The basis for digital “freedom passes” would fall away in that case. Only a week or two ago we had Merkel declaring that the pandemic will only end once the whole world is vaccinated.

            Secondly, there’s another school of thought which hypothesises that the planned mass vaccination programs will themselves induce mutations of the virus:

            In this recent news clip, UK Vaccine Deployment MP Nadhim Zahawi,. describes it to UK viewers:


            ““This is a really important point for your viewers: Of course the virus will mutate and the more we vaccinate, the more the virus will attempt to survive and mutate even further…we’re able to sequence the genomes rapidly and then talk to the manufacturers. And you saw the deal we announced this week with CureVac where we’re looking to manufacture the new variant of vaccine that deals with the new variant of virus..”

          3. f_lawless


            Apparently that claim about approx 70% of Manau citizens having antibodies was based on a flawed study. A follow up study put the peak at about 15%. Here’s an interesting thread on it I came across via a retweet by Dr Clare Craig, NHS consultant pathologist, if you’re interested: (includes references to the studies involved)


      4. Bitnboxy

        Thank you Millie. Nice to see what a quick bit of investigation uncovers not that we were under any illusions of the types of folks behind “Health Freedom Ireland”.

  6. AC

    That was really enjoyable broadsheet. Fair play. A very enlightening exchange and very entertaining. I will take some advice in these pandemic times and learn more about Orsan Welles work. No idea of his start in Ireland. Long form interviews are definitely the way to go and not the sound bites we watch on TV. Broadsheet has been a great place to keep the mind occupied in the mentally challenging times. David Langwallner, I have become a fan.

    1. Lilly

      The early-to-bed ribbing is comedy gold! It got me thinking about the ‘character’ in Irish life of yore. For some reason, they tended to be men. The women were too busy, at home peeling spuds.

  7. goldenbrown

    (not sure if this article has been posted up to Broadsheet in the past, if so apologies and ignore)


    it delves into the AZN contract shenanigan’s with EU/UK in good detail

    it seems that the EU/AZN contract is in effect a total botch job because it’s only written up in floaty political language as opposed to the usual commercial grade highly specific language necessary for a proper performance interlock (which the brits DID use) – that in combination with other factors means the UK will always have to receive priority service on it’s delivery from AZN versus the EU’s best effort basis – AZN themselves don’t even have a realistic choice here to take a more balanced approach to supply even if they wanted to!

    so anytime you hear Mehole, Bunsen or Leak banging on about AZN shoulda this or AZN coulda that, ignore it. you’re being played. it’s all spin. because the contract is not worth the paper it’s written on from an urgent just in time supply perspective….the EU will always be the 2nd customer in line behind the UK

    we should be seeking out our own contract for supply of vaccine now and stop this procurement farce on the AZN stuff anyway

  8. Steph Pinker

    Children should be encouraged to watch informal exchanges such as TT with John (Journalism) and David (Law) to give them an insight to the human element of the people behind the professions; too many jobs/careers are perceived as inaccessible and unattainable which can stifle a young mind.

    1. ce

      Police actions were ridiculous – but well done all for attending a demonstration that will likely lead to a slightly longer lockdown thus endangering more people currently trapped in Covid-elevated abusive relationships. Whether you’re BLM, Yellow vesting, anti-mask, or fupping Gandhi etc. there something bigger than me, you, or anybody else going on … it’s sucks, but it is what it is… looking forward to the well articulated replies to my well articulated rant

      1. Fearganainm

        If it was good enough for a maskless Kate Middleton then I’m sure that plebs were well able to take similar personal decisions. If the cops had kept away it would have been grand. Mindless leadership from the leading lights at the Met. The arresting cops also managed to remove Patsy Stevenson’s face mask while aggressively cuffing her. Some Covid awareness that was…

  9. ce

    “If it was good enough for a maskless Kate Middleton then I’m sure that plebs were well able to take similar personal decisions” – ah yes but she’s a lizard and is immune… at least that’s what youtube told me

    1. Fearganainm

      She probably only went maskless to ensure that everyone knew it was her once the photographs surfaced – good material for the ongoing Transatlantic PR wars. Or maybe she left the mask off to avoid overheating because when lizards overheat the results can be quite alarming. No point in concealing the fact that you’re a lizard if you’re going to go all sick lizard in the midst of a crowd.

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