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Alan Rusbridger (top left), the former editor of the Guardian, has stepped down from the government’s Future of  Media commission following controversy over his employment of Roy Greenslade (right), who recently revealed that he had supported the IRA’s use of violence during the Troubles and had concealed that fact to protect his employment.

Via The Guardian:

Rusbridger said he had been heartened by support from his fellow commissioners and the culture and media minister, Catherine Martin, who last week backed his continued involvement.

One article by Greenslade in 2014 was critical of Máiría Cahill and a BBC documentary that aired her claim about being raped by a former IRA member.

The Guardian apologised to Cahill last week saying, as did Rusbridger, who said Greenslade should have been explicit about his support for the IRA. After the Guardian’s readers’ editor completed a review of this and two other Greenslade articles regarding Cahill’s case all three articles were removed from its website.

Alan Rusbridger quits Irish media body over Roy Greenslade controversy (The Guardian)


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7 thoughts on “Greenslayed

  1. Jdawgs

    Ridiculous that he had to feel obliged to step down but that’s the world we live in. I think Alan would of made a great contribution to the board. Our loss.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      That’s the most Grauniad thing that’s ever happened!

      If we all resigned because someone we worked with had opinions that some would find objectionable, nobody would get anything done… but it’s a handy get out clause for Rusbridger.

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