17 thoughts on “Law Fhéile Pádraig

  1. Charger Salmons

    There’ll be fireworks I reckon.
    Looks to me like that old oxymoron Garda Intelligence is expecting it to kick off.

  2. ce

    Wondering if we’ll get pictures of the NZ and Australia parades (or some picks from the Korean, Vietnamese etc. embassies that will have in-person celebrations… or just some pics from daily life in Taiwan because we don’t have a consulate there because we’re afraid of annoying the Chinese) to compare and contrast with our “ring of steel” holiday… of course it would be much too hard – and now it’s likely too late – to emulate good sense… here’s to another year of gloom and dysfunction and utterly unnecessary stress and deprivation for all…

    1. f_lawless

      Florida looks like a lot more fun too. The place where it all started – the very first Paddy’s day celebration has been pinpointed to Florida, in 1600.


      “St Patrick’s Day 2021 in Tampa has a lot to offer for the week. There are several parades, concerts and events going on in the Tampa area. Be sure to check out the local Tampa Florida nightlife guide to find the perfect plans for St Patrick’s Day weekend.”

      1. ce

        True – but given the low covid cases and death numbers in certain countries compared with many states in the US… don’t think we have a lot to learn from the soon to be submerged state…

        1. ce

          Although, there was that time near the beginning of the pandemic when Trump wanted to ban flights from China… and everybody called him a racist… they were good times too… great year altogether

          1. scottser

            He wanted to ban flights only from China when numbers were rising everywhere. Whatever about the racist angle it certainly had more to do with political point scoring than public safety.

          2. ce

            Agreed… I was being a bit facetious… but it shows us what kind of basket case reactions the majority of folks of all political opinions in Europe, North and South America, Middle East have had over the last few months

        2. f_lawless

          I think you’re putting far too much faith in the power of so called “non-pharmaceutical interventions” as a solution to control/prevent the spread of the highly contagious respiratory virus. A much more compelling explanation for the relatively low impact of Covid in regions like SE Asia, etc is that high levels of preexisting immunity is widespread .

          Take Japan as an example – in 2019 it’s saw its worst flu epidemic in history. Millions struck down with the disease. In 2020 it saw minimal impact from Covid despite never imposing lockdowns. Oz and NZ are outliers in a remote region of the world. Maybe their NPIs did have an effect on the spread of the virus, maybe they didn’t really and it’s down to other factors (eg very high UV index, preexisting immunity, etc) Either way theirs is not a sustainable solution.

          Back in September, the state of Florida came to the conclusion that NPI’s were actually having negligible positive impact and were only inflicting further suffering on its citizens.
          The dropping of the NPI’s didn’t have an observable impact on the evolutionary curve of the virus there

          Worth a read:

          1. ce

            “A much more compelling explanation for the relatively low impact of Covid in regions like SE Asia, etc is that high levels of preexisting immunity is widespread”

            No, they have high tech public health track/trace/isolate and they’ve learn what to do… ask yourself what the world would look like if we took the steps they took, if you seriously think it would not have made much of a difference your in denial of reality. It would not have made everything wonderful, but it would have made things so much better

            The US like Europe, South America, and the Middle East have been Covid basket cases

          2. ce

            September was a long time ago… and proves my point… no moron in the Telegraph will convince me otherwise

  3. ce

    Remember when Von der Leyen lectured us on diversity in the commission when Flithy Phil had to go … rather than properly securing potentials vaccines and addressing public health across EU member state… good year, good times

    And before you start lecturing us about the EU Charger… remember when the journalist-attacking-haystack PM kept shaking hands with Covid patients…. nearly ready to celebrate 150000 deaths?

    Again … good year, good times

    Anyway, I’m of to work for the day… enjoy lockdown, or pointless demonstrations against lockdown…

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