Starving Oxygen


UCD School of Medicine’s Professor Dolores Cahill addressing the crowd at at an anti-lockdown gathering in Herbert Park, Dublin 4 on St. Patrick’s Day

This morning.

University College Dublin’s Students’ Union has called for an investigation into UCD School of Medicine’s Professor Dolores Cahill for “gross misconduct.”

Professor Cahill told an anti-lockdown event on St Patrick’s Day that the wearing of masks was starving children of oxygen.

Via Irish Examiner:

Conor Anderson, President of UCD Students’ Union said Prof Cahill, who chairs the far-right Irish Freedom Party, has propagated a number of “medically-inaccurate conspiracy theories in service of a far-right political agenda throughout the Covid-19 pandemic”. He said she is not an expert in virology, epidemiology, or public health.

Mr Anderson said he has written to the head of the UCD School of Medicine and the head of UCD Human Resources to request that Prof Cahill be investigated under Statute 28 of the Universities Act 1997 which defines gross misconduct, in part, as “deliberate disregard for health and safety precautions likely to endanger another person.”

UCD students call for internal investigation into Prof Dolores Cahill (Irish Examiner)


The academic is no longer lecturing in UCD’s school of medicine. She had taught a first-year medicine class, called Science, Medicine and Society, usually held in the spring.

UCD confirmed Prof Cahill was no longer teaching the class, or any modules during the current academic term. “Prof Dolores Cahill is not scheduled to teach or co-ordinate modules this trimester,” said a spokeswoman.

The module, previously taught by Prof Cahill, had been taken over by Prof Patrick Murray, she said. However, she declined to say whether Prof Cahill’s move had been in response to her comments about Covid-19.

That’ll learn her.

UCD professor Dolores Cahill moved from lecturer role (Irish Times)



Good times.

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27 thoughts on “Starving Oxygen

    1. MoRhustyDilis

      Lockdowns don’t work, and are not necessary. They hurt all kinds of people that you haven’t considered. Those who live hand to mouth and need to work and earn by moving about.
      Those with mental health issues, anyway waiting on any other treatments for the last 12 months.
      All this has been well documented but ignored by people who just don’t want to bother themselves looking it up and understanding the uncomfortable truth.
      Best you just sit glued to Spoof Ó Neill later and nod nod nod in agreement.

    2. E'Matty

      We’re actually intellectually far superior to you mindless herd animals who literally revel in not thinking for yourselves. The imbecile class celebrating unquestioning obedience to authority and attacking anyone who has the temerity to question such authority. You guys really could not be any thicker.

      1. Nigel

        Oh yeah? Come over here and say that to me face.

        No, put your feckin mask on first you peanut.

      2. Bitnboxy

        ROFL! This is panto-gold from E’Matty.

        So, let me get this right: the galaxy of stars leading the charge against the Covid-19 pandemic, calling it a hoax etc. and those abusing others for wearing masks slash face nappies, are the chosen and enlightened folks?!

        Duh, that’s where I have been going wrong all this time.

      3. ian-oG

        ”You guys really could not be any thicker.”


        Hold my beer. I have a whiskey bottle that is guaranteed to bring my IQ down by a few dozen points to double digits so we can then debate at an equal level.


        1. ciaran

          It’s doubtful there is any substance on this planet that could lower your IQ more than it already is.

      4. Daisy Chainsaw

        Ratlickers get really stroppy when their leaders are shown up to be complete numpties. And given the lack of intelligence shown in the last year, that’s an awful lot of stropping!

  1. Micko


    I really with Delores would stop speaking for anti- lockdown people.

    She says some rubbish.

  2. Joe

    Excellent to see the young having the intelligence to call out the lies and anti scientific nonsense by “Prof” Cahill

    1. TypeONegative

      I wonder what her lecture atmosphere was like, seems like her students were pretty outspoken against her. Impressionable first year students with a person in authority who peddles objective falsehoods could be potentially dangerous down the line when they’re qualified medical professionals, fair play to them for rallying against her. She might not be teaching in UCD anymore but as long as she holds the professorship title the weight it carries will continue to support the anti-mask echo chamber.

  3. ian-oG

    I fully support her right to believe whatever she likes and to have her opinions, but I wore a mask during multiple hospital visits, including being put under on more than one occasion (I did have major surgery without one but that was because I was intubated) and I even had to do multiple blood oxygen analysis tests while wearing a mask.

    I even had to walk on a treadmill for a bit (which was difficult as the problem was with my leg) wearing a mask. Guess what – my blood oxygen levels were completely normal and within the expected range. They were able to refer back to previous tests taken and I had the same levels from pre covid tests.

    So while she may be excellent in her field, she is not above talking absolute crap either.

    So some people might have opinions on that particular fact, I have real world, medical experience. She is talking crap, end of story as are many posters on here. Suffice to say that real medical science has fixed my leg and I have been out jogging the last few weeks. Thanks, modern medical science!

    I will be taking my vaccine when its available as well.

    Like all the others ones I have taken over my life.

  4. Jake38

    We’re sailing close to the wind here with censorship.

    Distasteful political views are not best dealt with by threatening peoples livelihoods, no matter how far out there they might be. It was a technique much loved of far-right and far-left political dictatorships of the last century.

    1. TypeONegative

      Come off it, campaigning against mask wearing because of the mistaken belief it restricts oxygen isn’t a political view, its a medical one.
      UCD are perfectly within their rights to remove a person from teaching duties if what they’re teaching is demonstrably false.

    2. Nigel

      Currently the same right are the champions of freedom of speech because they want to be able to say anything no matter how ridiculous, stupid, deceitful and dangerous and expect to be taken seriously, and then if not taken seriously act oppressed.

    3. Liam

      she’s a Professor of Medicine!

      What’s threatening her career is spouting unproven (in fact provably false) bullplop in pursuit of her political agenda.

      Maybe there’s a case against lockdowns (after all, this is a situation the world has not faced in living memory so there’s no proven roadmap), but the anti-lockdown brigade is a ragtag bunch of unloveable silly billies, conspiracy theories, fascists and general fact-denying loolahs; which doesn’t help their argument much.

  5. Bitnboxy

    Following Cahill’s comments about masks, one gets the distinct impression she has been surreptiously wearing masks herself behind closed doors all this time. She certainly displays all the hallmarks of possessing a brain, itself deprived of oxygen.

    I note also the other big brain of this entire outfit, “Tracey the non-practising barrister-at-law”, if this is not a contradiction in terms, managed also to haul her bottom to Herbert Park. One assumes she brought a collection bucket for Paytriot(TM) donations.

  6. Fearganainm

    “Cut the seafóid, Professor Gummidge, tell us why you really want the hairdressers to reopen.”

    1. Bitnboxy

      Haha! That is one thirsty barnet she has got. Still, my own hair could do with a bit of taming, so I am no one to talk.

  7. Unreal

    This is despicable
    Cahill is clearly a head case but she spoke in a private capacity at a protest. These little woke sons of bitchaes are the future little sanctimonious little poss whining when they have to emigrate to earn even more obscene remuneration

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