Dublin City University, Collins Avenue, Dublin 9.

Kenneth Rundle (above), aged over 85, getting his first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine in the Helix Vaccination Center opened by HSE CEO Paul Reid (top).


Covid-19 case numbers are “stuck” and possibly rising, according the HSE’s lead for Infection Control, as he warned of a real danger of another surge of the virus.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Professor Martin Cormican said the amount of vaccine distributed so far is not enough to reduce the spread of the virus in the community and the more people come together indoors, the faster the virus spreads.

Yesterday, the Department of Health reported 769 cases of Covid-19, the highest daily increase in cases reported since Friday 26 February.

Two further deaths due to Covid-19 were also reported.

Danger of another virus surge, expert warns (RTÉ)

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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44 thoughts on “Jab Huts

  1. Mr. T

    “the more people come together indoors, the faster the virus spreads.”

    Maybe let us come together outdoors then?
    End the 5km and open outdoor dining

  2. wearnicehats

    I said it on another thread but it’s clear that no-one cares about these numbers any more – they’re returning the country to normality themselves by their own choices and actions. When people start to ignore the scaremongering the government will eventually be forced to reopen the country otherwise they’ll just run out of money.

  3. Micko


    How is Kenneth there only getting his jab now?

    I thought they were doing the over 70’s now and that the older folks (80+) were already done!

    What a disaster.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      They expose their own lies, themselves, regularly.

      Does anyone honestly believe that 500,000+ have had a jab already here?

          1. Cian

            What do you believe? there is a warehouse somewhere full of boxes of unused vaccines?

            [note: there probably *is* a warehouse with 50,000 of the AZ vaccines waiting to be distributed.]

          2. GiggidyGoo

            My comment, Cian, was nothing to do with warehouses (How big of a warehouse would you need by the way to store 200,000 vials – 1m doses?). It was to do with whether you believe the figures the HSE put on their website, or not.

          3. Cian

            If you do not believe the HSE’s numbers, then you must believe there are stacks of unused vaccines lying around.

            Unless you also believe the EU is lying about how many are being distributed to each country.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Again, my comment wasn’t about storage. It’s about whether to believe the figures the HSE are giving, as in the number vaccinated.

      1. Micko

        Well my 73 year old parents in law are booked in with their GP first weekend of April.

        So we’ll see

        Also seems odd that Kenneth (85) there is only getting his first one now.

        1. bisted

          …glad to see you’ve renounced your anti-vaxx, pro-sickness stance…in fairness, you weren’t much of a ratlicker anyway…

          1. Micko

            Nope. You’ve just chosen to not read and misinterpret what I’ve always said.

            I want everyone who’s over a certain age to get the vaccine (if they choose to. )

            Myself and MY family will NOT be getting a vaccine. We’ve already had Covid anyway ;)

            Natural immunity is the best immunity

          2. K. Cavan

            “Renounced”, love the neo-religious choice of words, it speaks volumes about the cult.

          3. bisted

            …ah thanks lads…wasn’t expecting to be congratulated on my religious reference…reminds me of my mispent youth when I was fascinated with religion and went to hear visiting missionarys…one pulpit thumper springs to mind: getting louder and louder he cried…do you renounce Satan and all his worldly deeds…on the third rendering the ‘I do’ was followed by a fervent exclamation of ‘f**k satan…my first LOL…

        2. Unreal

          Big age gap between you and your in-laws Micko?
          Considering you’ve just reached puberty recently

      2. Andrew

        No disaster? Really? people in their forties are being vaccinated in the UK. We are still on the over 85’s.
        It’s a disaster.
        Longest of lockdowns and going nowhere. Vaccines are the way out and we are failing abysmally.

          1. Charger Salmons

            It’s like all those weeks I’ve been saying exactly the same thing on here every day have all been worthwhile Millie …

          2. millie bobby brownie

            That’s true enough, but to be fair, Charger, it’s difficult sometimes to distinguish your (valid) point from the bullshit. It’s impressive, I suppose

          3. Charger Salmons

            I’ve always been consistent on vaccines from the off Millie – even when it was unpopular.
            The problem is the fighting spirit has been drained from Paddy.
            He’s been brainwashed into believing merely criticising the EU is unpatriotic.
            Now that’s fine and dandy over something like Brexit because it’s been easy for the media and government to build the Anglophobia.
            But when Blighty knocks this country into a cocked hat over vaccines it’s more difficult.
            Yes, Paddy’s natural inclination is to moan but when criticising the government means saying the UK is great Paddy still prefers to say nothing.
            They have Paddy where they want you Millie – on your knees and accepting your fate is in the hands of a third-rate Cork gombeen and his Slaphead-useless Health Minister being told what to do by a failed German Defence Minister and a former runner on the Late Late Toy Show.

          4. bisted

            …after Golfgate demonstrated the sheer disdain that the political class have for people, the failure of the government or the EU to ‘have our backs’ should come as no surprise…

          5. Junkface

            Yes the EU have screwed this up badly, exposing their main weakness, which is moving forward at an effective pace, making agreements at speed. Instead they go for extra levels of bureaucracy in case this or that happens. They are more concerned with having water tight paperwork than actually saving as many lives as possible during a pandemic. The clock is ticking, but not for them, they are grand, they live in luxury. Then there’s the HSE, a total disaster. They have failed Ireland yet again. Ireland’s vaccine rollout is a joke, but its okay, our politicians have no shame, they have proven that repeatedly in the past.

    2. Cian

      You are wrong. there wasn’t a separate rollout for the 80+ then 70-79;

      Cohort 1 – includes people aged 65 years and older, who are residents of long-term care facilities (likely to include all staff and residents on site).
      Cohort 2 – includes frontline healthcare workers.
      Cohort 3 – includes people aged 70 years and older.
      Cohort 4 – people aged 16-69 and at very high risk of severe COVID-19 disease.

      There are over 300,000 people in the first two cohorts.

  4. baz

    HSE’s lead for Infection Control: “the more people come together indoors, the faster the virus spreads”

    HSE action: bring all the old and vulnerable to one indoor location

  5. f_lawless

    Dr. Liz O’Brien this morning on Twitter:

    “Hospital admissions stable, ICU numbers falling. « Cases » are meaningless without clinical context. PCR captures past infections, viral remnants, doesn’t indicate if subject is infectious. On other hand antigen testing shows if subject is infectious. Logical solution #antigen”

  6. Charger Salmons

    The NHS says staff delivered an average of 26 COVID-19 jabs a second between 11am and midday in England alone yesterday.
    The previous Sunday the whole of Ireland managed 306 jabs in an entire day.
    You’ve been left high and dry by an incompetent EU and a government complicit in their continuing failures.

  7. ian-oG

    I know 6 family members in the UK. None of them are in any sort of high risk group.

    All have been vaccinated. I also know dozens of friends and associates and so far most have reported getting their jabs too.

    We are being run by idiots. I’d say Stephen Donnelly is trying to find out how to jump to SF before the next election and not paying the proper attention needed to his current brief. No surprises there. If anything his lack of involvement might actually be a good thing.

    1. Charger Salmons

      The EU is fighting a war with AZ and threatening an export ban when the majority of exported EU vaccines are Pfizer.
      Whose main ingredient is made in Yorkshire and exported to …the EU.
      As the third wave sweeps across the continent EU time-servers like Mairead McGuinness are simply fighting a rearguard action to try to shift blame away from Brussels.
      And the most pathetic sight of all is Ireland’s government sheepling along with it.

      1. baz

        Midget minded Mairead was followed up by EU goon Billy Kelliher on radio this morning – these political ho’s will do anything for the failed EU

      1. Micko

        Christ. It’s so refreshing to see a broadcaster drag a politician over the coals.

        I used to bump into VB a lot in Dun Laoghaire – nice man.

        You’d miss him ;)

      2. ian-oG

        Thanks Millie, he is clearly a waffler (Donnelly) and we could do with more of this sort of interviewing style.

  8. Charger Salmons

    You want to see what failing to hold bad governments to account looks like ?
    On the day a major US study finds the AstraZeneca vaccine to be 100% effective in preventing death or serious illness there is widespread distrust of it among EU citizens thanks to the pronouncents of their leaders and this will cost thousands of unecessary deaths.

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