Ready For Prime Time


From left: Sarah McInerney, Miriam O’Callaghan and Fran McNulty

This afternoon

RTÉ has announced a new RTÉ Prime Time presenting team.

Laura Fitzgerald writes:

Miriam O’Callaghan is to be joined by Sarah McInerney and Fran McNulty. Tuesday nights will see Sarah join Miriam in studio, with Fran and Miriam taking the helm every Thursday on RTÉ One. As the new presenting team take to screens beginning the week of 6th April, there will also be a refresh of RTÉ Prime Time with the unveiling of a brand-new look for the programme and studio, which will enhance Prime Time’s storytelling capabilities as it reports on Ireland and the wider world.

Meanwhile, Richard Downes, Editor of RTÉ Prime Time, said:

“As RTÉ Prime Time changes and evolves, our new presenters will lead the mission to illuminate dark corners and ask the questions that matter to you. They reinforce a talented team committed to staying at the very heart of public debate in Ireland and being your guide to the truth through the maze of spin and fake news.”

Ah now.

Maze balls, amirite.

Pic montage by RTÉ

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16 thoughts on “Ready For Prime Time

    1. M

      Creches, old folk homes and county councilors up and down the country will be shaking in their boots.

  1. Geraldo

    Typo in the article, fixed it for you

    our new presenters will lead the mission to staying at the very heart of spin and fake news.”

  2. Micko


    I quite liked Louise Byrne and Mark Coughlan.

    Haven’t seen Mark on it for a while and Louise seemed to be softening in her resolve to push the whole ‘Covid = instant death’ narrative constantly.

    Especially over the last few weeks and after the interview with John McGuirke*.

    She seemed to be softening to the side of the people losing their businesses / mental health / destroying the country and economy for our children etc etc

    *Crap – I mentioned McGuirke. I can feel the triggering in certain BS’ers happening ;)

  3. Charger Salmons

    The Prime Time guest-edited by Luke O’Neil last week was unusually good.
    But more often than not it’s cheaply-produced VT packages and softball interviews with junior government ministers.
    Hardly any serious or ground-breaking investigative journalism comes out of RTE these days.

  4. Broadbag

    At a time when RTE are looking for more voluntary redundancies and have massive financial problems is there really an urgent need to waste more money ‘revamping’ the studio, Joe-Punter doesn’t give a flying zorb what colour the lights are or if there’s a new set of chairs.

    Glad for Sarah McInerney though, she deserves it.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Agreed, happy for her.
      I think Louise Byrne is excellent on it whenever I’ve seen her.

      1. benblack

        No comment on the disappearance of the ‘Changeling’ thread, Bertie?

        What Changeling thread, bb?

        The Nick Kelly Changeling thread – although, I’m sure the pulling of the thread was an editorial decision.

        Such commitment to content.

        1. benblack

          That thread has magically reappeared – albeit, a re-edited version – a changeling of sorts.

          1. benblack

            You were there – at the time – and may have been an actual witness.

            You do know that the thread disappeared for 10 mins and then reappeared, albeit, heavily edited and with a new title.

            Believe it or not, Bertie, I trusted you to confirm that the thread actually existed if it had disappeared forever.

            You made the first comment on the thread and.I assumed you’d put your memory before your loyalties to others.

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