This afternoon.

An Egyptian official says the operation to refloat a skyscraper-sized container ship wedged across Egypt’s Suez Canal could take at least two days, which will create a major knock-on effect for global shipping.

Watch the water.

Trust the plan.


Ah here.

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8 thoughts on “Lock Hard

  1. Paulus

    Needs strong Dublin accent:

    C’mere bud, have you seen on the news.
    ‘Bout the boat that’s been blocking up Suez.
    The lad must have been blind
    And those queued up behind
    Are surely now blowin’ a fuse.

  2. Gabby

    Captain America’s solution: (1) unload all containers & confiscate contents in lieu of fine for obstruction, (2) blast empty cargo ship to smithereens with exocet missiles, (3) clean canal bed of metal debris with high energy magnetic collection device, (4) Kamala Harris makes White House statement: America can fix Middle East problems.

  3. Donald McCarthy

    Seems to have been jack-knifed by an anomalous gust. Exactly the kind of thing weather weirding freaks have identified as outlier events derailing complex systems. Very expensive blockage and no certainty about when it might be cleared.

      1. Donald McCarthy

        As Professor Guy McPherson would say, “Nature Bats Last”. Also the name of his you-tube channel.

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