Passport Control


This afternoon.

EU leaders have voted to fast track vaccine passport legislation, which the European Commission dubs “Digital Green Certificates”, to try to “facilitate travel and revive the tourism sector”.

Debates have grown over ethical dilemmas surrounding the concept, including fears of discrimination in linking free movement to health benefits and privacy concerns. But the Commission claimed that it had considered such concerns.


This afternoon.

Meanwhile, in The UK…




A couple is told to leave an airplane in Isreal because their child is not wearing a mask. All fellow passengers walk out in protest.

In fairness.


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32 thoughts on “Passport Control

  1. paul

    If they do go ahead with a vaccination passport, I hope they make them extremely difficult to forge. Certain criminal elements early in the first lockdown made a lot of money from fake negative test certificates.

  2. Cui Bono?

    Well here we are. As predicted back in March and April last year, this is the reason why we were all subjected to lockdowns and 24/7 rolling propaganda for a virus with an average IFR of 0.23% and far lower for under 70s at 0.05%. The perfect virus to divide and conquer.

    Fear has got to too many people that they cannot critical think and assess the raw data.

    So many red flags, conflicts of interest, documents, and lies exposed at this stage that it’s so obvious.

    Up next in a few of years is your UBI attached to your digital green certificate. I hope there’s a silent majority out there who will reject this totalitarian plan.

    1. bisted

      …there has been a majority, mostly silent, who have been trying to do the right thing…in the face of golfgate and mediagate…in the face of dreadful failure of vaccine rollout…despite relentless onslaught from a tiny band of pro-sickness keyboard warriors they have endured…nows your chance ratlickers…register now and avoid vaccine passports…

    2. Micko

      I cant see the Irish government being able to enforce a vaccine passport for going to the shops. We can barely do anything properly here.

      Plus: The EU have already said that you can travel if you have:

      a) a Vaccine
      b) a Negative PCR (72 hrs)
      c) a Previous infection

      If you don’t want a vaccine then just get a PCR.

      Or you could just get Covid and take yer chances. You probably have already had it.

      As Cui Bono? has said, you’ve a 99.7% chance of living. And if you don’t think that 99.7% are good odds, well…
      …you clearly don’t understand odds and I’ve a bi-monthly poker game I’d LOVE you to join ;P

      1. f_lawless


        I’m no legal expert, but reading clause (32) of the document, are they saying that if infected, one would need a “certificate of recovery” to be issued and that its only to be valid for 180 days – plus that the Commission will have the power to change the length of validity, going forward…?

        Quote (emphasis mine)

        ” To facilitate free movement, and to ensure that restrictions of free movement currently in place during the COVID-19 pandemic can be lifted in a coordinated manner based on the latest scientific evidence available, an interoperable certificate of recovery should be established, containing the necessary information to clearly identify the person concerned and the date of a previous positive test for SARS-CoV-2 infection. A certificate of recovery should be issued at the earliest from the eleventh day after the first positive test and should be valid for not more than 180 days According to ECDC, recent evidence shows that despite shedding of viable SARS-CoV-2 between ten and twenty days from the onset of symptoms, convincing epidemiological studies have failed to show onward transmission of disease after day ten. The Commission should be empowered to change this period on the basis of guidance from the Health Security Committee or from ECDC, which is closely studying the evidence base for the duration of acquired immunity after recovery”

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      Yes. The world shutdown for a year to specifically force you to get an injection and to carry a document to say you got an injection.

      That’s EXACTLY what happened. :/

      1. Cui Bono?

        There’s a lot more to it than that. This is only one step in setting up the system.

        The UBI (Universal Basic Income) for all those who were deliberately stopped from working will be dependant upon their uptake of the new digital green certificate. Everyone working remotely will get a shock when their jobs move to remote workers in countries like South Africa were wages are far lower thus increasing the unemployed on the UBI.

        As the WEF clearly states “you will own nothing and be happy”. They will own everything. If you don’t get your annual or 6 monthly jab for the latest variant you will be cut off from the UBI.

        Social credit scores like in China will come too and access to cinema, theatre, pubs etc. will be dependent on your obedience to the totalitarian regime. Once you’re in that type of system it will be very hard to break free. Look at Israel and China, we are next.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        You need to wrap another layer of tinfoil around your head. The crazy rays are still getting through.

    1. Mr. T

      That article is about a totally different flight?

      Video in post is from Israel (clearly identifiable accents too)
      Your link is Miami – New York flight

        1. Shitferbrains

          Only zionists fly on Israeli planes ?? Oh to be an inhabitant of your simplistic world.

  3. Jake38

    Once you need a passport for a week in Benidorm just watch the vaccine hesitancy and concerns over GDPR/Health and Safety/Privacy/Whatever’s bothering ya, all melt away.

  4. Lilly

    A sinister development. I laughed in disbelief eight months ago when I heard they might try this on. Now here we are. Well eff their Digital Green Certificates. I’m not getting one even if it means I never leave the country again.

    1. millie bobby brownie

      Is that not quite a restrictive stance to take Lilly?

      For myself, I’d rather be able to see my brother who hasn’t been home since 2019 or maybe get away for a holiday seeing as both holidays we booked here in Ireland were cancelled because of the ever-changing restrictions last year. It really doesn’t bother me if they want to know if I’m vaccinated or not.

      1. Lilly

        It’s coercive, Millie. Why are we being told vaccines are not mandatory if people’s movements are to be restricted unless they have them. If vaccination doesn’t necessarily prevent transmission, what exactly is the point of this passport? Slippery slope… what next on your digital cert, dodgy ticker, do not pass go.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Those are fair points, especially in regard to it being a slippery slope. I do think a vaccination passport makes sense in the short term (and by that I mean 2-5 years i.e. a sufficient time in which covid can be brought under control enough that air travel can be sustained) to jump-start things again, which is badly needed. But then I think about our own ‘temporary’ USC, for example, and it becomes a different thing. A slippery slope indeed.

          1. Cian

            The USC comparison is wrong. It wasn’t introduced as temporary¹.

            Pre-USC we had a number of taxes on top of income tax: Then USC was introduced to replace and simplify the “health levy” and “income levy”;

            Income Levy ranged from 2% to 6%; the health levy was 4% to 5%;

            ¹Noonan did say 4 years after it was created that he would “progressively abolish the USC”

    2. goldenbrown

      concur it’s a horrible idea (jasus just imagine the “feature creep” possible here) but my understanding of this is you won’t have to Lilly…..I’ll refer u to Micko’s post above

      1. Lilly

        True enough. Except antibodies aren’t always present, for instance, if your t-cells stepped up.

  5. TypeONegative

    I’m feeling done with this site
    Literal new world order conspiracies in the comments here. The overt anti-mask anti-lockdown slant of Bodger has become tiring, his contribution is an endless daily parade of tweets by quack armchair experts packaged into posts. There’s critical thinking and there’s quietly endorsing lethal nonsense in a pandemic. I’ll miss the regular commenters but I don’t want to contribute clicks to this platform any more.
    I’ll just go straight to Uncrate in future for the pictures of unattainable cool cars and yachts, best of luck to you.

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