Build Back Bitter


This/morning afternoon.



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15 thoughts on “Build Back Bitter

        1. Otis Blue

          It’s in use but is manned occasionally, usually for the doughnut break.

          Garda checkpoint is a constant feature about 200 metres away from this site. Others are readily visible from there and none could be regarded as ‘essential’.

  1. Mr. T

    “Every building site i’ve seen is open” is the equivalent of “nobody I know has gotten covid”

  2. Chris

    I am really enjoying the work of these individual interest groups, as they point out they are not the problem so let them just get on with things! If we all just joined one individual interest group and lobbied enough they’d surely reopen everything and COVID would disappear. Today I’m representing the Trampoliners… trampolining is PROVEN not to spread COVID. So please allow all trampolining to continue now without restrictions NOW!… everything else can wait but lets get those trampolines moving again! Who’s with me?

  3. ce

    There’s two large sites closed beside me, but so many single dwelling sites with multiple vans/people working on them – one is beside a road checkpoint…

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