4 thoughts on “Memey McMemeFace

    1. Janet, chatty mammy

      sorry to hear you had a rough night , hope light of day brought improvement,
      these made me laugh too, I liked the see your mistake from space one

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Hi Janet. Thanks for the kind thoughts. No, nothing bad just the wrong room. I bought a new mattress, so yesterday took the old one off, and realised how much gunk had gathered under my bed. So a day of clearance was needed, after the old mattress took a dive down the stairs. It slept there overnight until the nice men came and took it away.
        So I slept in the spare room, and everything is the wrong way round! I mean, at about 2 o’clock I needed to use the loo, and so rolled out of bed, but found myself looking at the window, wondering where the door was to the landing, and more importantly, the loo!
        But the new mattress has arrived, and once all is put back together I can roll out the right side of the bed at 2 am :-)

        1. Janet, chatty mammy

          ha ! I can picture that, if it’s any consolation I fell over the changing mat…and someone else’s slippers later on in the night


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