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First day back at work all over and done with? Good. One can safely assume your boss is back off yer cases this morning, so. In which case…

It’s time once more to stop in with Limerick Peppa and her family, courtesy of Limerick voiceman Walshunit.

Wherein every Limerick Peppa video of 2016 is made into one “pure rapid” compilation.

Misadventure, thievery, storytelling and much (…very much) cursing ensue.



It’s time for an omnibus visit to Limerick to stop in with the Pig family, courtesy of Limerick voiceman Walshunit (and his growing merchandise empire).

Wherein Daddy Pig escapes the clutches of a deadly wasp, the children race boats in the park, pictures are hung with mixed results, and Grandad’s telescope is up for inspection. Cursing ensues in all instances.



According to intelligence sources, the CIA started to plan the dropping of a 400-pound Steinway on Castro’s remains the moment the agency was made aware of the Cuban leader’s passing.

Agents devised a system where they would tie a piano to a helicopter and fly it above the funeral processional, but in a mortifying turn of events, the rope was reportedly cut too early, and the piano fell out of the sky and landed harmlessly 50 yards ahead of the march…

The Onion’s ClickHole spin-off has long since outdone its mothership in terms of laughs/relevance, and they’ve done it again this morning.

One Last Humiliation: The CIA Just Bungled An Attempt To Drop A Piano On Fidel Castro’s Funeral Procession (Clickhole)

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