Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Over 500 people have signed an online petition calling for more public toilets in Dublin city centre to prevent queues like these above and “unsightly and damaging public urination”.


The ‘shocking’ lack of public toilets in Dublin city centre (Newstalk)


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9 thoughts on “Jacks Army

  1. Donald McCarthy

    From sleeping in the streets, to peeing in the streets and dying in the streets, it would appear that the streets have no shame.

  2. ce

    An Stephen’s Green right there full of bushes to go behind…..

    But yeah, Ireland and public toilets, not really a strength…. we could give tax breaks to build them, that’s usually how to get things done here…

  3. johnny

    it would shine a spotlight on FF/FG’s abject failure to house humanely its population or provide sanitary facilities.

    the over dependance on obnoxious yank tech bro’s about bite them in the a…

    “Salesforce has listed space for rent in one of its San Francisco office buildings. Uber Technologies Inc. and Wells Fargo & Co. are also adding to sublease availability in that city, though the companies have indicated that decision was unrelated to work-from-home policies, say people familiar with the matter.

    Tech companies, until recently the most aggressive acquirers of office space in cities such as San Francisco and New York, are now at the forefront of the sublease boom. These companies have in some cases embraced remote work faster than other industries, analysts say, and are more willing to reduce real-estate exposure as a result.”

    Stephens Green Center is going get converted into hotel/resi-main-grafton st retail as you know it is dead.

    1. goldenbrown

      Stephens Green Centre….’tis been dead for many many years now

      nearly as dead as those Celtic Tiger graveyards, like the one down at the Point Depot or that one in the middle Dun Laoghaire

      vast empty spaces without purpose….I’d love to know how the economics of the light and heat in those places makes any sense?!

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