‘Slightly Bemused’ as a boy (left) and ‘Little Slightly’ (right) when she was “littler”

Slightly Bemused writes:

I am afraid I do not have anything for today, other than a little bit of news. I have been in quite a bit of a daze since I heard it. And, to be honest, quite a bit terrified.

Little Slightly has been calling a lot lately. She lives in the mid-west US, and has no idea about time difference. OK, not totally true – she does know, she just does not really care. Since she was a very wee one and wanted me to read her a story before bed, she just called. The stories are a little more grown up now, but she still calls when she wants to talk. And of course I answer.

I am in a daze because of the last conversation. For a number of years she has lived with her boyfriend. She no longer lives with her boyfriend. She lives with her fiancé, and it seems I will relatively soon (like early next year) be a father-in-law. Gulp.

And gulper! It appears that before the end of the year I just may be a grandfather.

So I have not been able to string a coherent thought since then. I am not sure when I will be able to.

So please, share this short bit of news instead of my column. Janet and Millie may soon have competition for the cutest babby, and I think I will need a stiff drink!

Thank you,

A much more than slightly bemused.

Slightly Bemused‘s column appears here every Wednesday.

Name that jammer, anyone?

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15 thoughts on “Dazed And Bemused

  1. Janet, chatty mammy

    congratulations Sir, that’s brilliant !
    ( and look at the little head on ya :) ) cute as a button.

  2. scottser

    ‘here we are in our summer years
    living on ice cream and chocolate kisses’

    you have it all ahead of you SB – enjoy.

  3. Bebe

    How wonderful! Your stories are fantastic and are the greatest gift you hand over to little slightly and the new arrival when he/she joins the family.

    I love your writings and reflections. Honestly there’s a few ‘books in you’ and the quality time of story telling to little slightly has certainly left its mark.

    Congratulations on the good news – can’t wait for upcoming chapters as no doubt you will recall earlier days with little slightly !

  4. Lush

    Wonderful news, congratulations Slightly.
    Goodness, the BS Virtual Crèche is filling up.

    Yep, it’s a Fiat 127. My grandparents had one too; used to pick me up from boarding school on a Saturday morning and take me to Teddy’s for a 99.

    1. goldenbrown

      the thing I remember the most about Fiat 127’s and similar Opel Kadett was their vinyl seats in the height of summer putting 3rd degree burns on the back of yer legs and sticking to them

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        My Dad bought a Kadett after his dad got one so it was double jeopardy! Daddy Chainsaw’s had black vinyl and Granda Chainsaw’s had red (to match the burn marks on our legs! Good car tho. Three in the back, three in the front on long journeys with the Littlest Chainsaw on the blanket put over the handbrake for him to sit on it. Elf an safety, wha?

  5. bertie blenkinsop

    Congrats SB :)

    I was thinking about this the other day, funnily enough.
    The first girl that I ever kissed had a baby when she was 15.
    (the two events aren’t linked)
    Her son is 35 now and she’s a granny.
    She may will be a great grandmother.

    I suppose my point is that it could be far far worse :)

  6. millie bobby brownie

    Congratulations SB, what lovely news! I think you’re going to be a real softie of a grandad.

    Wishing the new mama all the best in the world xx

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    Aw Slightly that’s great news! Much happiness to the newly engaged and best wishes to Iddy Biddy Slightly, whenever s/he arrives.

  8. Slightly Bemused

    Thanks all for the very kind thoughts! I had initially intended to tell the story of that Fiat 127, but got a little sidetracked. Maybe for next week.

    I am told he wings were the style at the time, but my sister has informed me that that did not mean I was stylish. Not much has changed, but the wings are smaller now

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