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    1. scottser

      Frank Sherwin was a ‘man of his time’. From Wiki:

      Political views

      Sherwin has been described as “colourful”. In 1958, when the Dáil was debating allowing women to join the Garda Síochána, he suggested that “while recruits should not be actually horse faced, they should not be too good looking. They should be just plain women and not targets for marriage”.[6]

      He remained a republican sympathiser throughout his life and wrote in his memoirs in the 1970s that “The Provisional IRA can not be expected to disappear as if they had never fought and suffered”. On the Northern Ireland question he wrote, “the solution to the northern problem is for the British Army to get out… The Orangemen would not last a week against the northern nationalists supported by southern government. If the Orangemen did fight it would be a good thing in the long run as it would clear the northern area of foreign bigots”.[7]

      Dublin’s Frank Sherwin Bridge, opened in 1982, is named in his honour.

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