Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe

This morning.

Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio One.

Good times.

Previously: VAT On Children’s Shoes (RTE Archive)


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14 thoughts on “Shoddy

  1. Orla

    Kids shoes have to be fitted properly!!! Why do they not understand this!!! They have soft bones in their feet that are not formed and badly fitting shoes can cause life long problems with feet, posture gait etc

    1. Paulus

      Excellent point, and one which seems to have been better understood by parents 40/50 years ago. Ugg boots (or whatever they’re called), are detrimental to young feet.

      1. Orla

        Thanks Paulus! Just saw someone tweet that they got their toddler a pair of Runner one size up, easy peasy! Jesus wept! Of course you can get a pair of shoes and put it on a kids foot but you won’t be able to tell if they fit properly what those badly fitting shoes are doing to little bones. Good grief!

    2. Janet, chatty mammy

      barefoot is best, often as possible but yeah definitely need measurements, I used to love the yearly Clarks measure on Henry Street, sticking your foot in the watsit for the lady so she could exclaim what kind of foot you had

  2. Otis Blue

    Apparently, Bruton’s motivation to tax kids shoes back then arose from a belief that women with smaller feet were advantaged by not having to pay vat on shoes.

  3. Optimus Grime

    I bought shoes for myself online there recently and was so-so about them. Had I been in the shop I would have spent a few euro extra getting ones that would have suited me better. Now my wee lad needs shoes and I am reluctant to order them online because he does need his foot measured. Sorry kids you’ll have to postpone growing there for a minute we can’t get you proper fitting shoes because the government is intent on screwing up a vaccination roll out

    1. Scooperman

      Draw around their feet and use a ruler to measure. Find a size guide online. Not rocket science. I bought 2 items of clothing recently and both were free delivery.

  4. eoin

    Once vaccine targets are met? And what are the targets? 100% vaccinated? Next, they’ll blame unvaccinated people for new lockdowns and renewed regulations. Nice dystopia.

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