19 thoughts on “The Likes Of Him Will Never Be There Again

  1. Tony

    The man was a comedic genius. I have burst out laughing so many times reading and rereading his books. G’wan the Myles!

    1. Rob_G

      AFAIR a story about him is that he would have two overcoats in work: he would go in in the morning and hang one up on the coat-stand so that that people would assume he was working, and he would put on the other one and slip out to the pub.

      1. Paulus

        Myles had a good retort for those who would accuse him of drinking during the (working) day:

        When someone would say, “I saw you going into the White Horse”
        Myles would correct him saying;
        “You mean you saw me coming into the White Horse”

      2. Otis Blue

        Ha, I’ll tip a hat to that man.

        Back when I joined the corporate world straight out of Uni, as is generally the case, employee’s were required to key in. Time worked was flexi but with core hours of about 4 hours a day. I’d regularly key in and then head off for the day to idle as I wished elsewhere. In my time there, I never once worked up a week’s core hours. Eventually, after 18 months or so, I was rumbled. A cordial chat was had and we all agreed that my corporate future lay elsewhere. It did.

  2. Otis Blue

    Fun Fact: Brother Barnabas was a pseudonym used by Brian O’Nolan during the 1930’s.

    His namesake, a randy cove and all-round legend, appears missing from these parts. We’re all the poorer for it.

  3. SB

    The wife’s granny used to work with him and had some very entertaining stories, mostly revolving around him and alcohol. I vaguely remember one where she was trying to keep him under the table during some state dinner or something, feeding him with more whiskey so he wouldn’t make a show of the country by emerging.

  4. Rosette of Sirius

    As a chisler, I was always fascinated by Eamon Morrissey’s The Brother which was of course inspired by his writing. Probably because it had my Dad in a heap from laughing. It was that that amazing one man show that piqued my interest in O’Brien and I’ve read and reread his books and writings over the years.

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