No Child Left Behind


This afternoon.

Strasbourg, France.

Compulsory childhood vaccination in the Czech Republic, with failure to do so resulting in a fine or being barred from nursery school, doesn’t violate the European Convention on Human Rights.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that compulsory vaccinations would not contravene human rights law and may be necessary in democratic societies.

The ruling came following conclusion of a complaint brought to the court by Czech families regarding compulsory jabs for children.

“The measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society,'” the court judgment read.

Although the ruling did not deal directly with COVID-19 vaccines, experts believe it could have implications for the vaccination drive against the virus, especially for those who have so far stated a refusal to accept the jab.

This judgment “reinforces the possibility of a compulsory vaccination under conditions of the current COVID-19 epidemic,” Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR, told AFP news agency.

ECHR rules obligatory vaccination may be necessary (DW)

European court rules compulsory childhood vaccination doesn’t violate human rights (Politico. eu)


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22 thoughts on “No Child Left Behind

  1. Clampers Outside

    Now launch an appeal, that you will not have your child used as a guinea pig for an admittedly untested vaccine.

  2. Clampers Outside

    There’s no way my son is getting an untested, and it is, they are, untested vaccines for use on children.

    1. Janet, chatty mammy

      sorry whatever about adults or other tested vacines, that will be a no from me too

    2. Micko

      Honestly, I think anyone of child bearing age getting a vaccine that’s only had 6 months of testing needs to have their head examined.

      But then again they’re adults. So whatever they choose.

      But kids, yeah – no way man.

      Don’t get me wrong – diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, poliovirus,, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella vaccine. They’re all good. Loadsa testing on those.

      But this new stuff. – pass!

  3. K. Cavan

    It’s a big problem with The Deadly Cold, it’s hardly killed any children. In Ireland, no less than Zero under-sixteens has died from it. This is simply not good enough for psychopaths like Gates, Soros, etc so it’s become necessary to kill a few with jib-jabs. There’s no doubt, far more children will die from the jib-jabs than the Deadly Cold. Back of the net for Big Pharma, those syringes can do what that virus couldn’t, a triumph for Medical Psychopaths, sorry Medical Science.

    1. scottser

      mmm. all in the name of ‘what’s good for democratic societies’. sort of missing the point of democracy there, methinks.

      1. General Public

        How can they know if its untested.

        Proceeding otherwise is lazy, unethical or.. (my above comment)

        And if a person refuses, who imposes “the law”?

        The army, the cops..?

        (yet again, my above comment)

  4. eoin

    If you look at the peasant revolution in medieval England you’ll see that people put up with an unbelievable amount of oppression from the state before the revolt happened. The King was nearly overthrown and the revolt resulted in the Magna Carta etc. At some point things have to go just that one step too far and then tolerant, obedient people are pretty much forced into action. Could forcing an experimental drug on children be that step too far? There’s already a lot of resistance to vaccine passports globally…jabbing children seems much worse to me.

  5. alickdouglas

    I’m not a fan of compulsory vaccination, and I’m a bit surprised at this judgement, but some background is perhaps relevant.

    There are a number of countries in Europe that specify obligatory vaccination against polio for entry into preschool or primary. However there’s a multi-pronged rationale for that: 1) polio is highly infectious, especially in children 2) the vaccine has a vast safety database (the oft quoted figure was in excess of a billion doses of IPV on record last time I looked in about 2010), and it’s reasonably efficacious 3) Almost every country has ratified the 1988 WHA resolution on polio eradication, including its recent updates; that document effectively mandates polio vaccination with IPV, everywhere.

    On that basis, I understand why polio vaccination can be judged compulsory. It’s also worth noting that standalone IPV is essentially unavailable in most of Europe, it is only available as a combination vaccine of 5 or 6 components that usually include dipththeria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, hemophilus influenzae, and in most countries, Hep B. Therefore if one makes IPV mandatory, then the others are effectively mandatory also, but by default due to supply.

    1. General Public

      Polio vaccines were properly clinically trialled and have heaps of data to transparently back them up.

      The vaccines mentioned in the article don’t.

      This ruling is open to being overturned on appeal.

        1. alickdouglas

          True, but OPV was stopped in Europe in the early 2000s, and it’s why why Type II OPV was phased out globally in 2016. WHO say that they will phase out Type I and III OPV… some day…

      1. alickdouglas

        No neither IPV nor OPV were ‘properly trialled’, they had much more rudimentary trials than were applied for the current crop of vaccines. The number of recruits for the IPV trial in 1953 was driven by the incidence of reports of clinical polio (i.e. cases of paralysis) so it really only looked at impact vs. the most severe symptoms. Although about 1 million subjects were recruited, only a small fraction of them were follwed up for safety. Furthermore, the release of vaccine was followed by the ‘Cutter incident’ leading to widespread disability in those impacted. IPV manufacturing was improved in 1955, and subsequently in the late 1970s. The fact of the matter is that when people say ‘the old vaccines are the best’ they forget that those vaccines were also commercially released as ‘experimental products’. We now know that the risk/benefit for modern IPV is highly positive, but that demonstration took place *after* the vaccine was released commercially, similar to what we are seeing now. Rose tinted spectacles folks, drugs are always released this way.

        And incidentally the article I read mentions Dipththeria Tetanus Pertussis Polio Hep B, Hib, Measles and Rubella. They have all been on the market >30 years. The ruling doesn’t mention newer vaccines from what I can see.

        1. General Public

          What nonsense.

          The polio vaccine was trialled on 1.8 million children, who were carefully monitored.. It had a rough success rate of 50 odd percent. It would not be considered now hence polio is still alive and well in India, Pakistan and Yemen to name but a few.

          “similar to what we are seeing now.”

          Rubbish again. Polio cannot be compared with Covid19, there was no lockdowns as a result of a polio outbreak anywhere even though Polio was far more deadly.

          “Rose tinted spectacles folks, drugs are always released this way.”

          Get your head examined. All drugs are trialled extensively, it’s the law. Why and how do you think a PIL comes with all marketed drugs showing potential adverse reactions.

          “And incidentally the article I read mentions Dipththeria Tetanus Pertussis Polio Hep B, Hib, Measles and Rubella. They have all been on the market >30 years. The ruling doesn’t mention newer vaccines from what I can see.”

          The ruling may not have, but the article does..

          ” This judgment “reinforces the possibility of a compulsory vaccination under conditions of the current COVID-19 epidemic,” Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR, told AFP news agency.”

  6. bisted

    …ratlickers seem to be getting pretty desperate…vaccination is not mandatory, or, as the blueshirts would say, compulsory…the chances of under 25s being called for vaccinations are unlikely and kids?

    1. Micko

      My pals missus was called for her jab on Tuesday in the Helix

      She’s 25 and works as an SNA.

      So umm yeah

  7. Jake38

    If you don’t want your child vaccinated then don’t vaccinate them.

    Just don’t expect them to go to school as well.

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