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  1. ce

    Was it Stalin who said “one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic”?

    Well, one man dies and the British press and media go gaga… even to wokest of the woke in the Guardian are at it. 125,000+ deaths from Covid, with several likely directly linked to The Handshaking-Haystack and nobody really bats an eyelid… nicely done dear boys, nicely done…. throw another pleb on the fire, it’s getting cold!

    And the scrotes from up north take a night off in respect too… classy

    British knees will be very sore after the mandatory kneeling session that will be the next few days

    Keep taking back control slaves

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com


      A 99yo who was born into privilege, who did nothing of value, who married his second cousin, is venerated like he was Nelson Mandela. This stuff is what keeps people enslaved. The brainwashed Brits can keep their royalty.

      1. newsjustin

        “did nothing of value”

        Fought the nazis.

        People who don’t understand what’s going on around his death don’t understand human nature and/or have never been to, spoken to someone from , or read about Britain.

          1. ce

            yes, he was on the front line in the navy

            that’s not the point of the post

            The original post is about the idiocy of the media and a large portion of the British public and how they live vicariously through the monarchy and ignore the horrendous death level of Covid – caused in part by their Eton-Chav of a PM – and in general ignore the deprivation and disintegration of their society.

        1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

          My uncle was one of three, out of 200, who survived an attack on the Nazis at Monte Casino during WWII. Where is his front page? What about the 197 who died and the thousands of others who died? Philip is the product of an inbred archaic system that should have been abolished in 1789. You can join the brainwashed and believe he and Lizzie Sax-Coburg are better than you, I choose to treat them with the disdain they deserve.

          1. Unreal

            All this generation of war heroes etc is dying out now. If one person reflects on the role played by your uncle and others because the death of Prince Philip makes them aware of that for a second in between posts in Instagram etc – where the harm in that? You sound churlish

          2. Kate

            Aren’t all the fallen heroes remembered in Australia, France, Poland , Belguim and UK every year on November 11th? Lest we forget which is only proper.

          3. Kate

            Did you mean Monte Cassino , Italy ? 55,000 Allied troops lost their lives at that battle along with 2,000 civilians, 20,000 Germans. You might be interested in checking out the Commonwealth War graves site…..289 remain unidentified. There is a lot of family grief for certain in these figures. Isn’t war atrocious.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Churchill also fought the nazis and he was a mass murdering racist. Now Phil isn’t anywhere near Winnie in the murderous stakes, but he had quite the reputation as a rude racist.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      I’m very disappointed The Star didn’t work a seagull into its front page.. the Brits really are slaves..

    3. Charger Salmons

      Charger’s Jab Jibber-Jabber™

      It was ANOTHER record day for 2nd doses in Blighty yesterday.
      Up by 450,136, the total number of people fully vaccinated is 6,990,882 or 10.5% of the population.In Ireland that figure is 5.7%.
      The number of people who’ve had at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine is 32,010,244 or nearly half of Blighty’s entire population.

  2. Tommy Bohan

    Whatever about the British press, what about the so called Irish press? I really don’t understand why Broadsheet insist on putting the “Irish” Daily Mail at the top nearly always. I wouldn’t even classify it as Irish anymore. It was so predictable what they were going to have on their front page tomorrow, practically half of it with a picture of you know who. Are we not supposed to be an independent country, freed from British rule?

      1. Janet, chatty mammy

        he’s had a relapse, he told me he’d stop this pointless whinge under this particular handle

  3. scottser

    Can only echo the sentiments on here. Why so few regional or even European titles? One tan rag is enough anyway – who cares about the express or the sun?

    1. Tommy Bohan

      Very good point. The Daily Express sell less than 2000 copies a day in Ireland, and I suspect quite a lot of those are British ex-pats. Still Broadsheet put up their paper every night. Why not some Irish regional ones? I also think they must be getting some advertising income off the “Irish” Daily Mail. Their sales have collapsed in last 2-3 years, only selling around 20,000 Monday – Friday. They sell around 25,000 Saturday.

    2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Would appreciate European news, given we are in it.
      UK tabloids are nasty and like one long bad-tasting Carry-on film.

      1. U N M U T U A L

        I dunno,
        Is there anything to be said for
        Carry on Abroad…
        I could really go for a Wundatours trip to Elsbels right about now…

    3. Bitnboxy

      Excellent idea Scottser!

      I fail to see the relevance of the Express and its open mockery of its own readers, desperate for more Brexity crack has to any of us here. Regional and EU titles more than welcome.

  4. Kingfisher

    At last a crackdown on empty houses.
    And yes, European papers too, please. Much more interesting & relevant

  5. Jdawgs

    Would the Morning Star be worth anything more than toilet paper? Does anyone care for it on here? I’d prefer to see the front cover of Le Monde and I can’t even read French. The Morning Star might as well be given out with a bag of pork scratching and a comparison for a free whippet.

    1. Steph Pinker

      I think BS upload the front pages of newspapers as they are submitted by whomever/readers; regardless of wherever one lives they post the submissions (unless it’s porn – I’ve never seen any porn) on a daily/nightly basis, the national daily’s though will probably require a subscription fee, which is costly 24/7 just for the front page, so again, it’s back to reality and the consideration of those who contribute their time; as far as I’m aware (based on previous comments), everyone who contributes to BS is voluntary, so the lads and lassies working to publish, research, moderate etc., are doing it for the good of their health. And the greater good. And Timmy the dooooog.


    1. Unreal

      Battered sausage out of roadside caff would be more your thing. Little chef more than Masterchef

        1. Unreal

          Back up the truck there …
          You seem a bit deflated this morning
          Are you driving around with a broken taillight again?

        2. Bitnboxy

          Heehee. Dear old Boxy is still in your head GiggidyPox, at 4am while you’re doing your “logistics” job?!

          That is what I call Boxy-power.


          Remember when Boxy and GiggidyPoxy were the craziest double-act on BS? How you loved to play along- my best work.

          Have a nice day, crazypants!

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I own you ( and your alter egos).
            Let’s see now….why did you ditch your boxy name?…mmmmm…. A link would be handy.
            Maybe using a thread about wishing another poster here good wishes, to push your own agenda while not wishing the poster the best. You sure high-tailed it when called out.

  6. Gabby

    Will Mary Lou send Queen Elizabeth a message of condolence on the death of Her Majesty’s spouse of 73 years? Will that calm the street passions in West Belfast?

  7. Unreal

    I like the fact that Tommy only ever posts about this one thing. And he’s right: why support the tabloid industry ?
    It must be out of some misplaced sense of collegiality?

  8. Clampers Outside

    All those rabbiting on about what papers are used, it is simply because of (1) the papers on sale here (2) the papers that release a front page (3) those that are in English (4) The work required to gather them and post here every day.

    And on no. 4, I say, fair dues Broadsheet, fair dues to all at Broadsheet Towers. You’re on here at 9am with a final post of the papers in the wee hours, and I appreciate the effort as I’m sure many do. Please, do ignore the moany cranks, I know, and see that you do throw in other papers when they are available.

    Now have a good weekend :)

    1. Unreal

      It’s not surprising a reaping whirlwind has visited you many times with the sheer amount of bile that comes out of your filthy mouth

    2. Charlie

      But why the ‘Irish Field’ and They Racing Post’? There about as much interest in horse racing(and most sport) on this site as there is in the price of tea in southeast Afghanistan.

    3. Micko

      Here Clampers!

      Fupp off there with your logic and well constructed points.

      We don’t want em pal!

      We want to hate the Brits!!!! ;)

      I swear this place is turning into that Life Of Brian “right to have babies” sketch more and more everyday.


    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Met him a few times over the years. Cousin of mine was a good pal of his. He was sound, always friendly and my Jesus he was very very funny.

    1. Charlie

      “Took the morning off Broadsheet because I’m hungover from my Friday wine binge.” Fixed that for ye :-)

      1. Charger Salmons

        Actually quite a lot of wine did flow last night.
        Lady Charger and I paid wanton disregard for Covid regulations and had a few friends and neighbours over for dinner.
        We and our chums have maintained an unofficial support group throughout the pandemic – discreet dinner parties and popping around for drinks – as I suspect many people have.
        Life has still gone on throughout a year of this nonsense and combining a stiff upper lip with some continued fun and revelry has kept spirits high.

          1. Papi

            You can have as many imaginary ones as you like, same with alter egos. Kate does a wonderful imaginary quiche.

    1. Charlie

      Gigs..you’re a very unhappy lad. Give the constant political anger a rest for a while. Get out and have that walk. It’ll do ye the power of good. Have a nice weekend y’all x

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Follow the Pied Pipers if you want, and believe in all of the rot you’re fed. Me – I’ll tell it as it is. And that is that the HSE isn’t fit for purpose, and Reid even less so.

        1. Charlie

          Take a break and follow a path to a more positive state of mental health. You’re obsession with everything political is unhealthy, particularly with only a focus on everything negative. Chill!

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Apply your thoughts to yourself then as in your obsession with telling people on broadsheet to do things yourself should be doing. Take a break and follow a path…etc.

          2. Charlie

            Dude, I’m redundant compared to your obsession. Take a break. You’ll thank me later :-)

  9. Emer

    RIP Shay. Always got the impression he was a kind, sound, cool guy and enduringly young in spirit and mind. It would have been nice to hear more about him from his friend John Ryan during this morning’s Tomorrow Tonight.

    David L is great and love hearing what he has to say but he can sometimes be a bit too chatty and not let John come back into the conversation. Sorry David!

    1. benblack

      Could not disagree with you, Emer.

      Nice to see David’s reply acknowledging same.

      Here’s to hearing a two-way conversation – JR has a lot to say, if you give him the time and space to say it.

      I understand that any interruption to the barrister’s flow may be deemed as a weakness in legal circles, however, TT is not a court of law.

    2. Lilly

      I too had a ‘yes please’ response when John said he’d like to talk about Shay. It was unfortunate that David’s connection had dropped, so he didn’t hear him and waded right in. Maybe on the next TT. RIP Shay.

    1. U N M U T U A L

      I for one quite enjoy the dynamic range, to be honest…

      Any real Marxists in here might appreciate a little Duck Soup…
      “you know you haven’t stopped talking since I came here? You must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle.” :-)

      1. benblack

        “Don’t look now but there’s one man too many in this room and I think it’s you!”

  10. Charger Salmons

    Massive congratulations to Irish jockey Rachael Blackmore – the first woman to win the Grand National.
    And a clean sweep for Irish horses.
    Memorable day for the Paddies.
    And the ladies.

          1. benblack

            Didn’t think you had it in you – fair play and thank you for making the world a better place, IMO.

  11. Kingfisher

    RIP Shay, a lovely man and a wealth of talent that was suppressed by politicians – Nighthawks should have been resumed and never was after it brought down a government by revealing secrets. Its suppression is typical of why Ireland generally has rather heavy-footed comedy despite being a country where wit is a native talent and is highly appreciated.

    Out of curiosity, Clampers, where do the newspapers release the front pages? (And does it really matter in the time of Google Translate if they’re in English? I know you’ve used German and I think French front pages at times when they were relevant to a running story.)

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