Goodbye To All That


Writer Lee Dunne in 2005

“Born in to what was at that time a place of appalling poverty and squalor, Dunne quickly learned to live on his wits. He began working on a milk round at the age of 5, devotedly offering up his meagre earnings to his mother for the housekeeping jar.

“Later he would also get a paper round as well as a job as a delivery boy for a local butcher. He did not own a pair of shoes until he was 12 and freely admitted that if he had not learned to steal, he would have starved to death at a young age.

“Yet in spite of these tough circumstances, Dunne always remembered his upbringing fondly, as a time when people looked out for one another. His particular joy was the cinema where Roy Rogers soon became his personal hero. His father worked for the ESB at Poolbeg Station while his beloved mother, Katy, did her best to keep the family fed and clothed.”

Peter Dunne on his father Lee Dunne, author and playwright, who has died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease aged 86.


Irish author and playwright Lee Dunne dies, aged 86 (BreakingNews)


3 thoughts on “Goodbye To All That

  1. Bebe

    Lee told this story …

    “I ran into a guy recently that I hadn’t seen in ages – he was about 35 and a fan of my work – “I thought you were dead and gone.” He said as though that’s what should have happened by now on account of age. “Hang on,” I suggested: “I’m only 68.” He said: “Jesus, I’d hate to be 68!” And I said: “You wouldn’t if you were 67!” That shut the bastard up!”

    Rest in Peace Lee Dunne.
    Condolences to family and loved ones.

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