Sociable Distancing


Stop huddling.

This afternoon.

Kilcullen County Kildare,

Carefree pupils from local schools in Kilcullen – all re-opened this morning – arriving at a supermarket in the village at lunchtime.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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7 thoughts on “Sociable Distancing

  1. Termagant

    jesus those uniforms would blind you
    I bet the school can be seen from space at break time, an intense blue dot in Kildare

  2. paul

    Same as anything else, you can attempt to manage these interactions in a closed environment like a school, distancing, masks etc to keep as many people safe as possible but then outside of these environments it’s anything goes. A person is largely empathetic, intelligent, caring and understanding but people are thick as mud and about as nice.

  3. Covid1900

    This is why we have to quarantine people coming into the country. The same thing is happening in other countries. Korea is about to go into a lockdown and the rest of Europe too, mainly due to the lack of consideration and self-delusion. Let’s hope that we get the vaccination done before the new variants arrive. If a new variant with resistance to the vaccine arrives, or is more deadly to those outside the high risk population, then we are in serious trouble. I seincerely doubt we will experience any more levels of adherence to “lockdowns” in the future unless there is an existential threat to previously “low risk” populations.

    We are in danger of groupthink, either in small groups or within our own echo chambers, however big they may be. We will convince ourselves of decisions because of our desire for our previously normality. It’s over. There is no “normal” to return to.

    I appreciate the debate on this, and I very much enjoy the humour and spirit of the comments section on this site, but I’ve found myself just constantly preparing for a completely new life, whatever that may be. I distance, wear my mask, keep in touch with friends and do my best to socialize safely. Oh and I do my best to keep my immune system at full alert, although smoking wasn’t the easiest to quit but it had to be done. It will be over but not when anybody wants it to be. Welcome to 1942.

    Look after yourselves.

    1. Jason Bourne

      How about you live in your little bubble for the rest of your life and allow other people get back to theirs?
      You’ve been brainwashed… Life is dangerous, there’s no way around it. I will be going back to normal life, no two ways about it. Enjoy living in fear.

    2. U N M U T U A L

      @ 1900lockdown

      North Korea here I come…
      Right back where i started from…
      Our new normal national anthem…

  4. Kevin Quinn

    Secondary schools back = mysterious ‘community transmission’ in three weeks time. Not such a puzzler when you see these pictures…and even less if one looks at the available research, for example this piece from The Lancet last month:

    I have no problem prioritising schools over, say, cinemas or theatres or pubs, but it would be nice if our public health officials acknowledged that teenagers spread Covid-19 every bit as efficiently as adults, it’s just that they are almost all asymptomatic.

    Maybe this is asking too much from some of the more shrill, entitled ones, but I’d also really like if parents simply said ‘thank you’ to the rest of society.

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