Flat Refusal


Stills from the BBC’s documentary Black Power: A British Story of Resistance’ (2021)

Come Here To Me writes:

BBC documentary showing ‘No Coloured, No Irish’ handmade sign in footage (13 mins) from 1960s. Aware that there has been discussion about an apparent lack of contemporary photographs of such signs…

Black Power: A British Story of Resistance (BBC)

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16 thoughts on “Flat Refusal

    1. Kevin Higgins

      Ask an Irish farmer they used both for moving sheep and bales of hay around the place.

    2. goldenbrown

      it’s a Ford Prefect 107E

      surprise in that photo though…never knew there was a railway bridge in Foxrock


    3. Daniel

      i don’t think it is either of them, and for that generation they shared the same body work. with the austin cambridge A55 mkll = the morris oxford series V. the combined headlight and front indicator surround/ trim is unusual and not typical to either model. the very straight line of the top of the windshield with heavily curved glass at the pillar should help make it identifiable. it also looks to be a 3 door model. just after seeing golden browns response and would concur

          1. Daniel

            your right, its not the ford prefect 107e . the chrome trim around the headlight and indicator and the curved edge to the windscreen are exact matches for an Austin A40 Farina (farina as its bodywork was styled by Battista Farina of pininfarina fame)

    4. Oro

      Unsurprising you fixate on the car – rather than acknowledge the documentation of unashamed xenophobia and racism in English society. So blatant that they’d hang it proudly in the windows of their business.

    5. Not an iota

      Excuse me CS, but aren’t Morris Oxford and Austin Camrbidge your adoptive parents?
      Or are you Del Boy’s 3-wheeled van in a boat race?

    1. H

      I’m in London and I can’t find it at the link, there is just a long film and a couple of 3 minute jobs, no sign of this one that I could see :(

      1. H

        Scrub that – too early in the morning! I realise now that it’s 13 mins into the long film, not a separate 13 min long film – d’oh!

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