Zoo Call [Updated]


This morning.

Dublin Zoo, Phoenix park, Dublin.




This morning.

Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin attends the re-opening of Dublin Zoo.




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16 thoughts on “Zoo Call [Updated]

  1. White Dove

    Lovely photos, what the hell is our Taoiseach doing at a photo shoot in these times, that lioness is well on to him and his PR nonsense.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          You’re onto something there Jan. Now just to catch a Mícheál in the wild.

  2. Birdie

    Never saw the appeal of zoos. I find them so depressing especially that giraffe enclosure, seems tiny for them.

    1. Papi

      They have a sea eagle in Fota who looks so sad in an admittedly, large enclosure but nothing what it should have. They have the lemurs and capybaras out around, begging food, the cheetahs are what they’re famous for and they feed them on a zip line for spectators. The monkeys are in a constant state of stress from being next to other ones that they fricking hate.
      Rant over. Hate zoos and all that.

        1. Papi

          Fota is the best of a bad lot in Ireland, cheetahs are now off the endangered list because of their breeding program, but to what end? More cheetahs in zoos? They have the largest population of cheetahs outside the wild. I can see why I just don’t like it.
          Rant apparently not totally over.

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