Reputational Damage


Coombe Women and Infants Hospital

This morning.

Deirdre Murphy is a professor of obstetrics at Trinity College Dublin and a consultant at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital.

Earlier this month, she called for the resignation of the hospital’s Master, Professor Michael O’Connell, after it was disclosed he was among staff members who had used leftover doses of the covid jab to vaccinate relatives.


That’ll learn her.

Via The Irish Times:

The chair of the Coombe board, Mary Donovan, wrote to Prof Murphy on April 14th, telling her that the circulation of her concerns to a significant number of people was “entirely inappropriate”.

She accused her of causing the hospital reputational damage and that “as an employee” there were “avenues available” for her to raise concerns internally and that “these must be followed”.

Prof Murphy replied on April 20th telling Ms Donovan that the reputational damage had been caused by those who chose to vaccinate their family members on the night in question.

It would be helpful if the board focused on the source of the problem rather than on an individual who is attempting to salvage some integrity from this sorry episode.”

Husband of Coombe-vaccinations critic claims hospital trying to silence her (Irish Times)

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11 thoughts on “Reputational Damage

  1. Lilly

    Mary Donovan should resign. Lots of lip service paid to the importance of whistleblowers but the reality is more you’ll never eat lunch in this town again.

      1. Ragamuffin

        Fair play to Prof Murphy coming forward about the cover up too. Whistleblowers should have better protections from this crap. Like just say she had gone to the board with her concerns, what would have happened? Most probably nothing, or else a small internal slap on the wrists. Instead by coming forward with this issue, the HSE was forced to come up with a proper protocol for excess vaccines.

      2. Lilly

        Yes, clearly a threat. Divide and conquer. Then throw in the old ‘can’t comment due to ongoing investigation’ chestnut. Great reply from Prof Murphy. Mary Donovan is no match for her.

  2. gringo

    No sense of shame or embarrassment from these quacks, but attack is sometimes the best form of defence.

  3. Ragamuffin

    Mary Mary quite contrary seems to have her fingers in a number of pies…(taken from the Bon Secours website):

    “Mary Donovan is an independent Business Consultant with more than 25 years’ experience of working in and with organisations, designing and implementing Operating Models to make those organisations both effective and efficient.

    Mary has a passion for taking a holistic view of organisational change, believing that there is no one solution but that the combination of having the right strategy, organisation structure and capabilities and operating with the right processes, systems, culture & governance delivers sustainable change. Mary is a graduate of UCC, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and of the Irish Computer Society.

    Mary is a member of the Board of Guardians & Directors of the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital, and a Board member of the Irish College of General Practitioners.”

    I wonder what her compensation would be for those 3 gigs?

      1. Otis Blue

        Nobody, but nobody has a “passion for taking an holistic view of organisational change.”

  4. Donald McCarthy

    When we moved from loping nomadic foragers to settled civilization, we created elaborate constructs of memetic protocols and imperatives designed to protect the dominant paradigm. Memes, like genes, are programmed to grow, multiply, adapt, mutate and only in extremis, to die. So when it becomes too costly to sacrifice goats or girls we invent a self-sacrificing god but we salvage always the kernel of sacrifice. It is our failure as a species to question the memetic demands that dooms us to near-term extinction while we argue about the little things.

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